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Learn Forex Trading With Capixal: A Detailed Overview

Learn Forex Trading With Capixal

Capixal is regulated and sanctioned by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). It was founded in 2021, and it s a representing name of the IFC Investments Ltd. The brokerage company offers 350+ CFDs on various assets like forex, stocks, commodity, cryptocurrency, and indices. The brokerage giants generally offer three types of trading account such as silver, gold, and platinum. On the other hand, the broker also offers the Islamic trading account on the demand of the special traders in the market. Capixal brokerage company uses the MetaTrader 4 platform for trading. Webinars and videos are available for the traders on the platform. Capixal is the latest broker in the market using the upgraded technology.     

The main currency of the capixal broker is The available currency pairs of the Capixal broker is EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, NZD/USD, EUR/GBP, etc. 

The brokerage company offers a wide variety of market for trading

Cryptocurrency: 350+ assets are available for trading

Stocks: 150+ stocks is offered by the broker. 

Forex: 45+ currency pairs 

Commodity: 25+ CFDs on commodity assets. 

Indices: 10+ Major world indices CFDs

How to open an account with Capixal?

The brokerage company mainly offers five types of trading account; it depends on the traders and their trading goals and plan which types of trading account suitable for trading. After opening a trading account, the trader has to deposit the minimum amount of money that is $250. 

Here the detail and procedure of trading account with Capixal:

  • Initially, the trader has to click on the option of opening an account on the platform(www.capixal.com) and fill in all the essential detail on information like name, age, address, country, etc. and the trader one thing which is aware of the thing that the information you fill in the application form is not correct after submitting the form. 
  • Then trader has to fill the questionnaire form for trading because in which you have to answers all the questions related to their trading plans and goals.
  • This is the process in which the trader has to verify the document on the platform through their government ID card. After this, the trader is verified for the trading. 
  • The trader has to choose the payment method option for trading like Credit Card, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney, Wire Transfer, etc.
  • Lastly, the trader has to deposit the minimum amount of money of trading that is s$250. 

The list of different types of the trading accounts by Capixal:

  1. Demo account
  2. Islamic account
  3. Silver account
  4. Gold account 
  5. Platinum account 

Different types of traders choose other accounts for trading. Based on the trading account, the broker provides the best services according to this. Like the brokerage company offers the swap discount to the professional traders and provides a dedicated account manager for the trader to manage the trading transactions. 

Note: Before choosing the real account, the trader has to practice on the demo account to understand the forex market’s meaning better. 

How to get a demo account with Capixal?

The brokerage giants offer a demo account for the beginner in the market because the trader has a curiosity to gain knowledge of the market. 

The demo account helps us to know about the rules and regulations of the trading. Before losing money in actual trading, you could learn something important for trading. 

The demo account has a lot of advantages in trading 

  • No risk of the actual trader has to trade with the help of fake money.
  • Find out the best strategy for trading and analysing the self on a demo account. 
  • In the demo account, the trader has no stress because it is using fake money.
  • A demo account is the same as a real account in which the trader has all types of tools and indicators for trading. 

According to the experts in trading, the demo account is very beneficial for beginners in the market. If the trader is serious about learning to trade, it is the best option before opening a real account in Capixal. The brokerage company also uses the upgraded technology for the market trader to provides the best platform, and the traders’ satisfaction is most important. 

How to use a chart with Capixal?

Capixal offers various types of trading charts, tools and indicator for traders. 

MetaTrader 4 

  1. Toolbar: It shows the variety of options on the MetaTrader 4 platform for shortcuts. With the help of the toolbar, it is the easiest way to command on the platform. 
  2. Charts: On the MetaTrader 4, most of the screen proportions is displayed various types of charts for trading. 

Bar charts: The bar chart is the most basic chart in trading; every person uses it, and it shows the different bar for the price movement (in a specific period). 

Line charts: The line chart is easier to understand by every reader because it continuously flows in an up or down direction on the basis of the market price. 

Tick charts: The tick chart is generated when the number of traders has happened. This chart shows the major price change in the market it is something different from other charts. 

Candlestick charts: It is almost the same as bar charts because this chart ios also shows the price movement of closing, opening, low and high prices. The forex market trader is used more in which it is easier to get how much currency you want to sell to buy the other currency.

  1. Market watch: The list of the market shown on the left side of the windows (ask and bid prices).
  2. Navigator: It is the most important trading tool where all the indicators and experts advisor are located. Navigator is located on the bottom of the left side.  

