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AI Forex Trading Bot: A Beginners Guide

AI Forex Trading Bot: A Beginners Guide

The best forex robots permit you fully automated trading. The robot buys and sells financial instruments autonomously. A programmed trading system that permits automated buying/selling of assets as per predetermined rules is automated trading software or trading robot.  Also known as EAs or Expert Advisors, these systems are quite popular. Each of these might be called an AI Forex trading bot.

There are a large number of forex trading robots allowing your active trading. There’s the problem of providers exaggerating the possibility of massive financial returns. But we know how to deal with fallacies. We will be looking at the best possible deals.

Forex robots for automated trading

Forex robots for the professional trader

Below are some of the top forex robots in 2021.

Learn2Trade – forex robot for trading signals

Learn2Trade is a semi-automated platform for forex trading signals. The signals point out exactly what to place at the chosen trading platform, based on research by the team at the brokers.

For instance, you might get a signal telling you to place a buy order on GBP/USD when the pair hits a certain price. The signal is accompanied by risk management tools – covering both stop loss and take profit orders.

The  Ai forex trading bot does away with the need for you to perform any research or analysis. There’s a plan with 3 free signals each week.

If you wish to make the most of the Learn2Trade platform, the premium plan gets you up to 5 signals each day. Regardless of which plan you go for, all signals will be sent to the trader in real-time via the Telegram group.


  • Top-rated automated trading signal provider;
  • 3 free signals each week;
  • Up to 5 premium signals per day;
  • Stop loss and take profit orders supplied;
  • Great educational tools.

1000pip Climber System – a Forex robot for automated trading

In case you are looking for an Ai forex trading bot that is compatible with MetaTrader4. As per the claims of the provider, the forex robot has made gains of just below 20,000 pips in three years of activity.

It becomes necessary to try out the forex robot via a demo account, if only for the testing. When you have downloaded the 1000pip Climber System software file, installing it into MT4 and get it trading for you.

The system concentrates on six major Forex pairs that analyze the 15 minute, 1 hour, and 4-hour pricing charts. There is no call for you to set up risk management. The Forex robot will enter stop loss and take profit orders on each position.

The 1000pip climber system comes at a nifty price of just under $100. You will have access to customer service in case you needed help.


  • Gains of 20000 pips in three years;
  • One time fee of $97;
  • MT4 compatibility;
  • Fully automated;
  • Installation is easy.

Forex Fury Forex robot automated trading

Forex Fury is an established name among Forex robots that concentrates on the Forex market. The  Ai forex trading bot is compatible with third-party trading platforms. ECN accounts are supported.

While forex fury works just 1 hour on one currency pair per day, it claims a win rate of 1%. It also claims monthly gains of up to 20%.

You are required to purchase the trading robot through a one-time fee. You are starting at $229.99 for the gold robot, with 1 account license, free updates, lifetime membership. The ‘diamond’ robot obtains an additional account license for you if you wish to deploy two robots simultaneously, perhaps at various brokerage sites.


  • Claimed win rate of 93%;
  • Up to 20% monthly returns targets;
  • Compatible with MT4 and MT5;
  • Single-click installation;
  • Lots of manuals and guides.

BitQT automated Forex trading

For enthusiasts of bitcoin, BitQT would be well worth considering. There are high claims from the provider, like being able to make $1250 daily from a small deposit of $250. This is an Ai forex trading bot

There is no need to download any software, installing it into MT4. Soon as you have input the minimum deposit, the trading bot will start working for you.


  • Neither downloading nor installing is necessary;
  • Bitcoin trading robot;
  • It comes with a mobile app;
  • No fee for the use of robot;
  • Feel free to withdraw your capital at any time.

GPS Forex robot automated trading

GPS Forex robot is concerned with the most widely traded currency pair globally – the EUR/USD. An Ai forex trading bot comes in the form of a downloadable software file. You then have to install the file into MT4. When you do, the trading robot will start working for you. The GPS Forex robot lays claim to a win rate of 98%. In other words, the platform says it makes gains in 98 out of every 100 positions entered.

GPS forex robot also utilizes a reverse strategy to lessen risk. This involves opening a position in the opposite direction when it appears a trade will not be profitable. There is no monthly subscription. there’s a one-time fee of $149. You can complete the purchase instantly with American Express, Visa, Master Card, Bitcoin, or Bitcoin. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee. There is enough time to test out the forex bot through a demo account, risk-free.

FX Master Bot Forex robot automated trading

FX Master Bot, also known as Binary Options Robot, is comparatively famous in the automated trading scene. The Ai forex trading bot is concerned with binary options. It covers both the Forex and cryptocurrency markets. There’s no need to download or install anything. Post-registration, you are to choose a Forex currency pair or cryptocurrency pair for targeting. Then, you need to opt for a trading strategy, subsequently activating the robot.


  • The Forex market, as well as the cryptocurrency market, covered;
  • Minimum deposit $10;
  • No need to download any software;
  • Simple to use;
  • Multiple strategies to opt from;
  • $10000 demo account.

