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Learn Forex Trading With HFTrading


How to open an account with HFTrading

The process of HFTrading is simple and easy. It is very important to make the process easy for the users. The company accommodates the clients and notifies them about how it does business practically.

And the process of registration is simple. To begin with, the trader needs to go to the website www.hftrading.com and push the button on the account. Then the company follows up by asking for basic know-how, phone number, name, email, address, etc.

Then a questionnaire is flashed where the following enquiries about education, income, and the intention of membership are asked. Accordingly, users can attach their documents and access a demo account without doing the basic deposit or attaching documents.

Once the account is made, every detail is presented on the screen where there is a column of personal details that enables the person to change them at any point in time.

Getting down to business, the window where account and balances are present gives the crux of the ongoing situation of the account.

How to open Demo Account with HFTrading

There is a hierarchy system in the accounts that one can create in the HFTrading FX because any trader is expected and believed to climb the accounts’ ladder in accordance with experience.

But that does not restrict any client from making any account at any time or shifting their account from silver to gold to platinum. 

Demo Account – A demo account requires giving some of the personal details such as name, phone number, financial status – income, etc. However, without uploading the documents first, you can still run the account and get a taste of what trading is through the accounts. 

Silver Account- This essentially is regarded as the beginner account, which means if you have enough intent to start as a trader. However, not enough info and the basics, know about and how the industry.

This account is there to ease your operations and provide a base level understanding of how the industry works and the market dynamics.

In a retail account, traders have 300+assets, 1.8 min spread and leverage of 1:200 are made available. 

Gold Account- This account is for clients who have already learned the working and possible shortcomings of the market and have adequate experience dealing with them. So, they are exposed to a new set of features and tools.

That further lubricates their space in the market, and free trade flow and exchange of possible profits are directed to their way. Like the silver account, traders have 300+assets, 1.8min spread and leverage of 1:200 are made available and a swap discount of 25%. 

The major difference between the accounts is the experience of the client using them. 

Platinum Account- Platinum account enables the client with an advanced set of tools to unbox greater success endeavours in crux if you have become an expert in the trading and are accustomed to all tricks and shortcuts of all tricks and shortcuts the trading.

And industry, and it doesn’t get overwhelming for you to deal with the dynamics and be able to make your own prediction. The platinum account will only make things easier for you and thus lead you to easy use of an account that only supports you in doing or making trades possible as per your requirement and wish. 

Traders have 300+assets, a 1.8 min spread and leverage of 1:200 is made available, and a swap discount of 50%. 

How to use leverage in funds as a broker 

The lofty level of leverage linked with trading indicates that the level of risk compared to other financial assets is higher. 

Leverage can also be termed as margin trading, and it may even work against the trader, so it is essential to be careful while trading dealing with leverage and understand the risks involved with it. One needs to take care of supervising the exposure. 

How to deposit funds in HFTrading account

While talking about funds and deposits in forex, it is important to keep in mind it is a kind of market that hosts currencies from around the world for trading purposes, so to mention that currencies are the powerhouse of the entire forex trading would not be an overstatement.

And which is what makes the deposit and withdrawal of funds section even more critical. These currencies are kept online because of the high-tech nature of forex trading. 

So, to begin with, how deposits will take place – the trader essentially needs to open an account and deposit the amount of money through the client portal area with the help of a credit card or debit card or phone in your country’s currency. 

The bonus here is that the deposit is free of cost, and once you have made the deposit and amplified your account into the market to buy and sell currency pairs, you can sail smoothly into the industry. 250$ is a minimum deposit. 

What is the procedure to withdraw funds from the HFTrading account?

The withdrawal method, too, is a critical aspect of trading and requires deep consideration, which is why there are different segments about all the brokers’ reviews for deposit and withdrawal. You can practice withdrawal in the demo account provided by the broker firm.

There are various payment methods, and those same methods are used for withdrawal so the trader can use the debit card and credit card and phone. 

The following four aspects are to be considered: The fee, the processing time, and the payment options, so the transaction will take place on 2-3business days.

How to contact customer support 

The contact data for HFTrading is effectively available from the landing page of the site. The Live Chat symbol is midway highlighted on the fundamental page, with more subtleties on the Contact Us page. 

After utilising the Live Chat highlight, you are first offered choices to message client service or visit the FAQ area. 

Contact Information: 

  • Address Head office: DJCA Ltd, Level 3, 50 Victoria Street, Christchurch Central, Christchurch, 8013, NZ 
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Telephone: +44 2035196864/+64 48895407 (Mon-Fri 2 am to 1 pm GMT)

Any good business will invest in good customer service. Customer care is a gigantically important part of running a successful business. 

It’s wise to understand the significance of this service beforehand since it helps you keep increasing brand loyalty and encourages the customers to buy more from you. 

This gives you an immensely advantageous position compared to rivals who did not invest in setting up excellent customer care service. 

The service achieves this by helping a business grow through positive feedback and reviews and generating a sense of community with customers, which persuades them to trust your brand and buy more.

It’s crucial to understand and implement some of the strategies that have helped many brands grow. To begin with, knowing and having a keen desire to understand what your customers require and want will help you deliver better service and products.

Respectful behaviour is of utmost significance and keeping up with your promises too. While providing this service, it’s significant that the service provider is mentally prepared to deal with all kinds of customers and valid expectations. 

Responding gracefully, thus, leaves a good impression, which goes a long way for a successful impact on the business growth. 

How to use Charts with HFTrading

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is a famous exchange stage and graphing programming utilised worldwide. Its straightforwardness and adaptability are the purposes for its massive fame. Here’s an investigation on how to explore this amazing stage.

How to Open a Chart? 

Just click on the Add New Chart symbol in the toolbar. Otherwise, click on the File menu at the upper left of your screen and click the New Chart icon afterwards. In the Market Watch window, you can right tap on the cash pair graph you wish to see, select the Chart window, and click the New Chart symbol.

How to Customize the Appearance of Charts? 

In the wake of opening the outline, right-click on it and select Properties situated at the lower part of the menu. The principal tab is called Colors and allows you to pick the shading plan. You can set the foundation to white for a cleaner look. 

Directly close to the Colors tab is the Common tab. Here’s the place where you can change certain highlights just as the sort of graph you wish to see: candle or line outline.

Whenever you have picked your ideal alternatives, you can save these as a layout. Snap the Template symbol in the toolbar and select Save Template or right snap on the actual outline, select Template right-click, and afterwards. Otherwise, rewards Save Template. 

You can zoom in and zoom out. You can pick the time period, from as low as a moment to even month to month.

How to Add Pre Installed Indicators to Your Charts

Different preinstalled markers can be added to your outlines from the Add Indicators symbol in the toolbar.

subsequent to tapping on the Add Indicators symbol, on the off chance that you go to Trend, you can browse among the accompanying: 

  • Moving Average
  • Average Directional Moving Index
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Envelopes
  • Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
  • Standard Deviation
  • Parabolic SAR

Subsequent to tapping on the Add Indicators symbol, on the off chance that you go to Oscillators, you can browse among the accompanying: 

  • MACD 
  • RSI


Forex markets are cold waters that require testing from time to time and need to be gone through carefully. HFTrading makes things easier, while you can focus on your trade and have the goals accomplished with the best possible assistance made available in a very short period of time. 

HFTrading is regulated by the Australian Securities and investment commission and lets you start an account on a minimum deposit of 250$, both these criteria are enough to lure in the customers to start their trading cycle in this dynamic industry with HFTrading.

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