AUSTRAC Launches Guides To Identify Illicit Crypto Use

AUSTRAC Launches Guides To Identify Illicit Crypto Use

AUSTRAC, Australia’s financial compliance enforcement agency, has produced two new tips to assist businesses in identifying whether clients are using cryptocurrency for illegal purposes or are being forced to pay ransomware producers.

The new instructions were warmly welcomed by Blockchain Australia CEO Steve Vallas. However, it emphasized that debanking customers based solely on suspicion of such activities were a risky practice with major consequences.

AUSTRAC has identified several indicators that a customer is attempting to pay a ransom in a hurry. Impatience with transaction speed, significant transactions from freshly onboarded enterprises, and transfers of one’s whole holdings followed by a lack of account activity were all on the list.

The increasing acceptance, value, and usage of crypto and blockchain technology have been matched by a rise in crimes, according to AUSTRAC.

The recommendations on ransomware and illicit exploitation of digital currency are intended not just to assist in spotting rogue actors but also to make suspicious reporting behavior to AUSTRAC easier.

While warning signs may appear clear, AUSTRAC notes that most victims are hesitant to disclose because they want to get their businesses out of the hands of attackers and back up and running as soon as possible.

Platforms for decentralized finance (DeFi), mixers, and privacy currencies have all been mentioned as possible solutions. Finally, the bad actor will reintroduce the capital into conventional payment services or goods using the last form of funds.

Traditional financial institutions should avoid debanking consumers, according to the guidance, as this has been a big concern in the local crypto sector and might have serious ramifications if a legitimate individual is mistakenly recognized as a criminal.

Tax evasion, money laundering, frauds, and the acquisition of unlawful products on the darknet are among the actions highlighted by AUSTRAC. Money laundering received the most attention from the regulator, who offered a breakdown of its essential components, including placement, layering, and integration.

The criminal will seek to convert the assets across numerous accounts and platforms layers to distance the funds from the origin after buying digital assets using fiat placement.

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