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Best Forex Brokers In The Netherlands

Best forex brokers in Netherlands

The Dutch financial services industry is a highly regulated industry. It comes under the Autoriteit Financielle Markten (AFM) aegis of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets. Considering the Netherlands’ close physical proximity to other Eurozone giants, the bulk of the Dutch forex brokers serving the forex trading industry in the Netherlands are based in other European Union (EU) member states. In this article we will discuss best forex brokers in Netherland.


The financial industry in the Netherlands falls under the aegis of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets or AFM as it is often known. It was established in 2002, intended to replace the  STE (Securities Board of the Netherlands). It is the regulatory body that issues licenses to homegrown brokers that wish to participate in the retail forex trading industry. Under MiFID rules, AFM also provides authorisation to forex brokers from other EU states to operate legally in the Netherlands. The key prerequisites for Dutch forex brokers to operate in the Netherlands are:

  • Hand over regular financial reports to the AFM about the state of their operations, including clients’ trading data and trading volume.
  • Disclosure of changes in issued capital in excess of 1%.

All these requirements are in sync with the AFM’s main aims, which include:

  • Improving access to financial markets
  • Facilitating the smooth operations of the financial markets in the Netherlands.


TradedWell is Regulated by CySEC, the broker has matured fast despite its recent founding (2020). Headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus, the brokerage welcomes you to start trading with $250.Maximum leverage can be ratcheted up to 500 for professionals. The trading desk type is STP. iTrade Global (Cy) Ltd, the parent company, has license number 298/16 and registration number 335424. CySEC is the regulator.

Needless to add, standard measures are in place to safeguard client funds against volatility or broker insolvency. To be counted amongst the best forex brokers in the Netherlands requires at least that much.

There are more than 170 individual assets. There are three account types. While the silver account offers an average spread of 2.8 pips on the EUR/USD pair, it also flaunts a dedicated account manager. If you are a beginner trader down from the demo account simulations, still wishing to trade real with real mentoring, this is especially useful. On the EUR/USD pair, the next two account types offer spreads to the tune of 2.0 pips and 1.8 pips.

Over and above the previous account type, the gold account offers free VPS, the fifth decimal, and a 25% swap discount. Over and above what both foregoing account types offer, the platinum account offers the account owner a 50%  swap discount. 

Excellent  trading platform

You can trade multiple asset classes across 9-time frames. With advanced charting and 50 inbuilt indicators, you just can’t best trading with TradedWell!


PrimeFin is licensed and regulated by the national regulatory body in Malaysia, the Labuan Financial Services Authority. The Malaysia based broker, according to LFSA regulations, keeps clients’ accounts segregated. This guarantees protection for clients’ funds, in cases of

volatility, even broker insolvency. Negative balance protection offered by the broker is yet another example of PrimeFin’s commitment to client protection. 

Tradable assets over 350 are yours to avail of with this broker. These are spread across all asset categories:

  •         Forex,
  •         Equities;
  •         Indices;
  •         Commodities;
  •         Metals;
  •         Cryptocurrencies.

 Low spreads and no commissions make trading, say indices CFDs with the broker, an experience to cherish. 

Account types

There are three account types – silver, gold, and platinum.

Leverage offered to professional clients goes up to 400. This is where negative balance protection is useful. 

Demo accounts are offered and can even be recommended to Pros. A demo account gives the trader insight into how the broker functions. 

Again, regarding deposits, there are neither commissions nor deposit fees. 

Trading platform

MtaQuotes, the maker of the MetaTrader, also makes the WebTrader. This is the preferred platform of PrimeFin, the same as the best forex brokers in the Netherlands.  

Main Features of MT4 Web Trader

  •    Real-time courses thanks to “Market Watch”.
  •    Customizable Price Charts.
  •    9 different time-frames.
  •    Direct access via all modern browsers.
  •    30+ indicators.
  •    Full commercial history.

Further advantages & highlights: 

  • Comprehensive  MT4 functionality- You gets the same tools and diagram functions as with the desktop-based application.
  • No download necessary: You can access your account from any computer, absolutely anywhere!
  • Upgraded  Two-way synchronisation: This allows all trades opened within the MT4 to be seamlessly mapped across all MT4 interfaces.
  • Html-based application: Gives users ultimate streaming connectivity whilst supporting trading across multiple asset classes.
  • Real-time synchronisation: Between the WebTrader and other Metaquotes, software effectively eliminates the risk of delays or interrupted trades.
  • Unqualified access to account movements: Access your complete double account movements, regardless of whether you have been trading through the terminal itself or your browser.


FXBFI Broker Financial invest Ltd., a limited liability company incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus, trades under the name 101investing. It has been given the registration number HE351508. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (the “CySEC”), authorised it to operate as a CIF (Cyprus Investment Firm) with the license number CIF 315/16.

Account Types

With 101investing, you will find 3 retail trading accounts called silver, gold, and platinum. Each offers its own advantages as regards leverage or spreads. Additionally, there’s a professional account for those with a record of abilities. Demo accounts let you put yourself to the test so that you may be able to find your level.


  •       This is just right for you if you are beginner’s level. 
  •       Minimum deposit – $250; 
  •       Max Leverage – 1:30 ;
  •       Forex spreads -0.7 onwards ; 
  •       More than 250 tradable assets ; 
  •       No commission.


