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Learn Forex Trading With Investlite: Detailed review

Learn Forex Trading With Investlite

The foreign exchange market gives wings to the aspiration of traders. It shows that you don’t have to wait for years for becoming rich. Observation, some money and dedication can award you unlimited wealth in a limited time. And if you have the support of a broker like InvestLite, then the road to benefits become conducive. Also, you enjoy trading like never before. 

The magic spell by InvestLite stems from its breathtaking services, features and characteristics that every client can see. The broker ensures the safety of users’ funds and brings them great opportunities for making profitable transactions. For more information, some important questions and answers below can resolve your queries. 

How to open an account with InvestLite?

One reason why you should opt for InvestLite broker is that it has several awards to the credit. So, people can trust it. The performance has been stellar ever since its inception in the financial market. Thus, there are so many ways people can benefit from the broker. Moreover, opening an account is like a piece of cake here. If you want to remain active as a forex trader, create an account following the simple steps.

You can look for the open account button at the top side and on the extreme right of the website’s investlite.com, home page. 

Once you click on it, the button navigates you to the account creation page. You have to follow four simple steps. It is a job of few moments. 

Step 1 After you are ready for trading, it is time you get ready with all the necessary information. These formalities are essential. Thus, create an estimate of your thoughts and provide the required details.

  • You must fill in your first name at the start. 
  • It is followed by the second or the last name, which is your surname used in your documents. 
  • Then mention the email address used by you for professional purposes. Here, you may receive a mail of verification and timely updates of the market and professional tips. 
  • Write your phone number along with the country code. So, the broker can contact you when required during the market’s upheavals. 
  • Now, it is time to provide a password that you can remember and a hacker can never second guess that. So take some time and keep it confidential after providing one. 
  • Ensure you are eighteen years old because you’ll be debarred from participating in the forex market in the case of illegibility. For more knowledge of the terms and conditions, read the pages dedicated by the broker. Also, review the privacy policy page. Finally, when you find yourself on the satisfied grounds, provide a tick at the bottom.
  • Do not forget to lay a tick for receiving updates and other pivotal information. 

Step 2 Once you click on create an account, it is time to follow the broker for offering information in the second step.

  • The information may include some personal and account information
  • There can be mandatory knowledge sought for checking authentication
  • The broker may require it to know more about the trader. 
  • Write all genuine details. 

Step 3 It is time for trading when you deposit your money in the account offered by the broker. You can begin by depositing the minimum amount and learn the theatrics of the market. You’ll be at the tipping point and won’t be risking anything.

  • Read the policies for depositing your funds
  • Know about the minimum amount
  • Select the method for depositing the money in your account. You can choose debit cards, credit cards, bank accounts and other ways for submitting your funds.
  • Ensure your funds are safely deposited in the account. 

Step 4 Documentation submission is important for making it better for trading. You’ll grow trust over the broker and vice-versa. 

  • You need to appreciate the fact about offering documents to the broker
  • Provide those documents are affiliated with the government
  • It may include passports, bills or rent agreements
  • The broker will take some time for verification. Once you get it verified, it’s a thumbs up for you to invest in the forex market. 

PS: Do not invest much while trading in the market for the first time. It will save you time and funds. Wait and watch the foreign exchange market and see how does the market enact in different conditions. Post learning about the behavior, it is better to jump into the forex conundrum.

How to get a demo account with InvestLite?

After the registration, you get two options from the broker, either to attend the real market for trading or wait and learn from a demo account about tricks. That’s the best planning you can offer yourself. The broker provides you with an environment where you can avail yourself of it all at your convenience.

  • A trader can request it to the broker and can have it immediately
  • Before that, you need to get on to an original account
  • The broker offers you a demo account with all similar features that of any real account
  • You can get it after the account creation
  • The broker offers you some virtual money or currencies, which let you trade for a thirty-day time period.
  • You do not have to hesitate why to apply any strategy in the demo account because there’s no fear of losing.
  • Use all tools, safety features, and money for realising different aspects of the currency market.
  • The demo account of the broker challenges you with several real market situations. You learn here like a student and come out as a veteran.
  • It is tailor-made for less experienced market players. 

How to use charts with InvestLite broker?

Before you think of using the charts, you know, sign up with the broker. It will open the doors of decision-making and expose you to the world of opportunities. You can find several tools, features, charts, and other materials that can aid your trading in the longer run. 

Precisely, a trader uses charts for fundamental analysis and technical analysis. You can get the nerve of the forex market. It helps in making cerebral decisions. Also, they can advantage in all situations. 

The most common Forex charts used by traders are line charts, bar charts,s, and candlestick charts.

