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Crypto trading brokers

Usage of cryptocurrencies is growing at a rapid pace. The world is witnessing the might of bitcoin and ethereum, and they are transforming people’s lives through their growth. They are drawing assistance from the best crypto trading brokers in 2021. 

If you check the recent record, even during the pandemic, cryptocurrencies are the only financial assets that have grown sharply. People invested their time and energy in it and reaped harvests. 

Interestingly, bitcoin’s price has almost doubled in one month (7 December 2020 to 7 January 2021) (USD 19,202 to USD 37,544). So, imagine the thrust of trust it is enjoying from millions of people. And that’s not it; the digital currency is here to stay. The caravan is continuing since 2009 and growing stronger day by day. 

Besides, ethereum is no less. It was around USD 591.92 on 7 December 2020, and on 7 January 2021 doubled its market price to 1197.69. 

Thus, looking at the turnaround, one can understand that cryptocurrencies are no lesser than the forex market. And the contribution of brokers like ETFinance, ROinvesting, Brokereo, HFTrading, Investlite, Global Trade ATF, and others has been no less. 

They offered superb conditions and facilities to its clients and encouraged them to invest in the internet currency. 

What is cryptocurrency? 

It is a digital currency or asset, a substitute for the current fiat currency, which can be used against any product or goods. It works on blockchain technology, designed for carrying out pivotal information. 

Cryptocurrencies are decentralised entities which do not have the interferences of governments, third parties or persons. It works on a network of computers placed in different regions globally. 

A disparate network of blockchain technology channelises these internet currencies. 

Furthermore, they do not have any physical form. So, you can trade cryptocurrencies through the means of an internet connection. 

According to the Coin Market Cap, the total net valuation of all cryptocurrencies combined as of 18 December 2020 was pegged at $645.7 billion. Out of this bitcoin alone relished $421.7 billion value. 

Notably, the growing numbers may suggest the tremendous worth of these digital currencies, going by the recent trend. 

Why trade cryptocurrencies?

You may find myriad reasons for trading cryptocurrencies; one may be the fluctuations and volatility it produces in the nick of seconds. That sprouts opportunities that can land a trader to profits. Here are some more features:- 

Immuned to fraudulent practices:-  Once a cryptocurrency gets created, it slips and finds the storage in a public ledger. The identities here gets encrypted, and then there’s no fear of theft. Also, it records information about all transactions. However, you cannot control its behaviour because it is beyond any public or private entity’s realm. 

Accessibility:  As per Statista, 4.66 billion people are active internet user in the world (October 2020). But billions still do not have access to banks. Hence, cryptocurrencies are the best options for transactions and storing their wealth. So, they can rely on crypto brokers like ROinvesting or ETFinance for that purpose.

Best crypto trading brokers 2021: 101investing review

101investing is a storm of benefits for all traders. It offers solid grounds for every bid you initiate in the volatile market using its platforms and other services. The broker renders you a shoulder to lean on and markets for investments. Interestingly, an investor does not have to delve deeper or think about the financial market experience; the brokerage firm’s intangible work does that for you. 

The broker provides CFDs for trading on more than fifty cryptocurrencies that expose investors to hundreds of crypto markets worldwide. 

The cutting edge technologies of online platforms like WebTrader, Mobile App and MetaTrader see that you make massive profits in a short time. 

A trader gets an opportunity to hop on the following features:- 

  • Zero commission transactions 
  • Low spreads
  • Access to more than thirty analytical tools
  • Receive customer care support for 24 hours and five days a week. 
  • Cross-platform trading helps an investor in keeping track of an array of financial market and prepare strategies accordingly.
  • Accessible through different devices including PC, smartphones, tablets etc.

It has won several awards including:- 

  • The best cryptocurrency broker 2020
  • Best new broker in Europe
  • The best execution broker

PS:-  101investing fits the bill for every trader from all backgrounds, precisely those who are crypto enthusiasts. 