This account is appropriate for you if you are at the intermediate level. 

Forex spreads – 0.5 onwards ; 

  •       25% swap discount ;
  •       Max Leverage -1:30 ; 
  •       More than 350 tradable assets ; 
  •       No commissions.


If you are at an advanced level, this account fits you. 

  •       Forex spread starts from 0.3; 
  •       50% swap discount;
  •       More than 250 tradable assets ; 
  •       Max leverage 1:400 ; 
  •       No commission.

Besides the provision for a dedicated accounts manager, these accounts allow hedging. In addition to updates and investment news, there’s free VPS on all accounts.


If you qualify as a professional client, you may be eligible for leverage of up to 1:500 on some assets. You might be even allowed a margin rate reduction. This allows a trader to bump up their leverage use in excess of ESMA guidelines impacting retail clients. In order to be considered eligible for the professional category, the client has to satisfy two conditions out of three – 

  •     Must own a portfolio in excess of $500,000 (not counting either cash or property ); 
  •     Must have had a proven prior record of setting significant sized positions;
  •     Worked in the capacity of a trading/speculation/derivative related professional position.

Tradable Assets

101investing broker provides CFD trading services on 350+ financial instruments, including products from all market types such as stocks, currency pairs, indices, metals, commodities, and cryptocurrency trading. Note that the company offers complex financial derivatives on these assets and not the actual ownership. The future derivative is handy in earning from both ways, i.e. price up to and down, and can aid trade assets with any amount.

Commissions & Fees

101investing only charges through spreads and is without any hidden or extra fee on trades. Further, there is no commission on trades. Best forex brokers in the Netherlands cannot do any less.

Apart from that, there are overnight swap charges and some penalty fee on withdrawals, if not enough or no transactions are made. 

T1 Markets

General Capital Brokers Ltd. trades under the name ‘T1 Markets’. The brokerage is licensed and regulated by CySEC. All the standard CySEC broker features are given here. Though there are mandatory restrictions on the leverage level permissible for retail clients, there are high leverage levels permitted for professional traders. This is in sync with the FCA and BaFin.

The trading desk type is STP, which enhances transparency. The broker has the license number 333/17 and the registration number 345774. Given the firm’s high value for your money, it is among the best Forex brokers in the Netherlands. 

Tradable assets

Spread across all asset categories, T1 Markets offers individual assets in excess of 300. 

Account types

There are three account types – silver, gold, platinum. The silver account has neither free VPS nor ‘fifth decimal’. However, it does share the dedicated account manager’s feature account manager’s with the other two account types and hedging. Max permitted leverage is 500. 

The application process has 5 steps—bone up on your trading knowledge before you embark on answering the questionnaire. 


Capixal is the brand name of IFC Investments Cyprus Ltd., licensed and regulated by CySEC. The license number is 327/16, and the registration number is 342390. Being a CySEC regulated entity, it follows the safeguards stipulated in the clients’ interest. Explicitly,

  •   The segregated accounts policy,
  •   The Investor Compensation Fund, and
  •   The negative balance protection policy. 

Tradable assets

Capixal presents you with CFD trading on more than 350 individual assets spread across all asset categories. Swap rates vary with account types. 

Account types

  • There are silver, gold, platinum accounts. These are available to retail as well as professional clients. Features on professional accounts are more generous.
  •  Progressively, gold and platinum accounts get more enriched, with the latter given news alerts and free VPS.
  •  That is beside the preceding account type’s webinars, videos, and dedicated account manager.
  •  Swap discounts on platinum account are twice that found on a gold account, which is 50%. The deposit can be made sans the incurring of fees. 

Trading platform

The trading platform incorporates Webtrader and MetaTrader4. Altogether, these systems have 80+ analytical instruments, inbuilt indicators in excess of 30, and 9-time frames. 


The Webtrader is made to be compatible with all sorts of browsers. A trading interface, WebTrader, requires no installation. Users can log in with the aid of any browser on their device, regardless of where they are. Like the MT4 desktop terminal, the WebTrader presents almost all features to the extent that you can access trading in 350 plus assets.

Moreover, the platform has customisation-friendly analytical instruments. It becomes simpler to track your trading history. Real-time rate streaming and one-click trading make your trades if truth be told,  much faster.  

MT4 platform 

The software runs on your computer with a great many features over and above those for the Webtrader. This is especially true as regards automation and customisation. Compatible with Windows and macOS devices, you have the option even to install it on Linux devices.

Mobile Trading

This permits you to access your funds anywhere. Both Android and Apple users will find this app completely compatible. This is extremely useful if you are away from home/office. 


The broker affords you the benefits of leverage across accounts and across asset classes. In line with Product Intervention Measures, leverage limits are different across the CFDs’ underlying assets and the client categorisation (retail/professional). Capixal believes it has what it takes to be among the best forex brokers in the Netherlands.

Conclusion : Best Forex Brokers in Netherland

Given that the forex trading industry is extremely rivalrous, it is rare to find forex brokers solely serving clients from a particular country. Rather, brokers target a particular region made up of several countries, reaping the benefits of the economies of scale. The brokers we have recommended have been trying hard to cater best to the trading needs of Dutch forex traders. The legendary acumen of Dutch investors has made our brokers do their utmost to be the best forex brokers in the Netherlands.

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