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Call and Put Options trading for Beginners: Best Guide 2022

call and options trading

Last Updated on: 16th November 2023, 10:50 am

Investing in the financial markets offers investors a huge range of trading possibilities. They can decide their trading choices on the basis of the market conditions, research, analysis, and other elements that impact the trading. Traders can use these trading derivatives, instruments, and other products for profitable trading. 

The article focuses on one of the difficult yet earning trading derivatives, options. Traders can invest in the options market for overwhelming results from their investments. However, they need practice and expertise in the field for desirable results. Trading is fun when done with the right perspective knowledge and makes traders earn.

Options trading is a new trading instrument of the market; traders can invest in the markets in order to make informed decisions. A derivative product of the market which has gained popularity recently and is going to be impactful trading. With the articles, traders can understand the key points of the trading, what the call and put options are and how they could be used for making successful trading.

What are Options contracts?

Financial trading gives traders with options to invest, but one of the trading instruments of the market that has gained popularity is the options contract. Investors can trade their funds in many instruments to construct their portfolios with several assets in hand. They can have stocks, ETFs, bonds, and many others to invest in and diversify their trading portfolios.

Options are the assets that traders can invest correctly to have unending market advantages. These are contracts that give the trader of options contracts the right to buy and sell the underlying assets. However, these do not have the obligation of trading them. Instead, buying and selling are done with a predetermined price of the underlying asset that is determined by the trade parties.

What are Options contracts

The parties of the contract can have the price of the underlying asset decided in advance that could be exercised at or before the contract expires. There are trading styles of options that traders can use for determining the exercising right. Moreover, for trading options, investors have to pay a premium amount and then can trade in the options.

These are powerful trading instruments that are a great tool for enhancing an investor’s market portfolio. Traders can even use the added income, leverage, and income protection for maximizing their trading. They can trade with investing goals and accordingly invest in options trading. Even traders most significantly use options as an effective hedge against the stock market price declines to have limited downside risk.

Used for speculative purposes, traders have these as wagering in stocks direction. In addition, options are a good source for having a recurring income. Although, options have certain market risks that traders should be aware of.

Options Trading Types

Options are part of the large securities, which together are called derivatives. The price of derivative products is derived from the market factors that impact them. These include calls, puts, futures, mortgage securities, forwards, swaps, and many others. Here, we have two essential option types that traders can invest in:

Call Options Contracts

The options contracts are the derivative, and the prices of the underlying asset are linked with the price of other factors. The traders get to buy the options contracts to get the right but not the obligation of buying and selling the underlying asset at the set price on or before a certain date. With the call options, traders get the right to buy the securities in the market.

For example, a trader investing in the market can pay a premium amount with the broker’s account and get the right to trade. They can have the call options and invest in the market with the trading style they prefer. The buyer of the right would benefit from the option of buying or not. I suppose a trader wants to purchase a security for a long period of time. Then, they would pay the initial payment which is the specific price of the underlying asset.

After which, they would access their right to trade the asset or leave it if the trader does not want to. However, they would lose their premium paid on the call options.

Put Options

The put option is the opposite of the call option, where traders can have the right to sell the underlying asset in the market to earn profit. Traders have to pay a premium on these and then get the right. Puts option premium gives the right to sell but not an obligation. The date of the contract is fixed and has a predetermined price of the underlying asset.

The price of the underlying asset having the put options right can sell the security with a price called the strike price. These could be traded with various securities such as stocks, currencies, bonds, commodities, indexes, and futures.

These become active for traders when the value of the underlying asset decreases. But, when the put option losses value when the assets price increases. As a result, these are highly used for hedging or speculating on the downside price of the underlying assets.

Generally used for risk management strategy called protective put, that works as an insurance for the traders. The investor buys the put option to hedge against the loss or downside risk in their portfolio.

How does Options Trading work?

Options are derivative products, and when an investor buys and sells options, they get the right to exercise them before or at the time of its expiration date. However, one who buys or sells the options does not necessarily exercise the right on expiration. Trading options looks simple but is a difficult task as traders cannot directly exercise their rights without understanding the market aspects.

How does Options Trading work

Traders open their trading accounts with brokers that are regulated, have the best services, and many other facilities to support the trade. The account is created, and traders can access the options by the premium paid to the broker. After that, traders can either go for the put or call option and wait for the exercising of their right at the time of expiration and the strike price.

They can read the market factors and then decide whether they want to exercise their rights or will let their premium go off.