Algo signals automated Forex robot trading

Algo Signals is a Forex robot provider that presents traders with opportunities for both automated and semi-automated trading facilities. The primary focus is Forex and crypto signals.

The crypto signals will point out to you the pair to trade if you should go long or short, and stop loss and take profit prices to enter.

Algo signals permit you to automate your trading. First, you will need to open an account with a partnered Forex website. Once your risk management parameters are set, the  Ai forex trading bot will start working for you.


  • Trade semi-automated through signals;
  • Option to switch over to auto mode;
  • Backtesting with $1500 demo account;
  • Trades crypto and forex.

A massive disadvantage is that the forex robot is not compatible with MT4 or MT5.

Coinrule Forex robots

The  Ai forex trading bot comes free with the starter account. The subscription is $29.99 per month. With its intuitive design, Coinrule has proved useful to beginners as well as advanced traders.

You need not know coding to make this work.

Web-based coinrule is a presence across cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges.

BinBot Pro Forex trading robot

When you are looking for the best  Ai forex trading bot, you ought to check BinBotPro out. Simple to use, the Forex robot does not encumber downloadable material or Meta Trader4.

It is fairly easy to get started, with registration on the website and a small deposit. Forex binary options are a superb short-term strategy and the focus of BinBotPro.

The provider gives a list of supported brokers. The minimum trade value is $0.1.

There is no trading fee. You only have to supply your trading capital. When you have registered, you may set up your trading parameters. In performance terms, the claims point to 90% gains.


  • No software to be downloaded;
  • Forex binary options to opt from;
  • 90% returns.

EA Builder automated trading

With the EA Builder, you have only to drag and drop. There’s no need for knowledge of coding to get this  Ai forex trading bot to work for you. The provider permits you to backtest your custom strategy in a demo account. You do not lose money since you deal with virtual currency in the demo account.

The trading robots we have discussed can all be customized, and EA Builder is no different. Once your customized EA Builder is ready to be deployed, just download it to your device and install it on MT4 or MT5.

When we say a forex robot is MT4 or MT5 compatible, it also means you can opt from a large number of brokers who use those trading platforms.

You can even create your own technical indicators. However, building fully-fledged trading strategies entails a one-time $97 fee.

Advantages :

  • Your own automated robot trading strategies;
  • You don’t have to be a coder.

What is robot forex trading?

An Ai forex trading bot is a computer program based on a set of Forex trading signals that assist in determining if to buy or sell a currency pair at a certain point in time. Forex trading robots are designed to do away with psychological factors, which can be harmful to level-headed trading.

Forex trading robots are automated software programs generating trading signals. Most  Ai forex trading bots are built with MetaTrader, utilizing the MQL scripting language, letting traders generate trading signals or place orders, and manage trades.

Automated Forex trading robots are available for purchase. However, the companies are not legitimate systems for evaluating opportunity and risk. A criticism against Ai forex trading bots is that they generate profits over the short term. However, their long-term performance is mixed.

What are Forex scalping robots?

For you to find a great Ai forex trading bot, there are several factors that need the scalping robot to be able to work. Traders sometimes find themselves wondering if these robots work at all.

When searching for Ai forex trading bots, some traders might do an impromptu job and choose just about anything.

We recommend you do the following when you go looking for Forex scalping robots:

  • Your broker account is an important component if your scalping bot will be useful. A robot does not work if the conditions are partial to the broker. Sometimes, if your deposit is big enough, you can negotiate;
  • The bot has to be good. You must avoid that use of grids and martingale strategies;
  • The vendor must be able to show you a live account;
  • Take up a provider on their offer of a free trial.

Do retail investor accounts lose money due to automated trading?

automated forex trades might be said to have the following disadvantages:

  • Over-optimisation;
  • Shaky system;
  • Updates;
  • Monitoring.

Over-optimisation – A concentration on curve-fitting leads to automated day trading algorithms that ought to be great but are disappointing in live trading. Investors fine-tune a plan with nearly 100% profitable trades that ordinarily would not suffer a drawdown. That is why you stay with lower trading volumes till you have resolved the issues.

Shaky system – The best-automated system can push false trends. A trading system gone rogue is not unheard of.

Updates – Your automated systems need updating in tandem with changing market conditions. You are at the tender mercies of whoever has written software for your Forex robots.

Monitoring – Even after having set up your Ai forex trading bot, the best Forex robot would still be vulnerable to crashes, connectivity problems, market anomalies.

What is automated trading software?

The most basic algo trading systems involve just a couple of indicators. Antithetically, ground-breaking funds utilise company financial statements, big data, and AI to identify opportunities. All useful strategies can be transformed into rule-based algorithms.  We get a brief overview of leading algorithmic strategies below : 

  • Trend following strategies 
  •  Mean reversion strategies 
  •  Arbitrage trading strategies 
  • Statistical arbitrage 
  • Index arbitrage 
  • VWAPand TWAP algorithms 
  • Quantitative investing strategies
  •  Quant trading strategies 
  •  Index changes. 

