Big news for the crypto trading space: CoinW offers free of charge spot trading

Big news for the crypto trading space- CoinW offers free of charge spot trading

Another significant update from CoinW is the removal of transaction fees for all users while trading in any spot currencies. After the official announcement, this is another significant development.

In actuality, the most popular cryptocurrency exchange provides free BTC transactions. This is a long-awaited perk for platform customers as it marks not only the first platform in the network to embrace 0 transaction cost for spot trading.

As we all know, exchanges can offer investors the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies, but regardless of the method used, the exchange will levy fees to cover operating expenses.

With various trading categories, CoinW spot trading offers 340+ currencies and 360+ trading pairs. The free-of-charge BTC transaction promotion makes it clear that CoinW prioritises customer interests and consistently seeks to enhance the user experience.

The CEO of CoinW claims that this entire site spot trading free of charge event is a huge innovation for the cryptocurrency exchange sector.

Users of CoinW can start off with an advantage thanks to the absence of transaction fees and focus solely on trading without concern for expenses. This may result in a considerable rise in user contact, as well as increased competition and difficulties for the sector.

The American cryptocurrency company Nomad has experienced a $190 million theft. The crypto industry has long witnessed thefts, which have increasingly turned their attention to blockchain bridges. American cryptocurrency company Harmony reported that tokens from its Horizon bridge product were stolen for over $100 million.


A Play-and-Earn event will be held for the tower defence game Crazy Defense Heroes by Animoca. This occasion will coincide with the typical Play-and-Earn occasion and last for roughly a month. Players must meet the prerequisites in order to be eligible for the rewards.

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