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Bitcoin Trading: The Best Beginner’s Guide

Bitcoin Trading: The Best Beginner's Guide
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Bitcoin trading is a rapidly growing industry that has seen a lot of growth in recent years. There are a variety of places where you can trade bitcoin, including online exchanges, brokerages, and even over-the-counter markets.

Trading has a primary connection with earning money. It requires passion, dedication, and most importantly, the trust in your abilities that you can make profits. Ever since human evolution, the exchange of goods against services and products is continuing. It went through various phases from gold coins to fiat currency and now cryptocurrency, precisely bitcoin trading. 

Bitcoin is the result of the need for a cashless and digital economy, which is transparent and quick. Additionally, it does not cow down to any borders. The connectivity is fast, and it saves time that goes into changing currencies. 

Bitcoin Trading: History

The invention of bitcoin took place in 2008, but only in 2009, it comes into the public sphere for transactions. A pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto from Japan created it; however, there is no evidence backing these conjectures. It saw the light of the day as open-source software. 

It does not have any administrator, and no bank or government authority manages it. Hence it is entirely decentralized that works on a peer-to-peer network of systems placed in different regions across the globe. There is no intermediary thumping in extra suggestions or bothering users. 

Transactions here get recorded in blockchains through a distributed ledger for the public. Network nodes of cryptography verify transactions initiated by people. 

Bitcoin Trading: Creation 

Mining is the process using which miners extract bitcoins. You can exchange them for various products, services, or currencies (physical or virtual), depending on the market. The University of Cambridge estimated in 2017 that there were around 5.8 cryptocurrency wallets out of them most belonged to bitcoins. That’s the might that surfaced during that year. It touched an all-time high record. 


However, on December 19, 2020, the price of a single unit of a bitcoin went past the $23,874 mark and marked another record. It shows the widespread popularity of bitcoins and squeezes how acceptable it has become in society. 

On August 18, 2008, the domain name bitcoin.org came into being. The cryptography mailing list mentioned Satoshi Nakamoto’s name on August 31, 2008. However, the identity of the owner remains unknown to date.

Bitcoin Trading: Units

Here are some information deciphering bitcoins:-

  • Unit of Account:- Bitcoin
  • Ticker Symbol: BTC and XBT
  • Unicode character: ฿
  • Small amounts of bitcoin: Millibitcoin and Satoshi
  • A Satoshi represents: 1⁄100000000 bitcoins
  • A millibitcoin: 1⁄1000 bitcoins

Bitcoin Trading: Usage of Blockchain Technology

It is a public ledger that records transactions of people related to bitcoin and on other avenues. Its execution happens through chains of blocks; hence blockchain. Here, each block contains the hash of another block in the chain’s genesis block. Communicating nodes, which run between the bitcoin software network, handle the blockchain. 


Network nodes have the power to verify and validate transactions initiated by users. They annex them to their ledger’s copy and broadcast these ledgers. 

Interestingly, each network node has a copy of the blockchain stored in it. On average, every 10 minutes, a block gets created, which keeps track of the transaction. So, the bitcoin software can check when a bitcoin gets spent in the financial market. 

Bitcoin trading: Investment

Newbie traders in the financial market may find it difficult to fathom how easy can bitcoin trading be as there are so many notions floating in the market which fuel their thoughts, mostly negative. However, cryptocurrencies are volatile, but if you k

now how to trade with plans, then things can get easier. 

The virtual coins are garnering acceptance and wallets, brokers and exchanges are growing in numbers subsequently to accommodate the need of market players. 

Investment in the market comes much later; first, you need to learn about how it trends and know about the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies. 

Bitcoin trading: How to begin? 

For kicking off the bitcoin trading, a bitcoin trader would need a brokers like InvestFW, Capitalix, and InvestBy or an exchange, identification proofs, KYC documents, methods of payment like credit cards, and e-wallets, or net banking systems. Besides, a secured internet connection is nonetheless to be said. 

Notably, it is better to have your own wallet or mode of payment while depositing funds in an exchange or broker account. It ceases to develop any complexities. 

