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How To Buy Shares UK Online In 2022

how to buy shares uk
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Buying shares in a company is a way that folk is trying to compensate for the disappointingly low-interest rates on offer these days. Truth to tell, per one survey,43% of potential investors are of the opinion that they are actively interested in buying shares since the interest rates are abysmal. So how to buy shares UK is our theme, and we will be exploring it with urgent sincerity. 

Upon being listed on a stock exchange, a company offers shares, which are only pieces of the company. When you purchase shares, you get the right to vote on some of the company decisions. You might even be eligible to receive dividends. The company share’s price moves up and down on the basis of factors that include decisions made by the company, the manner of its financial performance, and favorable/unfavorable media coverage. This facilitates the company’s valuation. 

How to buy shares UK

Purchasing company shares is very simple. There are just a handful of steps you will need to be mindful of. 

  • Selecting an online share dealing platform; 
  • Sign up for an account; 
  • Select the shares you would like to purchase; 
  • Order placement to buy shares; 
  • Pay for the transaction; 
  • Keep note of your shares’ performance; 
  • Sell your shares if you wish. 

Trading shares online 

Trading shares online makes for secure investment management. You may place trades at a time and place you are comfortable with. Of course, the obvious benefit would be dividend payments. 

There are risks associated with trading shares. First, the value may appreciate/depreciate. You can lose the money you invest. This implies that you cannot lose more than you invest. 

You are trading mindfully if you can bear in mind always that you are aware of risks whilst trading.

Selecting an online share dealing platform

 You have to find a broker to buy and sell shares. Nowadays, a lot of folks opt for an online share dealing platform. These are also known as online brokers or brokerage app Like ABinvesting is an online broker. However, it does remain true that there are still brokers who offer advice and guidance face to face or over the phone. Physical meet-ups for investment consultations are a lot pricier than the online option, however. So how to buy shares has to be more affordable!

The online trading platform that is compatible just with your interests will be contingent upon the extent to which you are comfortable with investing. Other determining factors would be if you are okay without a consultant at your beck and call, the quanta of fee involved, and the volume of trade you are going to target. 

Ask yourself the following: 

  • Would you be happy buying and selling shares on your own? ; 
  • What is the status of your ISA allowance? Have you used it yet? ; 
  • Would you rather find your own ideas than go looking for them?; 
  • Would only a lot of research satisfy you? Or are you not so hard to please?; 
  • What’s the pricing structure? 

We have the response here. 

Perhaps you would like a Robo-adviser. It could help you buy and sell shares. InvestBy is an excellent new option, too. 

  1. InvestBy is regulated by NBRB or the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. Investby has license number 40023. Tech FX is related to NEO Premium Investments (NPI) Ltd., authorized and regulated by CySEC or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. The license number is 189/13.
  2. Securing your funds is the broker’s top priority. Therefore, your funds are segregated from corporate operating accounts. These Deposits are placed with leading global banking institutions.
  3. There are more than 30 stock CFDs. Therefore, the maximum leverage offered in this case is 1:10. 

About the ISA allowance – you have a definite amount in each tax year that you may save in an individual savings account, or ISA, sans paying tax on your profits. For the tax year 2021/2022, the allowance is GB 20,000. In case you have still not used your allowance, you might wish to go for a provider that lets you choose it. 

Some brokers have watch lists and investment concepts to help you to your happy ideas. 

Brokers like InvestBy have a host of research-related materials that help make up your mind. 

As far as the pricing structure goes, you can have flat fee brokers that only charge commission for trading. There are those that have broker fees, and others that just charge forex fees. You can reckon how often you would be trading, and draw up an estimate of costs. 

Your choice can be contingent upon what else you want to trade. How to buy shares? Will you be buying funds, alongside individual shares? Do you go for investment trusts? Talk to InvestBy. 

Sign up for an account 

When you have chosen a platform, you will have to register for an account. As a rule, the step is free. However, you ought to bear in mind that some brokers could charge subscription fees for features like market research. 

Signing up for a trading account with a broker is easy-breezy. 

For the online registration, expect the following: 

  • Personal details

Your name, fate of birth, email, address, national insurance number, and employment status; 

  • ID

Your passport or driving license; 

  • Payment details

Details of your debit/credit card or wire transfer process to fund your share-dealing account. 

Choosing an online share dealing platform 

You will have to mull over what you need prior to deciding upon the right online trading platform. 

The extent of your own experience and knowledge 

A few online trading platforms are a fit for beginners. There are others that have features geared toward seasoned traders. Advanced charting tools, speedy trade execution, and live market data facilitate the answer to ‘How to buy shares’?

