Best Brokers in Europe 2021

Best brokers in Europe 2021

Best Brokers in Europe 2021: Top Strategies

Choosing a broker of choice is an Achilles heel for traders and investors. Every brokerage portal project itself as the best in the market, but seldom they turn out to be one. When you check the features and benefits they offer, the reality gets exposed, and wisdom dawns. Before investing the funds, you must check the fundamentals and read reviews of those broker companies. They provide enough idea and knowledge to let you arrive at a decision. Let’s discuss the genuine and the best brokers in Europe 2021. 

Every broker has its specialities and the power of projecting a market. Some are great with commodities and the rest with foreign exchange, stocks, metals etc. 

What to look into a Broker for Choosing?

There are several factors that you need to consider before picking up a brokerage company for investments. It may include tight spreads, commissions, customer care services, environment etc. Let’s discuss in details:- 

Look at Minimum Expenses

Before creating an account, you should check the types of extra expenditures you would need to make while trading on it. If the hidden costs are there, then the whole joy of trading gets diluted for investors. That can turn profits into losses. If you need to approach a broker, check everything minutely and sincerely. There should not be a compromise on excessive charges because they keep on increasing as per investments. 

Fees of Withdrawal and Deposit

However, there should be none, but some brokers levy charges on the tiniest of deposits and withdrawals. That would mean that a trader might have to think before depositing money in the wallet, let alone trading. That’s too expensive. Also, in case of an emergency, charges may affect a trader mentally. So, research about it before creating an account. 

Check Margin Accounts

These accounts are conducive for newbie traders because of their lower minimum amount. Thus, they make for more affordability. Novice investors can start trading with them and earn better gains. 

Tools and Charts

Indicator and trading tools and charts help determine the market position and invest in it. If anyone can know what’s the trend of the market is going to be, then the trader is in a winning position. Tools help traders determining that situation. Quickly the better. 

Here are Best brokers in Europe 2021

1) Brokereo

Brokereo is one of the best brokers in Europe. The broker is regulated by Cyprus securities and takes care of the activities of the online brokerage firm. The licensee number is 189/13. Thus, the broker is entirely genuine and safe for trading. It comes with an SSL certificate, which makes it secured for trading. 

Types of Platforms with Brokereo 

Brokereo primarily offers three platforms for financial trading. 

  • MetaTrader4
  • WebTrader
  • Mobile app 

They all have classifications that assert benefits to users in many ways. 

MetaTrader4 Features
  • Highly conducive for trading. 
  • Supports various tech engines like PC, smartphone and Mac.
  • It has a reliable gateway.
  • Transparent and secured
  • Comes with multifunctionality 
  • Customisable features
WebTrader Features
  • The facility of one-tap order
  • Access the market 24*7
  • Optimised search
  • More than 300 + CFD assets
  • User-friendly interface
Mobile App 
  • One-click trading
  • The platform is 100 per cent functional.
  • Free download
  • Access the market while moving

Essential characteristics of Brokereo

The online broker allows you to create a standard playground for trading in the financial market, using more than three hundred CFD assets. That means an investor can explore more and look for better opportunities for earning money in quick succession. 

Swift Trading 

The speed of bidding happens in a nick of seconds. Before you can realise, and those precious moments get you the desired result.

No commission charges 

The unsavoury behaviour of charging unnecessary amounts is not here. Thus, you save money while trading with Brokereo. That’s the biggest advantage of trading with the portal. 

Best customer service

The customer service has to be good for clients because they look around for the remedy like a thirsty person for water when a problem occurs. There’s an email address, corresponding address, live chat and, of course, a phone number for speaking with a customer care representative. Get your query resolved instantly by talking to the person. They speak nicely and start with greetings, which makes the caller comfortable. 

Get on with Rapid Market changes 

Financial markets are quickly changing their dynamics, and Brokereo knows how to accommodate them through more than 20 analytical tools. Evaluate them with different charts, indicators and check the market trend. Follow the informed decision and make the most of what the market has to offer. 

Several awards at the disposal 
  • The best CFD broker 2020
  • The best Forex CFD provider 2020
  • Most reliable Forex broker in Europe 2020
  • Global banking & finance award 2020 

These awards are a testimony to excellent services and user satisfaction in trading that the broker renders to its clients. 


Accumulation of interesting information that can catapult the ability to benefit people are in abundance on Brokereo. There are tutorials, ebooks, various courses, articles and several items that enhance your knowledge in trading and let you know what’s next and how to improve trading. 

