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Best Trading Platform For Cryptocurrency

Best Trading Platform For Cryptocurrency
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Cryptocurrency exchanges or crypto trading platforms, no matter how we refer to these digital exchanges, allow traders to invest. The market has raised high in the financial trade as the number of investors increased.

Traders trade through the crypto exchanges by buying, holding, and selling the assets online. It is just like any other exchange account operating. These help traders get in action with a range of services and tools.

One can choose from Bitcoin, Ethereum to many others. To support and help readers and traders, we have discussed the best trading platform for cryptocurrency with their top-notch features.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

The list of cryptocurrency exchanges as long as the market has grown remarkably over the years. But, traders cannot keep searching for the exchange, so we have the seven best cryptocurrency exchanges available online to simplify the process.

These are mentioned below and will be analyzed one by one for readers’ knowledge and explains what makes these great crypto exchanges:

  1. eToro
  2. Investby
  3. Coinbase
  4. Binance
  5. Crypto.com
  6. BitMart
  7. Kraken

The best platform for cryptocurrency trading is difficult to find as traders have to go through numerous factors and select the one that suits their style.

Here, we have defined the best crypto exchanges and what makes them an excellent choice for traders. So, let’s begin, and we hope that the information will help traders find the best trading platform for cryptocurrency.


eToro is the best crypto exchange that traders can invest or trade with. It has been in the financial business since 2007, growing with time and providing the top services.

The crypto exchange has more than 20 million users that use the trading platform globally. It lists first because of several factors; the most significant one is its easy-to-use trading platform and a secure trading environment.

It is the best social trading platform with various crypto assets and other instruments to trade. Traders can copy trade on this crypto trading platform. Moreover, the simple application makes it convenient for beginners and experts.

Why Choose eToro?

To trade with a crypto exchange, the one thing traders always think of is why they should trade with them. eToro has thousands of options available for their clients, and not only this; they have high trading volume.

Other than this, they ensure the safety of their clients with new offerings added constantly. The reason for choosing eToro are:

  • Multi-asset platform
  • Zero trade commission
  • Free insurance up to 1 Million Euro/GBP/AUD
  • Social trading
  • Experts and investment advice
  • Protection of funds
  • Low fees
  • Ready-made investment portfolios
  • Demo account


eToro is the best crypto platform in the financial market due to various reasons. We have the highlights of the best crypto exchange that attracts traders towards it:

Mobile App

The mobile app of eToro is available on iOS and Android trading devices, and it makes trade accessible and easy to operate with 24 hours availability. Not only this, traders can have various digital assets, tools, and methods of trading on it.

Educational Material

eToro has educational resources to assist traders; these are available to keep traders updated on market changes and polish their trading skills for better results. There are videos, articles, blogs, etc., to support traders.


The third highlight of eToro is the security services that make it easy for crypto investors and traders to trade. The funds are segregated, two-factor authentication offered, bank transfer and bank account facility, crypto wallet, and it works as per the regulatory body’s guidelines.

Range of Currencies

The crypto exchange has several cryptos to invest in; traders can choose from these Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Dogecoin, Chainlink, and many others.

Moreover, the charges of the crypto exchange are also low.


Investby is a regulated and well-authorized cryptocurrency exchange that operates online to assist traders. The advanced services and functions make it a good choice for traders as they can have other markets as well to trade.

Allowing traders with bitcoin trading to other market investments such as futures trading or margin trading. Traders won’t be dissatisfied with the offerings of the crypto exchange.

Traders can have various crypto exchange accounts with the exchange and make the best use of the services offered.

Why Choose Investby?

Reasons to select the Investby crypto exchange platform are many. As the exchange is among the decentralized exchanges and has proper regulation, its services are technically advanced.

In addition, the crypto exchange fees are low and have zero commission charges. There are trading accounts to trade and a range of other facilities that simplify the process of trading and investing.

Traders can benefit from the crypto exchange, and that’s why they should select it. It has the given offerings:

  • 30+ crypto CFDs
  • Cross-platform access
  • Dedicated support team
  • Helps maintain a well-balanced trading portfolio
  • Real-time trading
  • High trading volume
  • Low trading fees
  • Advanced solutions


Advanced trading features are the most exchanges wish, but with Investby, traders have them. It is the safest crypto exchange with high-volume traders. They can enjoy the given benefits with it:

CFD Trading

Traders have access to CFD trading in various digital assets. They can select the one they want from so many provided by Investby. CFD trading is a derivative investment and differs from the regular buy and sell of digital currencies.

With this, they speculate on the price of the cryptos and make money.