Markets you would prefer to access 

A few share dealing platforms just give access to companies listed on particular exchanges. There’s the London Stock Exchange, to name just one instance. Others will permit you to place trades on global markets. 

Fees involved 

The brokerage fee and the platform are the two costs you will have to ponder over when choosing a share dealing platform. 

The brokerage fee applies every time you place a trade and is generally close to GBP 20. However, this can sometimes be free. 

Platform fees are charged every month and differ from broker to broker. Your selected trading account features have to be factored in, too. They might be a percentage of the amount invested. They might be tiered flat fees. 

Make sure you can make clear sense of the fees you are about to pay. 


Platform tools will aid you in making informed trading decisions. You will be using them while researching, following educational resources, or imbibing investment advice. 

Select the shares you would like to purchase

You can go for companies you are familiar with. There’s the brand that manufactures your mobile phone or the cereal you have for breakfast. You could go looking for stocks compatible with your values. Vegans can go for plant-based food manufacturing companies. You can look up companies manufacturing solar energy products if you are passionate about renewable energy. How to buy shares? Explore your interests further. 

Make the time to monitor share performance over time. This is easy with trading apps. These have watch lists that keep track of movements for you. In this context, mention has to be made of virtual portfolios. These portfolios are simulations that would give you great insight into conditions obtainable once you go live trading. 

Let a learning period pass. Then, evaluate yourself in a few months. Then, see if you are really up to live trading with real money. 

Following are the questions you would be asking yourself: 

  • To what extent has the share price changed since you looked at it?; 
  • What are the new risks, if any?;
  •  Is the stock volatile?; 
  • Are the shares relatively inexpensive? 

Would you be happy to buy a share you had looked at previously, at a newer, higher price? 

Recent company announcements will tell you if your reading risks have been added to.

If the share price looks agitated, that could be only investors piling in, or jumping ship. 

Only invest what you can afford to.  

How to buy shares? Keep your capital management strategy in ship shape. 

Order placement to buy shares

When you have decided which shares to buy, you can purchase them in a jiffy! When you are in your online account, you will be proffered a price and may just click a button to ‘deal now’. You will get a contract note shortly afterward. 

The stock market you are buying from is, as a rule, the secondary market. Someone will be selling their shares for you to buy them. Expect changes in price over time. 

Pay for the transaction

You will have enough funds in your online trading account to cover the transaction cost, including the applicable brokerage fee. 

Dealing charges 

Generally, you will be paying a one-off charge for buying and selling shares. However, when this is a fixed amount, it is more economical for larger purchases. 

On the other hand, some brokers charge a percentage of the assets you hold. You will have to calculate which opinion is most compatible with your needs. 

Besides, you have to factor in .5% of the trade value for SDRT or Stamp Duty Reserve Tax. If you are buying global shares, you might have to pay a forex fee, calculated as a percentage of the transaction value. 

Keep note of your shares’ performance

You make money from investing in two ways: from an increase in share capital value; and when the shares pay dividends.

You will be monitoring your shares’ performance. Your investment strategy will decide the monitoring frequency. For instance, when you have a long-term investment strategy, you can check on them once each month. When you have a medium-term strategy, you would do well to check each week. Regardless of each option you choose, you may review your investments’ performance by logging into your online account. 

You would be sensible to set a limit on your share trades. For instance, you could set an automatic sell in the event of shares losing more than 10% or gaining more than 50% of their value. This will contain the degree to which you lose money. It could also goad you into selling out when the shares get ahead of themselves. 

You obtain dividends when companies go in for sharing some of their profits with shareholders. These are paid on the basis of the number of shares you own. These may be reinvested to purchase more shares. For instance, a company may pay GBP .50 per share. So in case you owned 15 shares, you would receive GBP 7.50 in dividends. 

Sell your shares if you wish

How to buy shares? Selling can be even more exciting. 

When you decide to sell shares, the process is similar to the method of purchasing shares described. Logged into an online trading account, you will select an option to sell your shares at the ongoing market price. You will get the appropriate confirmation that your stock has been sold, and the revenue from the sale will come into your account. 


How to buy shares is answered with a little bit of money in the right direction. However, there’s obviously more to it than opting for the right investment. You will have to be aware of the restrictions that you deal with.  

You have to do background research on what various brokers offer. It may very well be that you may not be able to buy individual stocks and keep on diversifying with little capital. Consider opening an account with InvestBy.

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