Security and privacy

First and foremost, do not tell anyone if you are holding large capital trading or trading bitcoin. There are people looking to needle you and impostors who are wishing to get through someone’s id that has a huge amount of these virtual coins available at their disposal.

However, it may appear safe from far, but bitcoin trading can be Achilles’ heel if a hacker gets after you. So, keep things about investments up to you in the public address. 

Authority and Loopholes

Anyone who gets hold of your private key can authorize the transaction and loot you in seconds. So, do not let anyone know about how much you are dealing in bitcoins or in any cryptocurrency. Criminals are always there looking for such loopholes. Hence, trust none when it comes to telling about your key. 

However, information on transactions on bitcoins is available on the platform, but the system does not reveal the identity of the person who initiated it. People can only view the history of transactions on the blockchain. 

On the other hand, bitcoin transactions may be transparent and traceable or tracked compared to fiat currencies, but one can use them anonymously. 

FBI and international researchers claimed that they are able to track transactions made to users using blockchains. For example, if a person registers on an account on a brokerage firm or exchange, they have to provide documents for the verifications of the identification.

So, when that person initiates a transaction, in that case, it gets affixed to their name, and when someone tries to fetch out the details, it takes you to the exchange, where anyone can know about your information. 

When a user sends bitcoins to another wallet, it can be traced to your wallet in that exchange. In that sense, it is transparent more than cash.

Ways of transactions

If you have a keen interest in cryptocurrencies, then only take the route to bitcoin trading, else you would not make the gains that you wish to draw through it.  

Before you step into the uncertain digital currency market, read about its functions and features. Ask your friends and experts to deal with it, and how it helps in making money. In the world of finances, bitcoin trading is the newest, and it is better to research a little and observe the changes in the market. 

Only once you are sure about the tendency of the market, start investing. Follow the steps:- 

Pick up brokers or exchanges

If you have the registration on a broker or an exchange, then bitcoin trading is a step away. Signing up with a reputed brand to trade open gates of transaction or buy and sell the world’s biggest cryptocurrency bitcoin.

If you can find an exchange or broker that can realize your benefits, grab it straight away. As a trader or investor, they make your job easier and let gains incoming. Also, choose those brokers who allow you to withdraw your bitcoins in your own wallet for keeping them close to you and safe al the time. However, that’s about quite rare. 

However, anyone who wants to be a professional trader does not think about such minuscule things. If you are consistent, then benefits will keep on piling up day in and day out.

Brokers and exchanges

Some exchanges and brokers try to keep the sanctity of the decentralized bitcoin by keeping the name of the person trading in the market anonymous. Any exchange that offers such a facility operates autonomously. They do not have a centralized control like cryptocurrencies. 

There is no CEO or regulatory body that has to take care of any illegal activity. Also, no one audits it. However, to an extent, it is helpful to people, but at the same time, someone can use it for illegal bliss and nefarious activities. 

Moreover, they also offer services to the unbanked world, which opens gates for various traders from other spheres of the financial market. People believing in the practice outweigh those who think wrong activities can create several problems in society. 

There is a possibility that people who cannot afford banks have the chance to accumulate their wealth in these exchanges, which can elevate them from poverty. Indirectly, bitcoin is at the helm. 

PS: Whenever you create an account on an exchange or a broker, make sure they facilitate two-way authentication process options. It will keep your money safe. 

Connection with payment option

While bitcoin trading, you would need to invest some money in the account or deposit bucks in exchange. So, for that, you need to connect them with the payment options. For that, you have to affix copies of legal documents of verification like driver’s licenses, or others for legitimizing and to connect the payment option. 

Once that process gets over, you will be able to connect your payment options like debit, credit, and net banking with your account or exchange.

However, you may have to pay some charges while making a payment through the options. It may solely depend on your bank or the source of your funding. So, always choose a broker or exchange with the minimum commission or fee attached to them, because a penny saved is a penny earned. 

Watch out for a demo account

Bitcoin trading or cryptocurrency trading (bitcoin is more often synonymous to crypto for its high volumes and attention) may seem like indulging in the forex market, but it is different.

