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Know about the Best Commodities for Investment in 2023

the Best Commodities for Investment

Commodities are an excellent investment as they are a great asset class to allocate a portion of your portfolio. This has become especially true in recent years due to the uncertainty of the stock market. This blog will look at the Best commodities that are great investments and how you can invest in them.

Different Types of Best Commodities

Commodities that are in use daily get classed in the following categories.

  • Agricultural
  • Energy
  • Meat and Livestock
  • Metal

Agricultural Commodities

These precisely are stapling crops grown to meet the food needs of people globally. Corn, sugar, coffee, wheat, etc., have immense demand in the market as daily essentials and supply.

You can see that some agricultural commodities have more industrial requirements than cultural ones. Like some industries use, lumber from trees for building and furniture purposes. Myriad sectors use latex flowing from a rubber tree for manufacturing certain goods.

But primarily agricultural goods include rice, wheat, cocoa, sugar, cotton, corn, and soybeans. Interestingly, grains here are marred with volatility. This is because the prices of daily usage change in seconds, and if you are a trader, then a matter of slight ups and downs can make a difference in your profits and losses.

Interestingly, now several industries are using corn to create biofuel through it. So, the benevolence and importance of the crop surge its value in the commodity market.

Furthermore, agricultural commodities witness a seasonal transition. Some crops may cost more during summers and others in winters, autumn or rainy season, or snowfall.

Every crop needs a concise environment to grow. Hence, the depreciation and appreciation in prices may happen during that period.

Energy Commodities

The world is a form of energy. Thus, energy commodities are pivotal for regulating the Earth and humankind. We are a part of the cosmos which gets channelized on fuels. Petrol, diesel, crude oil, heating oil, Brent oil, gasoline, and natural gas are all parts.

Even today, most vehicles or aircraft require jet fuel to fly from one place to another. The assistance of energy has always triggered development throughout the world.


However, people interested in entering the energy market should know the economic downtrends, demand-supply, and civil or international war affairs. These profoundly impact how fuel charges spike or plunge down the abyss.

Regulatory bodies of crude oil like OPEC and OPEC+ determine the prices and cuts in its production. Hence, while you think of trading crude oil, glance over the global market, sanctions on countries, and the rise and fall in output. These factors control prices. And when investors make their investments, these elements can force benefits or losses.

Besides, alternative energies like bio-fuel, solar energy, wind energy, and others are attempting to replace the oil. It is threatening the crown and dominance of several oil-producing countries. Venezuela is the biggest illustration; once one of the most flourishing nations has come to tatters. The overdependence is risky.

However, oil is a fantastic investment for traders as far as profit-booking is concerned. You have the opportunity to attain a high and become rich.

Metal Commodities

Everything we see around has metal involved directly or indirectly, from building construction to medicines and treating fatal diseases.


We see various vehicles, including cars, trains, aeroplanes, or even the hyperloop, metros, subways, and motorbikes to bikes; they all involve different metals. Steel, iron, gold, platinum, silver, copper, zinc, lead, nickel, aluminium, etc., are among tradeable assets in metal commodities.

Precious metals

Gold is the most precious metal maintaining the demand among households and people since time immemorial. It is a haven that does not disappoint when other financial markets or instruments are down. Stability is its most significant trait. And that’s why its rates are on the rise.

Also, a country’s prosperity gets valued on the amount of gold it possesses, or the minting of currency notes has somewhat similar criteria. However, the root cause of the importance reserved for gold is its characteristics and features. The yellow metal is available scarcely on the Earth, and its utility is immense.

When other markets are bearish, market players take refuge in gold as they know it is the most acceptable metal across international boundaries. It’s a conveyable liquid metal with qualities like reliability stuffed in it.

Besides, silver and platinum are precious metals that are substitutes for gold. However, when the market is high, the prices of platinum are more than double of gold. It is available in scarcity. Hence, the value is higher than many existing metals.

Platinum is amongst the most recently found precious metals. Antonio de Ulloa discovered it in 1735 in South America.

Palladium, rhodium, and titanium are also among lately found metals traded in the financial market profoundly.

