’s value soars after major funding round, touches $14 billion mark's value soars after major funding round, touches $14 billion mark, a cryptocurrency exchange, and financial services company, has reportedly obtained new capital valued at $14 billion.

Lightspeed Ventures, a worldwide venture capital firm known for its engagement in growth stocks like Tesla, led the financing round.

The firms’ valuation reportedly increased from $5.2 billion to $14 billion as a result of the investment round, which has yet to be formally acknowledged by or the investors. is now one of the top cryptocurrency companies in the world, with a comprehensive range of blockchain-based financial services ranging from its exchange platform and crypto wallets to institutional goods. has been added to the list of companies that have withdrawn from the FCA’s temporary registration for crypto-asset licencing in the United Kingdom.

Binance has reached a deal with the Recording Academy to become the 64th Annual Grammy Awards’ first-ever official cryptocurrency exchange partner.

Throughout the year, Binance will continue to collaborate with the Recording Academy to deliver new Web3 digital capabilities and engagements to the events.

TooNFT, a new webtoon platform, is poised to transform the webtoon industry. The Toomics ecosystem is used by the platform to decentralise the traditional marketing business. It also intends to provide the webtoon industry with more exposure and development.

Karim Khanjeza, the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, has sought to legalise cryptocurrencies. He advocated regulation of the country’s crypto sector and urged legal changes to embrace digital assets during a session with the parliamentary committee on law and order. 

He is highly impressed by the growing cryptocurrency market in India, as he mentioned in his statement that India would soon become a global hub of digital assets. 

DecentWorld aspires to be an industry-wide standard and secure platform for players in virtual real estate with long-term worth.

By progressing to the next step of real estate digitization, the project adds real-world value to virtual reality gaming.

Assembling a Collection NFT that creates yield is one of the primary methods to immerse yourself in the game logic that the DecentWorld platform will provide.

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