When the former is available only digitally and does not have any centralized authority governing it, the latter is there in the physical form as well and controlled by several governments across the globe. 

Learn all traits, tips, functions, features, and fundamentals of trading by performing transactions on a demo account before going for a live trading experience. See, how can you place a trade and observe what types of circumstances make a difference to it. Plus, view difficult situations firsthand and search for ways to get out of them while Bitcoin trading. 

You can seek what strategies, indicators, and signals fit the best for every condition. Once your learning accomplishes, it is time to see the real market.

Placing an order

It is a step that may give jitters to you, primarily to new users. There is a sense of nervousness when you think of placing an order. You know if a thing or two goes wrong, you can start with a bad experience. So, a lot of thinking should go on before you invest in bitcoins. Moreover, you need appropriate funds in your wallet before the investment, because bitcoins are expensive. It won’t be wise to purchase a whole unit despite you having the availability of money. 

Hence, take a small start, and then as you earn more, keep on averaging or investing in bitcoins. See the market growth and the bubble of rumor around it. If experts and trade pundits are hopeful of the increase, then you can take your chances. However, it is advisable to use your acumen also. 

Over the years, the crypto market has become more liquid than ever. You have enough volumes to buy and sell at every limit. So, when you transact, there is no shortage of traders buying your assets at a given point. 

You have multiple ways of investing in the bitcoin market using various techniques like limit orders, stop-loss, profit limit-orders, etc. 

Observe the market

After placing the orders, you have to observe them through certain tools or manually. If you do not have time, deploy an advisor or services to do that on your behalf. They can suggest when to buy or sell in the market.

In a way, you would know how the market is prepping up against and for the tide when the movement of bitcoin prices becomes volatile. 

Fluctuations in the market are an opportunity for those who know how to grab it in time. However, it needs darn preparations before you cave in your money in that market. You should have information about when the market would pick up or plunge. There is a pattern that you can learn by researching the history and past experiences of bitcoins. 

There is a point that indicates when to purchase and sell in the volatile bitcoin market. Furthermore, you hold them when the market is not conducive to gains. 

Types of wallets

For storing your digital assets safely and securely, there is no place better than digital wallets. When you have your bitcoins or cryptocurrencies out of exchanges, it means you’ve got all control over your funds and the private key belongs to you. Moreover, you can store your bitcoins away from exchanges or brokers. 


Every wallet comes with different abilities to store cryptocurrencies; while some may only accept and exchange bitcoins, others may be okay with everything. Here are some types of wallets 

Cold wallets

There is no connection with the internet in this wallet. It may surprise you and lead to the question, then how would one make a transaction here? However, you should think the other way. You would be less compromised in the absence of an online connection. These are hardware or offline wallets. 

A user’s private key here gets stored in a space that dissociates from the online market, which hammers on the vulnerability of getting stolen. 

A paper wallet is one of the cold wallets which is extremely secured and works for both public and private keys. A person who has the keys and the paper would only be able to deal with cryptocurrencies or bitcoins precisely. There are several market players who get these papers laminated and keep them in their safe at homes or offices. 

However, only if you have thought of holding bitcoins for the long term, this technique of the wallet is feasible. 

Hot wallets

These are 180 degrees opposite to cold wallets, which means online wallets or e-wallets. They need a secured internet connection for storing bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency. It needs devices like computers, smartphones, or tablets for running safely online. 

The private keys here get generated on devices connected to the internet. Hence, there are chances that someone may attempt to hack the key. So, it is recommended that you use these cryptocurrencies for trading small amounts of bitcoin because if the loss occurs, it won’t be a magnifying one. 

For sanity, you should only keep the amount that you wish to use for the transaction, and the rest must remain in your bank or savings account. 


Bitcoin trading is not as conventional or convenient as trading any other asset. So, it needs extra preparation when you go down it’s the way. There should be thought of making profits and small goals that are achievable while trading the digital currency. 

Moreover, as governments are becoming receptive to the concept, strategizing before the investment is mindful of bitcoins. So, make your bitcoin trading fruitful and gainful by being observant.

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