In addition, they can use the trading services of the broker, the tools, and platforms to predict the market changes. This would support the investor in the easy decision and be a successful options trader. Investby is a good brokerage service provider that has many services to assist options traders.

Benefits of Options Trading

Options trading is a beneficial trading choice for the investors; they can invest in the market with them to have huge market profits using the call and put options. Traders can exercise their rights according to their wishes and make the best market decisions for becoming successful traders. Below mentioned is the list of the advantages that traders can have with options:

To trade options that are the put or call option, buyers have to pay low initial expenses than purchasing other assets. The premium that traders pay for buying the options is cheap; then, the trader would pay on other assets and get the right to trade them in the market.

Another significant benefit of options is that traders can freeze the price of the underlying asset at a certain price and time period. They have a strike price that guarantees trading for the option traders at the rate before it expires.

Options are good portfolio development choices for the traders, as these add income, leverage, and give protection. The most used way of options trading is to limit the downside loss using the hedge against the decline in underlying assets price.

Moreover, these also are used by the traders to have recurring sources of income.

The options are flexible trading instruments and could be exercised before they lapse. Traders buy and sell the investments and diversify their portfolios.

How to use the Call Options?

The call options enable the traders to have the assets or shares in the form of bonds, stocks, or other instruments before these expire. Traders buy the call option to trade in the market and make profits; this is possible only when the assets price increases. The right of call option allows the trader to purchase the underlying asset at the predetermined price. The price is generally low and receives a discount to exercise the right.

However, traders should know that they will need to renew their call option right. It is believed that the option decay with time, and traders can therefore have a look at the strike price, and the call options have the intrinsic value.

How to use the Put Options?

A put option is conflicting with the call option; the trader has the right to sell the underlying asset for the specified price and expiration date. The traders make a profit from the drop in the price of the underlying asset in the future. They sell the underlying asset at the predetermined price that is close to the original price of the put option.

Traders can have the right to sell them in the market at a high price and earn profit from them. A useful trading tool that can make good profits if used accurately. If the price of an asset decreases in the market, the trader would earn a profit as the contract already has the fixed price and expiration date of the underlying asset.

Elements of Options Trading


The essential element of options trading is the premium paid on the call and put options and the use of their rights of trading in the market. The put option/ sell options are used by traders to sell their underlying asset that is limited to the premium. Traders can pay the price and use the right in the market to make money. Other than this, the call option also has the premium paid for exercising the right.

Interest Rate

Interest rate is another element of options trading that the traders get on the trading of options. The interest rate differs with time and keeps changing. Traders can speculate on the direction of interest rates using the interest rate options. It is a complex instrument and requires experience to trade.

Expiration Date

The option expires with time, and traders can make the transaction value using the current price of the securities markets. Traders can have actual stock traded with the option premium paid; they can have the expiration date of the contract and accordingly trade.

Underlying Asset

The underlying security price is also important for the traders, they can invest in them at the underlying price by using their right, or the option expires worthless. The asset of trade is vital as this defines other factors of the market.

Trading Styles

Investors of options can have two trading styles to invest in, American or European style options. These are highly used depending on the market price of the underlying asset, the option’s expiration date, securities markets, and other factors impacting.

American style is the less used trading style as it is where the investors can trade options at any time before or on the day of the expiration date. On the other hand, European-style options allow the traders to use their rights on the day of the expiration date. It is used mostly by traders to earn profits.


Options trading is profitable for the investors who have knowledge of using it in a beneficial way. Traders can invest in mutual funds’ stock options, know the specified period, stock’s price, option’s strike price, exercise their stock call option, buy a call option, understand the maximum loss, have an investor’s account, etc. These are important for the traders. With the article, traders can understand the aspects and make their investments in options.

However, these are difficult trading tool and needs experience for successful options. They can have a securities market to invest in and analyze the risk of the market for a profitable trade.


What is Option premium?

The option premium is the amount that is payable for trading the options in the market.

How can options be traded?

Options are traded in the market through brokers who offer various instruments to use options and make a profitable trade. They can create an account and then select the options to invest in the money for successful trading.

Emma Hoxha, a self-taught forex trader and author from the US, inspires others with her journey in the financial markets. Through dedication and self-education, she has developed a deep understanding of forex trading. Emma shares her expertise through insightful articles and books, empowering individuals to take control of their financial futures. As an active participant in the trading community, she provides guidance and support to aspiring traders, demonstrating that success is attainable through passion and perseverance.

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