Educational Crypto Platform

Traders can enhance their trade knowledge with the educational resources of the crypto exchange. It provides articles, blogs, videos, tutorials, courses, etc., for the same. Moreover, there are research tools that help to analyze the markets and make correct market predictions.

Power of Security

Security measures of Investby are top class; traders can trust the crypto exchange and trade. The authority and regulation make trading secure with two-factor authentication, segregated accounts, a secure trading environment, firewall, SSL, etc.

Fees and Charges

Crypto traders can have no hidden charges or fees with the crypto exchange. They can easily buy or sell digital currencies and have a transparent policy of trading. The transaction fees are low, and deposits and withdrawals are free of charge.


Coinbase is the overall best trading platform for cryptocurrency. The crypto trades with an exchange account are easy with no complex trading. It is suitable for novice and experienced traders.

Being the best crypto exchange, Coinbase has all the required services that crypto traders need. They have various crypto assets, trading platforms to support, fiat currency for exchange, bitcoin cash, and other crypto markets.

Buy and sell is smooth with the mobile app or desktop devices. Traders can easily invest and have successful trading.

Why Choose Coinbase?

Traders should go with this best crypto trading platform as the security of the client is their top priority. They have user-friendly trading tools and platforms that support trading and make it feasible to find opportunities.

In addition, the advanced trading platform Coinbase Pro is an attraction for many due to the advanced services. Traders can also have the following reason to choose Coinbase:

  • Insurance digital assets/ funds
  • One of the decentralized exchanges
  • Easy buy and sell
  • Margin and futures trading
  • High trading volumes
  • Simple payment methods
  • Low transaction fee
  • Stores U.S Dollar balances at the Federal deposit insurance corporation
  • Security
  • Range of crypto assets to trade


The highlights of the crypto exchanges are many, but each one has a different feature that makes them stand out from the global crypto exchanges. Coinbase has the been in the market since 2012 and has high trading volumes due to the given reasons:

Liquid Exchange Platform

Coinbase has high liquidity, which makes it easy for traders to buy or sell at the exchange. Crypto purchases are frequent with quick sell as well. Traders are regularly trading in the market for benefits and profits.

Liquidity also brings easy trades and flow of money in the market.

Advanced Trading Platforms

It has advanced platforms which make the trade smooth. Traders can easily invest in the market with a range of cryptocurrencies. The technology helps traders with tools, technical and fundamental analysis, indicators and signals, charts, etc., to make informed decisions.

Transaction Fees

Most traders’ concern when selecting the best cryptocurrency exchanges is the transaction fees applicable. With Coinbase, traders can have low fees, that is from 0.00% to 0.60%.


Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange known for its secure and fast crypto transactions. It is a leading decentralized crypto exchange with the best services and functions to support its clients.

Traders from all levels can trade with the best trading platform for cryptocurrency. The crypto exchange is open to all, whether an individual or an institution. In addition, the bitcoin wallet is what attracts most of the traders to the exchange.

Low trading fees, available payment methods, security measures, crypto wallet, and other services make it the best choice.

Why Choose Binance?

Binance was introduced for traders who want to invest in lesser coins. Traders can access over 50 cryptocurrencies to trade and make profits. Other than this, it has several other perks that benefit the traders and help them find market opportunities.

With this, traders can go for bank trading or OTC markets, whichever they want, and enjoy smooth trading. The reason for choosing Binance are many, as being discussed, and some others include:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Mobile app
  • Various tools
  • Resources to trade
  • Several cryptocurrencies
  • Annual rewards
  • Bonus
  • Low trading fees
  • User-friendly interface
  • Trading account
  • Margin trading


Traders of crypto exchanges face the difficulty of cryptos being available with the exchange. This is rare that an exchange has most of the cryptocurrencies to trade, but at Binance, traders can have crypto diversity, security, and many such advanced features.

Crypto Diversity

Binance offers numerous altcoins to trade, and it is less seen with the leading crypto exchanges. Hence, not confined to the most traded cryptos, and traders can trade whichever they want.


Another highlight of Binance is its suitability for traders. The trading platform for cryptocurrency is for all market traders, be it novice or experienced traders.

P2P Feature

The facility of P2P makes trade more convenient for traders. There is no hidden charge, and the best prices are available at the exchange.

Trading Perks

Traders can enjoy a range of trading perks with the best trading platform for cryptocurrency. OTC trading, recurring buying, rewards and trading pairs, etc.


Crypto.com is the best trading platform for cryptocurrency traders. It is designed for beginners in the market and helps them get the market opportunities and make beneficial trades.