Line chart:

It represents the movement of the forex market through various lines for different time periods. These can help in ascertaining when does the market takes flight, remains dormant, and goes low. It connects a series of data points through a continuous line. However, it only depicts the closing price of the foreign exchange market. 

Bar chart 

This chart represents categorical data of the forex market. There are rectangular bars that help in getting the nerves of the foreign exchange market easily. You can plot them vertically as well as horizontally. They showcase the reduction and growth in the prices of the forex market. Also, there is an indicator of opening and closing rates marked with different colors. A vertical bar is also known as a column. 

Candlestick chart 

It is also addressed as the Japanese Candlestick chart. It describes the price movements of forex. Also, there are similarities with bar charts in terms of shapes and colors. However, it is the most sought-after chart that is used for fundamental and technical analysis. Each candlestick belongs to a single day. Thus, in a month, you can see 20 candlesticks. 

If a trader uses these charts religiously, then speculating the fortune of various currencies and pairs may become simpler. Thus, profits may start following. 

How to use leverage in funds for a broker with InvestLite?

If you want to use leverage with InvestLite for earning money, then study the forex market closely. It all lies in speculation or finding a proper prediction method because huge money is involved in leveraging. It may cause huge losses. However, InvestLite ensures all its clients remain safe from any possible risks or stress of losing funds. It does not permit after seeing a potential peril.

Thus, knowing about the theatrics of the forex market is the most important thing while using leverage in funds. You should be able to relate with it. 

  • Know about various economies before using leverage. Unstable countries may not have a good future. Hence, their currencies can cause you losses. 
  • Learn about international trades and currencies mostly used globally. The one with the maximum transaction will give you the highest benefit and quickly. 
  • Count your funds before jumping into the market. You will know which currency can help you go through challenging situations. Also, you can make decent money. 
  • Examine which account suits you the most while trading. InvestLite offers you three types of account, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
  • Silver has 1:200 leverage.
  • Gold offers 1:400 leverage.
  • Platinum gives 1:500 leverage.,
  • As per pocket and risk-taking ability, pick any of the accounts for the best leverage.
  • After ascertaining it all, decide on investment of your funds in the market. 
  • Pick up GBP, USD, EUR, CHF, JPY and other elite currencies for trading.

How to Deposit funds in the broker account?

Depositing fund in the broker account is easy when you are performing it with InvestLite. The broker offers plenty of options for initiating deposits in the broker account. If you see, there are wire transfers, credit cards, debit cards and several e-wallets for offering the best option to clients or regular traders. Also, the charges may not apply to deposits.

 deposits. The broker uses optimum transparency while you deposit your money. Thus, it also gives confidence to users.

  • Visa
  • VPay
  • Master Card
  • Neteller
  • Maestro
  • Skrill

Also, it is recommended you name the bank account to the broker and attach it for regular deposits and withdrawals. The name you provide must match the bank account one so that they’re no hassles. 

Read the terms and policies of the broker because they properly mention all steps and ensures the safety of funds. Moreover, the funds are kept segregated from the corporate account. Thus, what more a trader needs. 

How to contact customer support?

The number and details for customer support are available on the top of the homepage as well as at the bottom. You can scroll down and see it. The broker mentions the live chat, phone number, and email address. Whatever method you are comfortable with, use and get in touch with the customer care executive. That’s the simplest way of putting across your troubles regarding login, tools, market investment, and other issues. 

The support staff connects to you swiftly and listens and reads all your issues with all attention. After that, they come up with the best solution which suits your needs. 

  • Phone number: +442080972824
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Live Chat: Mention your first name and start chatting with the executive. 

The support staff greets you nicely. Furthermore, you can see a dedicated tab for the Contact Us. Thus, it goes to show the sincerity of the broker toward resolving the problems of investors. 

What is the procedure to withdraw funds from a trading account on InvestLite?

  • Make up your mind how much amount you wish to withdraw while trading in the forex market. You may find an opportunity slipping out of your hands when you draw funds out. So, take care of the situation. 
  • Connect the broker account with a bank account that has a similar name or the name of the nominee in which you wish to withdraw your amount. 
  • Read the terms and conditions. 
  • Select the best option for withdrawing your funds offered by the broker. 
  • Make sure the amount requested is equal to or less than the money available in the account. 
  • Margin should be more than 100 percent. 


The broker InvestLite is providing the best platforms for its traders with the highest leverage of 1:500. Also, it offers 350+ CFDs on various assets. Moreover, the exclusivity in terms of services and tools makes it the best broker for all traders in the financial market. The creation of an account happens swiftly here. 

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