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Best Forex Brokers in Australia

Best Forex Brokers in Australia

Forex Brokers are companies that work in finance and provide for the clients a platform to trade. In other words, the brokerage firms act as mediators for clients to buy and sell foreign currencies and here is the list of the top 5 best forex brokers in Australia

5 Best Forex Brokers in Australia


ETFinance is known for providing quality services to traders across the industry but especially to EU clients. 

Any brokerage’s selling point can vary between majorly three things. One – The trading platform, second – The leverage and, third- The account types. In this review, we will look closely into all of them, plus a brief overview of the customer service offered by ETFinance.

ETFinance is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and is the official sponsor of the Real Madrid Basketball team.

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is the regulatory body of ETFinance and minds the fact because that is the prime garner of trust and reliability in the forex broker industry. The firm was incepted in 2016 and is handled by Magnum FX Ltd. 

Features of ETFinance 

ETFinance uses Meta Trader 4 as the trading platform. It manages close to thirty languages and has multiple and clients of ETFinance get access to the original program, which is easily downloadable.

Trade is possible in various assets like cryptocurrency, indices, forex pairs, commodities, precious metals. More availability of trading assets indicates flexible means of trade.  

ETFinance has low spreads and a commission-free fee structure. Typical spreads on key forex pairs are 0.7 pips for the EUR/USD, 1.3 pips for the GBP/USD, and 0.9 pips for the EUR/GBP. Spreads are variable, so they fluctuate with market conditions. Higher account tiers benefit from tighter spreads.

The fee structure one avails at the firm is entirely commission-free. Though spreads depend upon the market variation, the broker offers low mainly spreads, and account holders of gold and platinum are expected to benefit more by tighter spreads.

Accounts offered are Silver, Gold, and Platinum. And the leverage varies according to the account type.

Silver Account –

FX Pairs 1:30

Gold & Indices

Commodities 1:1

Stocks 1:5

Cryptocurrency 1:2

Gold Account –

FX Pairs 1:500

Gold & Indices 1:125

Commodities 1:125

Stocks 1:10                     

Platinum Account-

FX Pairs 1:50                     

Gold & Indices 1:125                              

Commodities 1:125                           

Stocks 1:10


HFTrading aims to make the intangible trading market obtainable to its client and offers expert financial service that tends to cater to its client in all aspects with the support of online courses, reading material, etc. And a range of accounts that best suits their interest. 

CTRL Investment Ltd. takes care of HFTrading, and they are thoroughly regulated by Australian Regulated Body Number (ARBN) 151-535-085 New Zealand Financial Market Authority, New Zealand Business Number 9429031595070; NZ financial services provider register (FSPR) number FS197465

Features of HFTrading

HFTrading offers courses, tutorials, ebooks in various areas, CFDs, Stocks, and whatnot. This helps a person build a solid base while conducting trade.

When knowledge and updates’ heavy inflow is in place, it becomes a lot easier to be confident and do what is correct both above and beneath the surface. 

The brokerage also uses MetaTrader4 is a trading platform for both mobile and desktop. While dealing with the MT4, the biggest benefit is it serves both those who have perfected their hands in trading and those who are just starting, simply put, the MT4 is highly user-friendly. By placing this trading platform, the firm has climbed the ladder of becoming one of the best brokers in Australia. 

With a user-friendly trading platform and courses for people from every walk experience, one thing left to add to the basket is the account type variations.

Silver Account- Silver account caters to clients who haven’t had much experience in trading and are just starting, and this account helps them manage their understanding of the basics.

Assets – 700+

Spread (min) – 0.07

Leverage (max) – 1:30

Gold Account – Needless to say, the Gold account is for those traders who have already had their share of knowledge taken from the trade industry and are up for taking their trade game to the next level. For which Gold account has all the assistance they need.

25% Discount on swap

Spread (min) – 0.05

Leverage (max) – 1:400/1:500

Platinum Account – When working with a platinum account, a spectrum of new and more helpful features unfold for the clients who have mastered the trade market and have the experience that promises success.

50% Discount on swap

Spread (min) – 0.03

Leverage (max) – 1:400/1:500


Labuan Financial Services Authority modulates PrimeFin; it stands as the main regulatory body of Labuan.

PrimeFin uses Webtrader as the trading platform. It was manufactured by the same Russian company that produced MetaTrader 4, which is believed to be very famous in the trading industry.

350+ Trading instruments are made available to the clients pursuing trading through PrimeFin by WebTrader.

PrimeFin has been doing a great job keeping up with technological changes and advancements. It has launched a trading app for mobile users.

Broker reviews of brokerage firms are half done if no mention of trading assets is done. So, here is the list of assets in which PrimeFin allows trade, and a variety of these assets are provided because PrimeFin is in the line of Best Brokers in Australia.

