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Best Stocks To Trade | Step By Step Guide For Beginners [2021]

Best Stocks To Trade | Step By Step Guide For Beginners [2021]
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Trade has been a valuable source for investments and generating profits. It has attracted several traders; however, the trade is not that easy. The investors of various financial trade markets have to study, research, and analyse the market thoroughly to be successful. There are markets available such as the forex market, stock market, indices, commodities, cryptocurrency, etc. 

The stock market is the most traded and oldest investment; traders prefer investing their funds in companies with high market worth. Stocks to trade involve buying and selling of the stores. Traders or investors can invest in the stocks as per their requirements. Some frequently invest while others speculate or are less active traders. 

Here, we’ll discuss stocks and the best stocks to trade for day trading. Introducing the best stocks to invest in in 2021 with how to find the stocks to day trade? All the queries of the stock trade beginners will be solved. 

Stocks: daily trading stocks

Stocks are a wealth-building tool for market investors as the investment provides them with ownership. The stocks are issued by the companies, which the traders then purchase in units called shares. The share that traders or investors buy could be infractions or complete depending on the investment power of the trader. 

The traders or investors get the ownership of the shares and are referred to as the company’s shareholders. Even some traders believe in daily trading stocks. They keep investing in the shares of different companies and diversify their portfolio. 

The stock exchange is the medium through which investors can buy and sell stocks. The companies offer their stocks in the stock exchange for trade which traders later invest for stocks to trade motive. Hence, an essential part of the trade, raising capital for both the companies and the investors.

Why do companies issue stocks?

The financial market is full of various investments and transactions taking place on a daily basis. The stock market also has several companies that offer their stocks through the stock exchange or privately for trade. But do you know why the companies issue stocks?

The stock is part of the company they provide in the market to raise capital or expand their business. The big companies or small of the market both offer the stocks for trade. It is upon the investors or traders to decide which stocks to trade for profit. 

The shares, moreover, provide traders with a right to vote or join the meeting of the companies as per their share investment in the firm. In addition, traders get the benefits of dividends and good returns on their investments when the share value increases. 

Traders can sell the shares when it appreciates and have a good return from the investment or hold the shares for a long time with good dividends. Dividends are the revenues of the companies that they earn from the stocks and offer traders. 

So, traders can enjoy plenty of advantages with investment in the stock market. However, the investment should be well researched and the market well understood for a profitable trade. 

How to use stocks for trading?

Companies who issue the stocks in the trade market use it to generate funds to make products, expand the business, or other significant needs. The companies offer the stocks for trade initially through the process of Initial Public Offering (IPO). 

The stock is in the trade market and could be bought and sold by the market traders and investors. When a trader wants to buy the shares of a company, they can directly purchase from the company through the stock exchange. In the stock exchange, the trader buys from the trader who wants to sell the shares. 

Similarly, when a trader wants to sell their shares, they can make them available in the market, and the trader who wants to purchase can buy the same. In stock exchange trading, traders are represented by an online broker, such as Brokereo.

Traders can create their brokerage account to buy and sell shares through the stock exchanges. 

Types of daily stocks to trade

The market investors deal in the stocks to enhance their trade with good profits. For this, traders look for different types of stocks for trading. Therefore, to diversify their portfolio, the U.K traders will find the paragraph highly valuable to invest in different kinds of stock and trade. 

Individual Stocks to trade

The individual stocks of a company are the first option traders have to invest in. Traders, when they are interested in investing their funds in a particular company, they buy a number of individual shares of that company. Most of the companies in the stock market have certain shares that are traded on a daily basis. However, the price of the share varies with the performance of the company each day.

For investing in such stocks, the U.K traders have to analyse the company’s market position in detail before investment. 

Fractional Stocks to trade

The fractional stocks are the shares that are in the portion of the full share value. So, traders can invest in half the value of the share and accordingly enjoy the benefits and loss of the stock. However, these are rarely available and are difficult to trade in the market. 

Foreign Stocks to trade

There are traders and investors who have an interest in trading in foreign company stocks. They can invest in foreign companies as the interest provided on such stocks is higher than the local market investments. In addition, foreign stocks have the advantage of overseas markets and are a good source for diversification of portfolio. 

Although, traders should be aware of the rules and regulations that work with foreign trade. 

How to find stocks to day trade?

