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When traders and technical analysts are watching the market, they are continuously looking for trends and patterns in the hopes

Investing in the financial markets is an exciting yet challenging roller coaster ride. Traders have to do research, study in

Support and resistance are two respective levels on a price chart, apparently limiting the market’s movement range. You find the

Do you wish to become a successful trader? To do so, you simply must master trading psychology! Emotions are the

Technical analysis is a surefire way to analyse potential investments to decide if or when to buy or sell. The

Market trading has been difficult for traders sometimes due to lack of knowledge and understanding, and the other reason could

The financial markets have been expanding day by day with new technologies, markets, and instruments. A trader can always learn

When it comes to trading psychology, there are a variety of emotions and skills to consider, which may be thought

CFD trading is an online investment space. It is financially dense that it can appear confusing to the untrained eye.

Short selling is one way to make money on stocks for which the price is plunging. The strategy has become

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