Forex leverage 






The firm offers three professional accounts – Silver, Gold, and Platinum with a bonus Demo account to work with in case a client wants to give a try to the account before actually creating a professional account. Hence, the demo account acts as a kickstart.

Features of PrimeFin

It gives a brief overview and tells the client what they are expected to find when working in the Silver or gold or platinum account, and that makes a client feel comfortable feeling they know what waters they are trading in and out. 

Since it is no news that while working in the forex market, it is similar to walking on a fragile thread, and one has to opt for maximum caution and calculate every move one makes as a trader.

To facilitate traders for the above, the firm offers webinars. Tutorials Ebooks get to know the latest techniques and updates of the market and can use that knowledge in their trading, making some profit swim their way. 

The website frequently publishes market analysis and research to help one know everything that is going on and how it may affect trade. 

Seek Customer service whenever you feel stuck or confused and answer how prompt the service provided to the customers by the firm is in daily workings. 

One can reach the customer service through call or have a live chat session with them if that feels quicker and beneficial or if the client needs to focus upon details, they can even approach the customer service through the mail and get the job done. 


The Brokerage platform IGM FX was conceived to provide the newfangled services to its traders, and to date it serves, its functions with the same notion.

What more does one need to place their trust on confidence than know the license number 309/16 and that the brokerage is regulated by Cyprus Securities and exchange commission “CySEC”.

Features of IGM FX

To be one of the Best Brokers in Australia, IGM FX has in one basket collected everything that one needs to choose them as their brokerage firm for trade. 

 It is needless to say that the regulation company holds high credentials because of the regulation and monitoring of operations and payments covering the entire European economic area.

CFDs are the buzz, and the brokerage got you covered when dealing with CFD trade instruments.

Forex, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies, metal, indices, you name them, and they got them.

There is a hierarchy system in the accounts that one can create in the IGM FX because any trader is expected and believed to climb the ladder of accounts according to experience. However, that does not restrict any client from making any account at any time or shifting their account from silver to gold to platinum to VIP. 

It manages high-security alignments to protect data or information, and it goes without saying that the encryption system is seamlessly flawless to protect the client’s information. 

Assets Provided by Broker 

There are a total of 45 currency pairings for which Forex CFD is available. 

CFDs for cryptocurrency are more than 30. 

There are trade CFDs for commodities, metals, and energies.

CMC Markets

CMC Markets was established in 1989 and stood credible to date. The year and the time with it bring a common understanding of reliability and assurance on their part of knowing the trading industry well with a solid data research base developed over time. 

The company has been listed on London Stock Exchange, and the ticker symbol is CMCX. 

The brokerage also uses MetaTrader4 as a trading platform for both mobile iOs and desktops. The biggest MT4 benefit is that it helps both beginners in trading and experts in trading. Simply put, the MT4 is highly user-friendly, but CMC Markets prefer their homegrown Next Generation trading platform and has nearly everything that MetaTrader 4 can provide except CMC restricts itself from offering direct VPS services and next-generation lacks in backtesting capabilities. 

The courses provided by the company are jam-packed with technical and trading intellect that has been curated for traders to get to know the do-how of marketing at both the beginning and intermediate level. It works in a personalized manner for each trader and caters to their individual needs. 

Features of CMC Markets 

One gets to be self-assured when stepping into the trading market after going through the courses designed to eliminate challenges and trading malfunctions. 

There is a dedicated library of regularly conducted research papers and market analyses given out periodically and work dedicatedly to make arrangements for the client to better their inquisitive side for the market.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to maintain highly functional customer service, but no matter how important this fact seems, it is often observed that firms pay very little attention to having highly functional customer service in place.

But, CMC Markets has taken care of it for their firm and makes it very easily available for the customer. 

CMC provides a diversity of contact options. There are emails for the company’s clients and 24/5 local calls or phone support. There are FAQs available in the most comprehensive language.

The homegrown next generation offers live chat options, a great option in today’s texting-dominated world. If we further dwell into chat and its system since it is the most innovative system in place, one has to wait approximately 30sec to 40sec to get a reply. 

Coming to social media, the CMC has made accounts on Twitter and Facebook that are constantly updated and posted with the latest information about the brokers and updates of the market. 

Speedy replies to clients’ comments and interactions are looked after to avail them of customer services to clients wherever and wherever they seek to support. It would be fair to say that CMC Markets are always open to help and cater to the requirements.  

CMC Markets offer 

More than 50 treasuries 

330+ pairs of FX

12 Cryptocurrencies

There are 9000+ Shares and ETFs

more than 50 Treasuries

110+ Commodities


The review was aimed to provide a list of the best Brokers in Australia. While the above five listed Brokers provide the best services in the region, it goes without saying that trading in the market is a tricky business.

Reviews on CFDs leverage, or the account types, helps potential clients understand better about their choices and finally decide which firm they want to go to within their trading journey. 

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