Best crypto trading brokers 2021: Global TradeATF review

The broker is a trailblazer in technological advancements and trading some of the hottest cryptocurrencies. It includes litecoin, bitcoin and ethereum. Besides, you can get hold of twenty-five cryptocurrencies through CFDs.

You do not have to mine cryptos but trade them through the best environment, conditions and tools. One can use those facilities to leverage benefits. You can speculate the movement of prices. 

You can try your hand on the best digital coins using various charts, breaking news, trading maps and trading maps. When you have everything in one place, it saves time, and you can seek service within seconds. Given the type of market, cryptocurrency is, the feature works as a dose of money-making. 

  • No commission feature for transactions; no worries for extra costs. 
  • Twenty four access to the global crypto market. 
  • Bask in the glory of more than 30 cryptocurrencies through CFDs derivatives. 
  • Availability of cross-trading platform. 

Global TradeATF opens the door for several unseen opportunities in the crypto market. Moreover, the reputation of the broker is unprecedented in the market. 

Best crypto trading brokers 2021: ROinvesting review

For ROinvesting, the cryptocurrency market is not a path to earn money, but carve a career and grow through it. The broker believes it as a breakthrough of the century in terms of financial trading. 

The security level it produces through cryptography technology makes it easy to assume that he won’t return to any other market once a trader starts trading in the market. It skittles out doubts of market players regarding the theft of currency. 

ROinvesting offers you CFDs for trading in the best of financial markets that provide top-rated services. You can trade in different assets and coins of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. 

You don’t need to go through a lengthy process to acquire the services of blockchain wallet. ROinvesting offers you that if you have a verified account. No more hassles. 

When you trade through the ROinvesting broker, you are granting yourself an opportunity of optimum service. 

  • You receive exceptional liquidity. 
  • A tremendous variety of crypto coins for trading.
  • Dedicated support staff for resolving issues related to trading. 
  • Amazing tools and technology to alleviate your experience of trading. 
  • Regulated financial service providers
  • A groundbreaking market for trading
  • No commissions on various transactions and fund deposits
  • Cross-platform trading option. 

Best crypto trading brokers 2021: ETFinance Review

If you are a forward-looking person and has the penchant for experimenting with the best trading options in the market, then ETFFinance for you. The broker does not believe in boasting but delivering. 

Its several channels for investment help you to get the nerves of the cryptocurrency coins. The brokerage firm helps you bargain the best deals of the market in the short term. 

Interestingly, for trading in the cryptocurrency market, you don’t require a blockchain wallet for entering the financial market. Instead, you can trade CFDs and enjoy gains in your wealth. Like any instrument, you can trade the digital currency.

ETFinance is an award-winning broker and is quickly making space in the hearts of people. 

  • You get analytical and technical tools which can elevate your trading experience in the crypto market. 
  • The broker helps in evaluating market trends. 
  • They have a glorified support team. 
  • The deposit and withdrawal are quick here. 
  • No commission 
  • Funds are protected through impeccable application of the software. 
  • You can use any device of your choice for trading in the market. 

Best crypto trading brokers 2021: HFTrading Review

For the trendiest destinations of cryptocurrencies, you require a broker that can support you in every thick and thin. HFTrading does that for all its brokers happily and consciously. It has reverence for all its clients who indulge in digital currency trading. 

The facilitation of the internet currency through blockchain technology is superb when you trade with HFTrading. The transfer of value harmonises the trading experience. 

HFTrading helps you in harnessing the crypto market and invest in the market. There are tools and features which are helpful beyond you can think about. 

  • Do not have any charges or commissions.
  • Capable of operating on multiple devices
  • Twenty-four-hour access on digital coins
  • Transforms the way you trade in the market. 
  • You do not need a mediator for transferring your money, which further helps in saving extra cost. 
  • Regulatory bodies determine that you are not cheated by trading cryptos through HFTrading.


If you want sense to dawn upon you in the financial market, then seek support from the best brokers like 101investing, HFTrading, ETFinance, ROinvesting, Global TradeATF, and many others. Cryptocurrency trading is a blissful journey provided you have a right partner in place which provides you with excellent deals at the right time.

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