Trend Following Strategies

Ensure the fund’s position in the current trend by selling weakness and buying strength. Historical high and low-based trend channels and moving averages are what these systems find most useful. The aim is to minimise losses during consolidation periods and capturing long-term trends. 

Mean reversion strategies

Monitor prices that revert to their average, immediately profiting from that fact. Range-restricted price periods are when this is most true. These strategies are predicated upon oscillators, volatility bands, and moving averages. The identification of extremes through market sentiment parameters is one course of action preferred under these strategies. 

Arbitrage trading strategies

look for profit from temporary mispricing, opening long and short positions simultaneously. When the same security trades on different exchanges at dissimilar prices, these strategies are put into play. Varied share classes and convertible bonds may also be used in conjunction with said strategies. 

Statistical Arbitrage

Opens long and short positions in similar stocks, based upon an admixture of fundamental and price data. An algorithm might, for instance, open a short position in Shell and a long position in BP based on relative valuations. Without having exposure to the market or the oil price, such strategies place a bet on the change in relative valuations. 

Index arbitrage

Seeks profits from mispricing between futures markets and equity. Traders lock-in risk-free profits through the opening of long and short positions in underlying stocks and futures contracts. This happens when an index futures contract and the index it is based upon, move apart. In this scenario, an algorithm buys/sells all the stocks that comprise the index – thereby executing the trade in the most consummate fashion. 

Large institutions deploy VWAP and TWAP algorithms

To execute large orders. An algorithm may purchase a given number of shares at the day’s VWAP (volume-weighted average price). The algorithm will keep on purchasing shares through the livelong day, thus maintaining synchronicity between the average price and the market’s average price. TWAP(Time Weighted Average Price) employs the market price periodically to calculate the average price. These algorithms may also be so manipulated as to enable their trading a certain percentage of the total market volume. Algos such as these restrict large orders’ market impact. 

Quantitative investing strategies

Select securities to buy and sell, employing varied factors including value, growth, momentum, or dividend yield. 

Quant trading strategies

Use any combination of price and fundamental data. 

Index changes

Catalyse algo use. Frequently, indices undergo re-balancing. Algos may calculate the possible orders that may emerge from demand and supply changes. 

Automated trading fx robots

As any experienced trader knows, automated systems have been impacting market conditions for quite some time. The fx market welcomed trade automation, a fact borne out by historical data. Bot trades are the order of the day with brokers and traders of varying trading experiences. Trading CFDs with the Forex broker, Forex traders can rest easy with regard to currency trading. Trading bots include investment advice, whether it be about currency pairs or currency markets. Technical analysis tools are part of trading suggestions, thanks to bot trades.

With an initial deposit of as low as $10, you can use an automated system in sync with your own trading decisions and trading styles. Manual trading does not hold a candle to automatic trading. The Forex system trading process is simplified considerably by the absence of heavy trading fees and the ease of availability of a Forex signal when you need one. Experienced traders have different trading styles to more advanced traders. However, before they buy or sell it is considered investment advice to do their own due diligence. With Forex signals, past performance is not indicative of future performance.

How do Forex robots work in Forex markets?

Algorithmic trading is often co-mingled in discourse with HFT (High-Frequency Trading). HFT algorithms, blazing-fast, make good use of the price differences between exchanges. Programs have, indeed, become an integral part of financial markets. Trade and investment companies are replete with algo trading systems. New technologies have necessitated the evolution of newer trade and money management models. 

Trend following funds created the first automated trading systems. These were predicated upon a limited set of parameters – price and EOD Data. Involved early mainframe computers were generating trade signals. That was indeed a long time ago! Research, stock selection, trade execution, and risk management – algo trading systems run the whole show for fund investment processes. 

Quantitative investing funds look for relationships between securities and optimise strategies through deep tech. Deep tech brings together computing power with statistical-mathematical models with the objective of minimising risk-adjusted returns. Subsequently, deep tech identifies and undertakes swift trade execution. 

Hedge funds have become progressively automated trading dependent. Data Intelligence funds employ news and social media platform data as real-time sentiment scores. 

Institutional brokers and banks prefer stock trading algorithms that execute large orders. Algos keeps risks low, maximizes profits, optimizes price, and therefore finds great favour with market makers. Algorithms are a darling of options traders, too -the latter dynamically hedging positions and managing risk, even as prices move. 

Algo trading has already gained wide acceptance in the day trading community. Retail traders and investors can now readily access automated trading platforms and algorithmic trading software.  Deep tech has also evolved to the extent that highly sophisticated systems are actually easy to operate. MetaTrader and NinjaTrader are among the new generation of trading platforms that permit traders without a programming background to set up automated trading systems. 


By virtue of their being automated, EAs are disciplined. They are programmed to follow a set of strategies with precision. An emotional response to market events is not an option for traders.  Ai forex trading bots come very handy since they are free of emotions. Not least importantly, they can work throughout the year without a single break. Such robots were developed to enable traders to trade different assets across platforms, all at the same time. PrimeFin can introduce you to these!

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