On the other hand, Silver primarily utilizes utensils, medicines, and jewellery. Also, it comes at a cheaper cost comparatively. So, anyone who can’t afford the most expensive metals resorts to buying silver.

Meat and Livestock commodities

These commodities are used mostly for feeding on the. In addition, there are substantial poultry farms, butcher houses, and grazing farms that indulge in the business of meat and livestock production. As a result, the dairy market flourished with milk, eggs, meats, and other commodities.

Also, they contribute to the economy. However, some intellectuals feel that the production and fostering of meat and livestock exert greenhouse gases. Also, the consumption of water is much more.

Going by the data, only a few per cent of people indulge in a vegetarian diet. Hence, Meat and Livestock as commodities enjoy traffic among traders. However, it’s not anywhere near the metals or energy sectors.

People associated with poultry farming are more inclined toward trading them in the commodity market.

Best Commodities Trading Strategies

Every financial instrument packs its speciality provided an apt strategy is applied. Several planning methods are available in the market, but one has to be thoughtful while executing one that suits your agenda and fetches benefits quickly.


Beginners or novice traders are susceptible to vulnerability and losses. Hence, getting hold of horses for course strategies is a suitable way of entering the financial market.

Get Trading Tips

If you are a late entrant in the commodity market game, then start tracking news related to it before getting into it. Listen to the pieces of advice from commodity experts and experienced traders. Watch financial information daily and observe the movement and trends of different commodities and their factors. It won’t happen instantly, but after a few days of practice, you will start understanding technicalities that will help you draw gains.

Reading commodity newsletters should get included in the routine and seek tips from learned or veteran campaigners and investors in the field. Such resources introduce traders to inside information and prepare a trader for changes that may appear next. You get equipped with the necessary set of tips and skills for trading.

Moving averages, technical metrics, price movements, and several other analyses assist in knowing the trend of the commodity market.

Technical Analysis

Every trading strategy has a genesis in technicalities. If you can get a command over it, then the commodity market gets reduced to the puppet game. It helps in letting a market player know about exit and entry positions. Investors should pay attention to the alerts they receive from these analyses and indicators. If you look keenly at them, profit is available on the next platform.

Each indicator has its peculiar methodology, and if you can understand how it works and indicates, then the guidance ceases losses.

The pathways that you receive from indicators can get amalgamated with other strategies and used to derive a better idea for investment.

Fundamental Trading Strategy

Fundamental strategy gets keenly proposed by trade pundits and experts. The strategy checks market fundamentals and their strength. It looks after elements like market factors and idiosyncrasies. Both keep a watch on the dynamics of the commodity market.

For example, a trader purchases gold and holds it. Suppose there are elections in the US and the country is going through turmoil, then the dollar price may fall. Also, their share market could plunge, triggering a slip in other world financial markets as the US is a superpower. In that case, prices of gold are bound to increase, as it is a haven.

Likewise, if the US lifts sanctions on the supply of oil from Iran, then oil prices are set to surge in a short duration. If anyone can determine that news firsthand, then investment in the commodity can yield huge rewards for the individual.

However, to harvest bigger benefits, one has to take a long position in the news breakout market.

However, there is one trick that comes attached to it. You may require more time for research in the market and about the given asset. Developing a fundamental forecast can be a strenuous and intangible task. You might find it challenging to gather crunching numbers to determine how the market may proceed further.

Breakout Strategies

These types of planning seek to take advantage of short-term movements and trends of different commodities. For example, any trader utilizing the trick of breakout strategy would think of buying an asset right before the market takes a massive surge to draw incessant benefits from it. Besides, an investor would look to sell the commodities just before the market plunges substantially low to avert any losses.

Identifying a breakout needs formidable efforts. First, one needs to acknowledge the past and the present and verify them. It can help in concluding the best profit booking. You can use charts and indicators or follow the market in detail. You would know when the market would take a substantial leap or plunge through the exercise.

Here is a tip for knowing the trading breakouts. You have to observe the highs and lows of the market because it cannot move further without that. It is a way through which the commodity market manages its trend. The strategy is best applicable when trends work for a prolonged period or stay there for a while. Also, these must be strong enough to sustain.

Caution: When the market fails to establish short-term or strong trends and performs badly, it is better not to apply the strategy. It will fall flat.

