Binance Launches Crypto Card For Refugees From Ukraine

Binance Launches Crypto Card For Refugees From Ukraine

Binance, a global cryptocurrency exchange, has introduced a crypto card that allows Ukrainian refugees to conduct crypto transactions and accept money using the Binance Visa (V) Card.

Beneficiaries of the card who are verified by their local non-profit organizations will receive financial assistance from Binance in the form of Binance USD in order to increase access to crypto transactions.

Binance announced that it is collaborating with a number of organizations, including Contis, a European banking-as-a-service platform, and the non-profit organizations Rotary and Palianytsia, to provide refugees affected by the Ukrainian conflict with a way to send and receive money and make purchases inside the European Economic Area.

The card’s primary goal is to provide a functional payment system for receiving and spending gifts because it is not a commercial product. This is a crucial method for the rest of the world to see how crypto may benefit civilization.

Input-Output Global (IOG), the team behind the Cardano project, has verified the approval and execution of a proposal to expand the network’s block size.

The Cardano block size has increased by 10%. The Cardano mainnet’s block size has been increased by 8KB to 88KB. By raising the block size, more transactions may be included in each Cardano block, resulting in increased overall network capacity and faster transaction speeds.

This is an important network upgrade in a series of network enhancements that will allow the Cardano network to scale more effectively in 2022. As the Cardano blockchain has grown, IOG has continued to improve its performance.

As it prepares for its second Hard Fork Combinator event, IOG is looking to optimize the Cardano blockchain. Cardano’s throughput and the performance of decentralized apps on the blockchain are expected to improve as the block size is increased.

SkyBridge Capital is trying to shift the bulk of its assets under the management to digital assets, citing the sector’s significant growth in coming years.

The firm’s total assets under management are said to be roughly $7.3 billion, including money invested in other hedge funds, delayed private software startups, and real estate.

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