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Cryptocurrencies are deemed as the future of modern-day trading. Crypto exchanges are quickly becoming acceptable in the market. Experts see them as the replacement of the fiat currency. Also, the safety features are high tech. Thus, no one can steal them easily unless you provide them with a password. Several trading platforms or brokers like HFTrading, ROinvesting, Global TradeATF, T1Markets, Brokereo, 101investing and others. They are conducive to cryptocurrency trading and offer tremendous options to showcase your talent.

Scope of cryptocurrency

The official cryptocurrency that took the world by storm was bitcoin. It came into the world in 2009 and garnered eyeballs. However, it did not gain acceptance in the minds of traders in one day. It gradually made the entry with the passage of time when people realised the importance to look beyond traditional currencies. Bitcoin, also known as BTC, was created by Satoshi Nakamoto (pseudonym). It had its share of susceptibility in the beginning and concerns for the safety of funds.

But it eclipsed everything that posed the threat and eventually paved the way for other crypto coins like ethereum, ripple, bitcoin cash, litecoin, dogecoin (most recently). They all are excelling in their respective traditions and empowering investors.

The cryptocurrency market chased down the coveted club of USD 1000 billion in May 2021. That was unexpected but sent a wave of hope during the raging Covid-19 pandemic. Like gold, people are finding it as a safe haven for investors across the globe. With so much money being induced into it, and several giant conglomerates and counties accepting it, the scope of cryptocurrency seems bright. Investors are getting aware that if they stick to it for a long time, the rewards can be fruitful and endearing.

Thousands of cryptocurrencies have been launched after the success story of bitcoin and many are following. They all have respective investors and traders who are creating enough volumes for trading. Thus, the market is thriving well and high. So, any trader who is looking to benefit from the trend of the digital coin market, it is the best time for investment. You can use several brokers as a platform for drawing benefits instantly.

Rich people like Elon Musk are also promoting cryptocurrencies and many countries are developing their own crypto coins to legitimising it. Hence, it goes to show how seriously everything is happening.

Benefits of cryptocurrencies

There are multiple reasons for cryptocurrencies gaining acceptability in the market and traders investing in them.

  • Safety features:- Blockchain technology is safe for data-keeping most of the cryptocurrencies work on that. It is secured. Thus, no one can steal your coins until and unless they know your password. It is available in digital form, so there are digital footprints that protect it. Two-factor authentication is one of the few securities that it employs.
  • Transparency: Whenever a trader makes a transaction logs get created. So, even if someone tries to take undue advantage of the technology, it can be nabbed easily. However, you cannot know the identity of the person following safety concerns.
  • User autonomy: The biggest doctrine of cryptocurrency is its user autonomy, which fiat currencies lack completely. You get the ownership of your digital coins more than anything. Users can decide when and where to spend that money irrespective of different cryptocurrencies. You do not have to indulge with any intermediary authority.
  • Decentralised: There can never be any corruption involved because no government controls cryptocurrencies. It is available on its own and gets generated through computer networks. So, they are user friendly. The trading volume is high.
  • Great accessibility: Cryptocurrencies are accessible through any device from desktops to smartphones and any browser. You can access them anywhere and anytime with the help of an internet connection. It is that simple and hassle-free for every user. Also, you do not need to mention your personal details for making any payments.
  • Low or no transaction fees: Depending on exchanges and other factors there may be no to low transaction fees imposed on cryptocurrencies. Moreover, you can transfer them to any account worldwide. However, with credit cards, debit cards and wire transfers, the fee is quite high for online transactions. Also, premium charges apply when you try to send money to foreign accounts.
  • Quick transaction: Fiat currencies take forever in the transaction depending on different modes, whereas cryptocurrencies take seconds to reach from one account to the other. So, transfer happens instantly. You save time.
  • Available anytime: It is one market that does not stop even for a second and works continuously 24*7 and 365 days a year. So, there is no time when you have to think twice before making an investment. Whenever you have time, initiate and invest.

Best cryptocurrency exchange of broker platforms

A brokerage platform or an exchange enables people to transact myriad cryptocurrencies in different financial markets. When you are working or dealing with cryptocurrencies, it is imperative to select broker platforms that are easily customizable and provide services as per your needs and do not let you deviate from your targets.

However, once you get hold of a broker or a platform that can listen to your requirements, then cryptocurrency trading becomes the best investment in time. The return of investment is the highest here and you get to know that once you enter to trade with brokers like 101investing, T1Markets and others. Let’s discuss how different platforms or brokerage service providers help you grow as a trader.


A trained trader needs a reason to enter the market, whereas a passionate one finds it to barge into it. 101investing broker works as the finest platform for every kind of trader looking to try their fortunes in the cryptocurrency market.

The broker offers robust grounds with a multilateral approach to let you bid in the digital currency market fearlessly. You can lean on the shoulder of the brokerage firm and remain to rest assured for the best trading opportunities. Irrespective of your experience in the market, 101investing helps you with knowledge and training modules.