How to customize the charts in trading? 

This is the procedure to customize your chart on the platform 

  • You have to open a chat option on the platform in which you have to click on the options.
  • Then click on the chart option then all the properties of the chart is displayed on the screen. 
  • You can also change the charts’ colour, including candlestick chart, bar charts, line charts, etc. 
  • If you are done changing the setting of charts, then you have to save the template for the future also.
  • The trader has to set the technical indicators according to the trading strategy because the trading indicator helps to study price charts. 
  • Select the best indicators and set them on the charts and if you required this next time, save the template so you can also use it in the future. 

The investor of the capixal has an option of advanced tools and indicators: 

  • Average Directional Moving Index
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Envelopes
  • MACD
  • RSI
  • Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
  • Moving Average
  • Parabolic SAR
  • Standard Deviation

These are the researching tools of the capixal for all the traders:

  • Economic calendar
  • Report season calendar
  • Daily news
  • Trading signals

How to use leverage in funds for a broker?

The leverage system is very important for professional traders because these traders invest a lot of money in trading for a higher profit. The brokerage company offers leverage of 1:500 to the professional traders and 1:30 to the retail traders. 

Because of the leverage amount, the trader has only to invest the margin money in trading; the broker itself pays the remaining amount of trading on behalf of the traders. It increases the actual investment money in trading and helps to get a higher profit in trading. 

But it is risky for the retail traders to borrow the leverage money if anything happens in the market, then the retail trader has to pay the leverage money to the brokers for their loss. 

For Example, The actual trader investment is $25000, then this time, the trader only has to pay the margin money that is $250 the broker pays the rest of the amount. 

The leverage system of the Capixal is based on various types of trading accounts: 

Leverage in the silver account 

  • FX 1:500
  • Gold & Silver (Metals) 1:125
  • Indices 1:125
  • Commodities 1:125
  • Stocks / Equities 1:10

Leverage in the gold account 

  • FX 1:500
  • Gold & Silver (Metals) 1:125
  • Indices 1:125
  • Commodities 1:125
  • Stocks / Equities 1:10

Leverage in the platinum account 

  • FX 1:500
  • Gold & Silver (Metals) 1:125
  • Indices 1:125
  • Commodities 1:125
  • Stocks / Equities 1:10

How to Deposit funds in the broker account?

The brokerage giants don’t charge any commission on depositing the money into the account. The deposit method of the capixal is via:

  • Credit Card
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Webmoney
  • Wire Transfer. 

The platform of the capixal is completely safe for trading, and the trader can trust the trading account for depositing the money into the account. Most professional traders deposit a large amount of money for trading, and it is completely safe and secure for the traders. 

The broker offers various trading platforms for traders, such as mobile traders, web traders, and MetaTrader 4. The trader can use any device for trading with Capixal and depositing the funds through a login ID. All the traders of the capixal are satisfied with their services. 

How to contact customer support in Capixal?

The customer support service is very important for the traders to solve the problem while trading. The broker offers multilingual support in differnt languages such as English, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Swedish. The trader has only clicked on the option of contact us, then the webpage offers the various types of contact details. 

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: +44 800031827

Live chat: From Monday to Friday 7 am – 7 pm GMT

Address: Arch. Makariou III, 242. P.Lordos center, block A, 2nd floor, Office 203, Limassol, Cyprus

The customer support employees of Capixal, having a lot of experience in this field, can solve the problem in a better way. For the professional traders of the capixal, they have a dedicated account manager who manages all the work of traders related to the trading. If your problem is not solving by the customer support, then the customer care employees transferred your issue to the higher authority in simple word customer executive for the great decision taken by them.

What is the procedure to withdraw funds from a trading account?

The professional trader of the capixal earned a lot of money while trading in the market, and there is a time that the professional traders withdraw their money into their own account. The withdrawal method of the Capixal is via,  

  • Credit Card
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Webmoney
  • Wire Transfer 

If the trader withdraws a large amount of money, then the trader has to pay the charge according to the policy of the capixal. You have to request at the time withdrawal because it took a certain time to transfer the money into the other account. 

The Bottom Line 

This article, it is explained the features and characteristics of the Capixal for the traders. Capixal is the new broker in the market with its amazing services towards investors. The account opening process in capixal is very easier than the other broker in the market only follows a few steps and starts forex trading with capixal.  

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