Range Trading Strategy

It builds a castle and any channel charting that involves support and resistance levels like the Bollinger bands. Also, a range trading strategy is applicable to all types of financial instruments.

A range trading means buying at a level (support) when the prices of commodities hit rock bottom and cannot go lower and selling (resistance level) when it reaches the range of the top.

The supply and demand of commodities determine the top and bottom levels for trading. When the demand for a commodity is high, it gets pushed to touch the pinnacle as the number of purchasers hikes volumes subsequently.

However, when traders feel that it has maxed the limit, they can witness the correction in the asset from there. But one has to be vigilant and watchful for the time to arrive.

Between supply and demand of commodities

When supply increases and traders short their purchases, then prices touch the bottomless pit.

Overselling a commodity means that the commodity is trending below its actual value. A trader can understand by watching the market and realize that its estimated worth is higher, and it can bounce back at any moment. Realization can help investors put their funds into that asset and earn good money.

You can utilize many indicators when viewing oversold and overbought territories. Furthermore, traders can use stochastics, relative strength index, and rate of change and momentum apart from using the range trading strategy to yield conducive results.

However, there’s a caveat or prerequisite when applying the strategy to your advantage. For example, suppose the market remains involved in the phase of oversold or overbought territory for a prolonged time. Then, it may become difficult for a trader to decide when to enter or exit the market.

Besides, resistance and support levels work on estimating the market here. So, one should watch out for every correction or change in the market. There is always a peril that the market may move beyond the level of resistance and support.

How to Trade Commodities?

Trading commodities is tricky and needs a proper resolution of things. It would help if you were sure about every move that you make in the market.

So, before entering the market, you should back yourself with ample research and observation. Here are some steps that can ease your confusion and will attempt to resolve the mystery.

Select the market

First, you have to be sure about the market you want to trade in, so make up your mind. See, trading in crude oil, corn, gold, platinum, natural gas, wheat (other edibles), and then pick one in the start. Then, gradually build up your portfolio as it comes.

Buying and selling

Profits making happens through transactions, including selling and buying products or commodities. When the price rises, it’s time to go long, and if you anticipate it can fall, then go short.

Trade size

Decide on the number of units you wish to trade in the market (CFD or otherwise). Remember, the CFD value may differ depending on the commodity type or asset you pick for trading.

Risk Management

The guaranteed stop-loss order is a way to avert any possibility of loss that may occur if the market does not perform at our will. However, you have various options to select and execute these stop-losses for every order. GSLO will make sure you exit the market irrespective of the volatility when you specify the market. If it fails to work, then the premium gets refunded.

Position Monitoring

Once you enter the market, you must continuously view the market and observe the movements and trigger points. If it rises, you can book profits and move on and on. If the reverse happens, it’s time to hedge or average. A trader or investor should pay heed that losses demand more deposits.

Exit position

If the trade ceases to close even after you book a profit, then it is better to make a manual exit.

Selecting the Best Broker for Commodity Trading

Trading is a broker’s game. If you select a genuine and intelligent mediator like ROinvesting, Global Trade ATF, 101 investing or ETFinance; then trading becomes simple. These brokers have an association with renowned regulated bodies. They have registration and licenses from governing councils.


Commodities stem from the necessity of human beings. As a result, the instrument’s number of assets is second to none. So, traders get accorded plenty of options on their way, which makes their portfolios rich. Moreover, understanding countries’ market and socio, geopolitical, and trade affairs help figure out commodities trends.

Plus, being observant of risks and when to invest makes a difference in earning a few bucks to massive gains. Listening to pre and post-market analyses from experts assist in prediction, which leads to benefits, especially when you trade futures markets in commodities. So, learn and earn more in 2023 and start commodity trading with brokers like Investby, Capitalix, ABInvesting, and InvestFW.

Emma Hoxha, a self-taught forex trader and author from the US, inspires others with her journey in the financial markets. Through dedication and self-education, she has developed a deep understanding of forex trading. Emma shares her expertise through insightful articles and books, empowering individuals to take control of their financial futures. As an active participant in the trading community, she provides guidance and support to aspiring traders, demonstrating that success is attainable through passion and perseverance.

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