Product types 

Brokereo has plenty of assets that include commodities, metals, indices, stocks, forex and cryptocurrency. A user gets an opportunity to trade them all through CFDs. 

2) 101investing 

The broker stays by your side when it comes to better investment opportunities. The effective and efficient ways of trading make the online portal one of the best in the market of uncertainties. The brokerage company offers an ultimate trading environment that gives chances of earning during every circumstance, irrespective of the market surging or going down. Its license number is 315/16. See how 101investing is Best brokers in Europe:-

Create a plan 

101investing broker blesses you with investment plans that can magnify your bank balance and without perils. Get an entire explanation of the CFD broker and learn about how it works. 

Splendid services 

  • Education centre
  • Quick fund withdrawals
  • The data protection of top-level
  • Cross-platform trading
  • Superior customer support

Benefits of 101investing broker 

  • There’s a minimum pip of 0.3
  • Get in touch with more than ten thousand financial markets.
  • Zero commission
  • Regulated by a top regulatory authority CySEC 

Awards belonging to 101investing 

  • Best Brokers in Europe
  • Forex awards 101 investing
  • Best new CFD broker 
  • World financial awards
  • Best cryptocurrency awards
  • Best new broker in Europe
  • World forex awards

All these awards and more are the ones the online trading portal won during the phase of COVID-19. It speaks very highly about the broker. 

Four trading accounts with 101investing 

Most trading online brokers have three account types. However, 101investing has four in its stride. Silver, Gold, Platinum and Pro Exclusive. 

  • They offer 1:500 of leverage. 
  • An Islamic account 
  • Hedging
  • Fifth Decimal
  • Swap Discount
  • More than forty-five currency pairs
  • Plenty of execution models 
  • Different trading hours
  • No hidden charges 

3) ETFinance 

The broker is a leading brokerage firm of Europe, with Real Madrid BasketBall Club backing it with an association. Real Madrid Baloncesto. ETFinance has registration with CySEC. Magnum FX LTD is the owner of the trading portal. Thus, ETFinance broker is genuine and exudes tremendous benefits to all traders. 

Benefits of ETFinance broker 

  • One-click trading 
  • Availability on mobile, PC and other devices
  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced tools for analysis
Characteristics of ETFinance
  • Access the market 24*7.
  • Zero fees and commissions
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Allows investing your capital intelligently.
 Research tools 
  • Offers daily news to make you aware of the market’s stir. 
  • Trading signals 
  • Economic calendars to keep a tab and track of different financial events in a year. 
  • Earnings calendar
Types of products 

The broker is the master of derivatives trading. It knows how to excel in the market and emerge rich. ETF and CFD are among them. Using both, you can make lots of money. Metals, stocks, commodities etc. 

Top features of ETFinance 
  • Minimum spreads 0.03 pips.
  • Dedicated Account Manager available 
  • Hedging 
  • Islamic account
  • Webinars & videos
  • News Alert 
  • Maximum leverage 1:500
  • Dedicated support 
Account creation 

It takes fewer minutes to create an account on ETFinance. Give details, get them verified and deposit money. That’s it and start trading immediately. 

Deposit and withdrawal 

You can withdraw your amount quickly lesser than the average time that other brokers take. And for depositing, you have an array of options like debit-credit cards, e-wallets, bank wire transfers, etc. 

4) ROinvesting 

The online trading portal is the official CFD partner of ROInvesting. The broker uses some of the advanced and innovative trading platforms that work in favour of traders and investors in every condition. The portal works under license number 269/ 15. Royal Forex LTD is the parent company of ROinvesting


  • The broker is technologically powered. 
  • There are 30 analytical tools for using while trading.
  • Multiple chart windows
  • Cost and charges are less.
  • No commission or fees for trading
ROinvesting trading account features
  • Fifth decimal allowed
  • Swap discount fifty per cent
  • Free VPS available 
  • For professional accounts, leverage is 1:500
  • Availability of Islamic account 
  • Customised investment news
Customer service 

It is brilliant and useful for all traders. The executives have all answers to your queries and get in touch with you instantly. The live chat response is swift, and the email address replies to all your questions with perfect answers. 

Education centre 

The education amount is immaculate on ROinvesting and re-energises traders with zeal and enthusiasm, which offer new vigour to investors. Tutorials, articles, VODs, ebooks are some of them which are keeping things interesting and check for market players. 