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, the broker empowers you with CFDs as well. It opens several markets for trying your luck and making money. There are more than fifty cryptocurrencies that it offers for trading. They include bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin, Cardano, finance coin, bitcoin cash and many more. These are the top crypto coins that can change your life and make your bank balance look richer than ever.

However, when you are dealing with CFDs, you don’t need to mine, own or buy any cryptocurrency. The cutting edge and superb online trading platform allow all strategies for investment. You can invest in the best crypto coins without hesitation. The unparalleled support is what you garner from the crypto trading platform. Thousands of traders get attracted toward it due to its volatility and ability to deliver terrific outcomes at short notice.

Being one of the largest markets in terms of transactions, brokers or cryptocurrency exchanges like 101investing make pathways that aid in trading.

Benefits of trading with 101investing

  • You get the facility of a cross trading platform. You can keep the track of all markets and changes happening in them regarding cryptocurrencies. The MetaTrader4 trading platform is available for you to explore the market and expose yourself to the best trading opportunities. You can access them through PC, tablet, desktop and other mediums that you know.
  • A trader gets to trade with more than 50 cryptocurrencies. That’s huge considering the quality of digital coins that accumulate millions of volumes a day.
  • The broker or bitcoin exchange or crypto platform does not charge any commission on several services. Also, spreads are low here.
  • The broker is regulated by CySEC, so it is entirely safe for trading. The fear of losing money goes away.
  • Use more than 30 analytical tools for better trading. They help in capturing real factors of the market.
  • Customer support is available 24*7.
  • Facilities like copy trading are available.

Global TradeATF holding on your trading volumes

This is a broker that knows how to help clients garner profits while trading where millions of users are already cementing their places. To track down some of the hottest cryptocurrencies, TradeATF has all ingredients that can draw your attention and make you win some good wealth quickly. It deals in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum litecoin and several others including 30 + digital coins.

A trader does not have to mine cryptocurrencies following the complex financial instruments that it has for users. You can directly invest in the asset and wait for heavy returns. You can speculate on the movements of cryptocurrencies prices and earn a lot without investing a penny. That also counts for smart trading.

Features offered by the best crypto exchange

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are synonymous for some people. But when you start trading with Global TradeATF, you understand the distinction. Here are some of the best features who prefer it over another exchange platform.

  • High security offered through encryption
  • Detachment from the government manipulations
  • Helps in expanding your knowledge in the market
  • Get services of substantial education hub that helps in teaching you tricks of the cryptocurrency trades
  • You can get around ninety cutting edge tools for showing your might in the market.
  • Gain full access to the market through
  • It helps in generating new ideas for traders
  • Gain insight into the market
  • International monetary scene

ETFinance: One of the best crypto exchanges and brokers

The market of cryptocurrency has been one of the intriguing ones for all traders. They know the potential it can shower and excel in the market. People buy bitcoin using the platform including other cryptocurrencies because they know the broker can make their trading the best experience of life. ETFinance is the finest bitcoin trading broker that you’ll find across the globe. That’s why it is ahead of several bitcoin exchanges around.

When you buy and sell digital currencies using the broker, you’ll know about its perfect services that never cease to amaze you. The trading fees are zero to low here. It offers the services of CFDs on cryptocurrencies that help you in entering the digital coins market and trade successfully.

Benefits of trading with ETFinance broker

  • The broker is safe and regulated by a prestigious regulatory body. Thus, your funds remain intact here and you can concentrate on investing to enhance your portfolio
  • It thrives on providing the best services and that’s why ETFinance has won several awards to its credit. It helps traders realise their potential for trading.
  • The professional analytical tools aid in cryptocurrency trading by helping you predict the market and trends. You can take your time to use and understand the mood of different cryptocurrencies.
  • The support team is a glorified one that knows how to handle the pressures of the market.
  • You can start trading by following three easy steps of account creation
  • It makes CFD trading accessible to all its clients. ETFinance is user-friendly on many levels when it comes to cryptocurrencies.
  • The broker offers several payment modes including credit card, debit card, wire transfer, wallets (VPay, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard and others).

T1Markets: Top cryptocurrency broker in the financial market

The T1Markets broker considers cryptocurrency as the most robust place of trading in futures contract trading. The number of opportunities it offers to all its customers, no cryptocurrency exchange does. It helps you know about millions of users and their trading strategies. You can learn the best ways to buy a cryptocurrency and sell them when prices are high.

It does not let your money counterfeit and prevents it from double-spending. T1Markets supports more than thirty cryptocurrency coins for trading.

Benefits offered by T1Markets

  • It gives a wide range of crypto trading options to traders including bitcoin, ethereum and a chance to broaden your portfolio
  • It powers you with tech and strategies
  • 24*5 customer care support
  • Flexible spreads
  • It lets you enjoy the high market liquidity
  • Use several payment modes for making payments


Buy Cryptocurrency, but before that judge that the broker has the best payment method, it gives the ease of use, and digital coins like ETH, BTC, and many others. You need to prepare plans and see which brokerage company can fulfil them in the shortest time. You can seek services of ETFinance, Global TradeATF etc.

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