Day trade means investing in the market in a single day; traders investing in day trading can hold a single position or have multiple trade positions. The traders are quick decision-makers with market understanding. In the day trade of stocks, the trader may hold market positions for a minute, an hour, or a whole day. So, the trade begins with market opening and closes with the same. 

The best stocks for day trading are several a trader has to choose from the stocks that will appreciate in the future. Therefore, before traders invest, they should analyse the market and the stocks of the companies. Identifying the best is a difficult task, and traders have to decide which stock best suits their needs for trading. 

But before going for the best stocks for day trading, traders should consider some key concepts to choose the stocks for trading. Below discusses are the points that will guide traders in selecting the correct stock for day trading: 

Market Position

Funds and the financial situation of the traders are the priority for the investment. If a trader wants to invest and lacks funds, it won’t be feasible to invest in stocks and go for day trading. Day trading is risky and requires financial support for generating the required profits. The goals and market position of the trader, therefore, have significance before investment. 

Stock for trading thus, considers the market position, capital, and the goal that the trader has set. Moreover, the risk tolerance level of the traders also plays an important role in deciding the stocks to trade. 

Liquidity and Volatility

The financial markets’ liquidity and uncertainty are also considered before investing in stocks. Liquidity refers to the easy convertibility of the stocks into capital, and the volatility of the market is the fluctuations that move the market prices and other factors. 

If the stock trader wants to invest in are liquid, then it is easy to day trade with such stocks as they can be converted into cash at any time. With the uncertainty of the market, traders have to manage as the volatility is necessary for market opportunities and is the risk factor of the market as well. So, to avoid the uncertainties that lead to loss, traders can use the day trading strategies. 

Trade Volume

The market traders using the day trading strategy often use the trade volume index to decide on the stocks’ buy and sell. This is used to measure the money flow in the stock market. In addition, trade volume helps traders with the frequency of purchase and sell of the stocks in the market. Therefore, it is essential to check the trade volume before intraday stocks to trade. 

Financial Services

How to pick day trading stocks? The question is also dependent on the financial services. The financial service providers offer day trading stocks to trade in the market. In addition, these financial services have studied and researched stocks that could be good investments. So, traders must consider the financial services before investing. 

Best stocks to trade for day trading

Traders prefer the best stocks to trade which have high trade volume companies that are well established. How to pick day trading stocks? It has been a question most of the traders want to know about. Traders can invest in certain stocks of the company, such as: 

There are large capital and medium capital companies that U.K. traders can invest in for day trading. 


The company is registered with the name Vodafone group plc, having a value of 109.36. The price of the company is increasing with good market standing. Traders can invest in the shares of the company by analysing the market. When the company market price is increasing and showing economic growth. Then traders should invest with the company. 

However, if traders find the share value of Vodafone shares is decreasing, they can sell. 


Tesla is a company which is owned by Elon Musk registered with most of the top stock exchanges. The share value of the TSLA, the code name for the company on stock exchanges, is increasing. Traders can buy the shares or speculate to earn good returns from the investments. 

The company Tesla is a brand with a huge business in electric cars and products. With high market demand, the shares of the company keep fluctuating and provide high returns for the traders. 


Barclays plc, a universal bank that operates in two places, Barclays U.K. and Barclays International, with execution services. The company is a British multinational bank dealing in international trades and transactions. The bank has a high market worth and is the oldest bank based in London, UK. 

However, the share value is down currently, but the shares of Barclays are good investment options for day trading. 

Standard Chartered

Standard chartered is a financial service company offering the customers the most dynamic markets. The company is a bank that is an excellent option to invest in and has high earnings. Traders can earn profits by investing in the shares of Standard Chartered. 

The bank operates in all the major countries and has good market standing. Traders can buy the shares of the company and trade according to their investment needs and fund availability. 


HSBC bank is yet another financial service provider with high market worth. Investors based in the U.K. or other countries can day trade with the stocks of the company. A suitable investment option that could generate high profits for the investors. The value of the stocks is high, and traders can buy and sell the shares of the financial company. 

Stocks to Trade: Conclusion

Stocks to trade in day trading are many, and traders have to select the best ones that will boost their investment and give high returns. The article discusses the stocks of companies that have market worth and are investment options for day trade. In addition, there are key points that should be looked at before deciding on the investment. 

Stock trading in the day trade strategy is not easy; traders have to research and understand the market before moving ahead accurately.

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