5) Global TradeATF

Global TradeATF  is another best broker in Europe. The broker empowers you to face the challenges of the global financial market and earn profits at will. There’s no bureaucracy involved or waiting in the queue. You do not have to face the menace of the commission either. The broker is a product of Bayline Global Limited. The license number that allows the brokerage firm is 000188/91. 

IFSC is the regulatory authority over the Global TradeATF broker. Its registration number is 136374.

Focus beyond boundaries on Global TradeATF

Expansion of knowledge is the path to enlightenment, be its life or trading. Global TradeATF knows the fact and incorporates all elements that a broker does not. Interestingly, irrespectively you are new in the CFD market or not, the environment of TradeATF makes it conducive for you to trade in any of the markets. 

Best designs for traders 

A broker’s design is a crucial factor to set the first impression, and there is no shortage when you visit the TradeATF. The blue colour is soothing to the eyes, and you like to board the portal once you land on it, even accidentally. Psychologically, it lets you create an account on it. 

The logo is well thought out as well and attracts users. Overall packaging speaks volumes about the broker’s potential to offer services to all traders and investors. The intuitive interface, pending orders, customisation of assets, secured and advanced platforms are placed in a set of a platter with the designs and interface. It is the USP of the TradeATF broker. 

Trading experience

The broker is transparent, holds consistency in providing quality to clients and support the individual trading style based on the market specifics and requirements. One internet connection can fetch you it all and more. 

Best trading opportunities 

Receive the best investment options at your doorstep with TradeATF. You can upgrade the portfolio by trading with the best trading platforms in the market. Some features:- 

  • Leverage is 1:400 for professional traders, who require a big chunk of money.
  • Execution speed is lightning fast within 0.04 seconds. Before one blinks an eye. 
  • The spread it offers is the lowest, which is 0.01 pips. 
Best brokers in Europe: Awards by Global TradeATF
  • Best CFD broker 
  • Excellent customer support 2020
  • Best trading conditions 
Payment methods 

The options are in plenty than a trader can imagine. A few are here:- 

  • Skrill
  • Visa
  • Credit cards
  • VPay
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Debit card
  • Several e-wallets
  • Wire transfer
Trading accounts 

 A customer can use the trading account of his/her choice by learning about them easily and deeply through the in-depth information offered by the tantalising broker. Whatever fits your scheme of business and trading style, pick that. Also, the broker allows you to customise your tools. Thus, that’s an added advantage. 

The accounts offer several features. Here are some:- 

  • Swap discount goes as high as 50 per cent.
  • Trading signals are there for every trader.
  • Hedging facility 
  • Facilitates Islamic Account 
  • Trade on more than seven hundred assets across ten thousand markets worldwide
Customer support 

It is truly world-class and goes without saying that the broker has worked really hard in this department. Executives are smart and offer answers before you are halfway through your query. That requires experience and passion for learning. Plus, regard for hospitality is essential for the broker. You can reach out through correspondence address. The nature of customer care executives. 

Total products 

The broker is brilliant in offering the best products and services for traders. From forex to commodities, traders can trade in several markets. The options are cosiest and beneficial for investors. 


This is the strength of the broker. You can learn and grow with it. Knowledge works as the backbone and ladder for investors. The brokerage firm keeps on adding new anecdotes that are beneficial for brokers. VODs, ebooks, tutorials, and courses are quintessential elements that strengthen the ability to trade in the financial markets. 


Daily news helps in settling things that enable traders and investors to know about different market trades. Economic and Report season calendars are lit for people. 

6) Capixal 

The broker provides a balance of optimal levels to its users. It equips online investors with superb instruments and technology that you have never seen earlier in life. The individual approach to various types of trading is accommodated by the broker brilliantly. The flexible environment for trading creates opportunities during the fluctuations of different markets globally. 

Best platforms available

  • Mobile App
  • WebTrader 
  • Meta Trader 4
Payment system

It is on point and safe for all traders and investors. You can select multiple options, including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and various e-wallets. 

How’s the account opening process? 

The process is easy, and you have to follow three steps. It takes a few minutes before you get the approval. Some documents, personal details and verification. That completes the verification on Capixal

Fees and commission on Capixal

The broker does not charge any commission or fee from 


The sole purpose of brokers is to exemplify profits for investors. The risk they take by investing their money in fluctuating and volatile markets is to receive some return. ETFinance, 101investing, ROInvesting, Capixal and others are best brokers in Europe. These brokerage firms that are letting market players take the flight of certainty and become wealthy. 

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