A crypto space where the deposit of funds, bitcoin exchanges, or other trading facilities are available. Traders can easily trade crypto and select from the range of cryptocurrencies provided by Crypto.com.

Established in 2016, the trading platform has over 200 cryptocurrencies to trade and make a beneficial investment. Moreover, it has NFTs to trade and rewards and bonuses for attracting traders.

Why Choose Crypto.com?

Traders can go with this advanced cryptocurrency exchange as the services are top-notch. They won’t get dissatisfied and have a pool of opportunities to trade and make money. The exchange has tools, rewards, indicators, a blockchain ecosystem, and next-level functions to make it smooth.

They can choose the trading platform for the given reasons:

  • 200 cryptocurrency
  • NFTs can be obtained
  • Cryptocurrency wallet
  • Simple to use process
  • Spot exchanging
  • Prospects exchanging
  • Complex arrange sorts are supported
  • Versatile mobile app


Like most exchanges, Crypto.com is the best cryptocurrency exchange, with a range of products to the trade. But what makes it different is its highlighting points; we have mentioned them to give a perspective of the services and help distinguish.

  • Clients can choose from 200 cryptos and 20+ fiat currencies with monetary standards.
  • Convenient purchase of altcoins and quick exchanges takes place.
  • Secure trading environment
  • Customer support
  • Versatile application to trade
  • Easy download of mobile app
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Cash insurance


BitMart has more than 1000 cryptocurrencies available to trade, which makes it on the list of the best trading platforms for cryptocurrency.

The exchange is accessible in over 180 countries with easy buying and selling of coins. Traders can select the altcoin they want and use the functions of the exchange to predict the market changes.

A global crypto platform that was founded in 2017 has established itself as the leading trading place for small and mid-capital cryptocurrencies. When compared to other market exchanges, BitMart has more coins to trade.

Why Choose BitM?

Traders should trade with this cryptocurrency exchange as it has more choices than any other platform. Not only that, traders can have successful trading with huge offerings and services.

They work efficiently for their clients and try to make it the best crypto exchange for easy trading. A trader can go with this platform for the following reasons:

  • Crypto earning opportunities are huge
  • Various cryptos to trade
  • Range of trading features
  • Tools and indicators
  • Advanced trading platform
  • High trade volume
  • Good for experienced traders
  • Provides interest on the trade


Highlights of the BitMart are unique and make it stand out from the crowd. Traders can have the best trading experience with the crypto exchange. They can have the given features:

Educational support

The first thing to highlight is the educational support that clients get from the exchange. They can improve their knowledge, make good trades and earn high profits.

Research Tools

Research tools are a vital part of the exchange as they help traders know their market better. The range of tools guides traders and helps them predict the price change along with various other factors.


Rewards on the trade are what attract traders; they can get interested in trade with BitMart. Moreover, the bonus and rewards for a good trading portfolio are tempting.


The last cryptocurrency exchange on the list is the Kraken crypto exchange. It is a reputed exchange that was founded in 2011 and has good trading volume. Based in San Francisco, traders can easily buy and sell digital currencies.

It has 120 + cryptos to trade and two trading platforms to make the trade more feasible. In addition, its low fees and advanced tools make it a great choice among traders. Suitable for professional traders and platform is a must-try.

Why Choose Kraken?

The reasons for selecting Kraken are many, like other listed exchanges. They have so many services that traders can make their trade comfortable and more predictable.

At Kraken, traders can find many cryptocurrencies, tools, indicators, trading platforms, and a lot more services that make trade smooth. So, here we have the reasons to choose the exchange:

  • The number of supported cryptocurrencies is the major point for the exchange.
  • Kraken pro app of the exchange has low trading fees and other transaction fees.
  • It is a liquid exchange with the availability of trade, making it easy to sell.
  • Kraken has a reputation for professional and reliable exchange.
  • Customization services are another attraction among traders.
  • Margin trading and execution of crypto derivatives


The Kraken crypto exchange is the best trading platform for various reasons. We have discussed why should one select it but here we have the highlights that make it a top choice and different from other exchanges.

  • Best trading platform for cryptocurrency
  • Many digital currencies to trade
  • Advanced tools
  • Kraken Pro platform
  • Low transaction fees
  • Easy usability


In the search for the best crypto exchange, we have come across the top seven that make it impactful for traders.

The article discusses the best trading platform for cryptocurrency and makes sure that traders know why they need to select the particular exchange. The features, services, tools, products, and customer support all make a difference.

Traders can go with the one that supports their style and helps them achieve their trading goals.

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