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Exness is not one of the most trusted brokers around. It exhibits several fallacies that might not let you even have a visit on its website, let alone thinking about trading on it. The broker is not focusing on a trader’s need. Instead, it seems to be making excuses to fill its pocket by fooling clients. The Exness review 2021, sheds light on many such hullabaloo things. 

It is your money, and if you get tricked by someone like Exness, then no one will come to your rescue. How will you save your funds? Also, some traders have stories of being fooled by the broker. So, you can learn from their mistakes. 

If you are looking into clear your doubts, follow the Exness review below:- 

Design of the website 

The design of Exness is intimidating. The massive display of dish on the home page leaves little to your imagination. What does that even mean? Nothing indicative remotely about it. Today, when other brokers put out their brains behind every move or initiative, they embark on; this broker fails to acknowledge even the tiniest of steps. 

So, the first look lets a trader down. How can you think of doing anything better on it? When the broker is not sure about its designs, how else can it live up to your requirements and expectations? So, Exness can be ignored. Choose ROinvesting or T1Markets in those regards and feel honoured. 

No update on COVID-19

We are in the year 2021, but you don’t find any update from the broker since June 2020. This is how it is managing the website. Someone who does not know what is going with online property or getting displayed on the home page can you expect any help? Such companies apply the same formula on others. So, you have to keep yourself alert and in a mode of stress.

So, instead of getting yourself into a troubled place, you should part ways from the broker for the betterment. 

The havoc wreaked by the deadly virus should not be taken lightly. So, it is the responsibility of the broker to keep it in check and update traders timely. But Exness is not keen to make any effort. 

Behaves weirdly

When we tried our hand once, the UI was different, but everything changed after landing on it the second time. The entire experience turned out to be even more dilapidated and uninterested. So, either there is some virus or bugs in the website of Exness. You are susceptible to lose your bucks while depositing or withdrawing. 

That is not how a decent broker acts. They have to keep up with a trader and investor’s requirement. But here, it is not happening. That bestows only doubts and queries. So, better stay away from it. 

Weak education material 

Exness clearly does not how to help a trader. The education material it has is of sub-standard and outdated quality. How can an investor get the update from? Is it not the broker’s duty to offer these services? It is the basic courtesy, where the brokerage lacks entirely and misses the whole point. Why would a trader not provide these necessary facilities?

It means that the focus of the broker is not on facilitating you, but on your pocket. All it wants is to draw funds and spend none on you. You must avoid these companies. Otherwise, it will lead you to different types of trades. 

You do not find common things like videos, which is essential for newbie traders to learn about the financial market. How can they not provide the educational tools? 

Not enough trading accounts 

A trading account is a heartbeat, and Exness does not have any heart for it to beat. That’s why you do not find multiple account services, and a trader has nothing to work on freely. The Standard and Professional accounts are out of the trader’s league.


So, even experienced or novice investors wouldn’t find them in the place of accommodation. You can skim through to know how much can Exness damage your reputation when you trade on it using your hard-earned funds. 

Moreover, the information about Standard and Professional account are difficult to understand. The UI here is so poor that you would not get down to read about any feature. It is all messed up, and a market player would close the website entirely. How can someone be so bad and out of sync from other brokers like ETFinance, IGM FX and ROinvesting? 

It fails to showcase the highlight of the market, which is utterly disappointing. 

Also, it showcases a biased view of other religions by offering particular preference to Muslim countries. Also, the features are way better than what other existing traders are getting. Such biases cannot be tolerated because it flouts secularism. 

Furthermore, the usage and features are distinct for MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. It hikes the stress of an investor and discourages more investment, and other traders also have to bear the brunt. So, every market player should reject Exness for saving their funds and money through the collective effort. 

Help centre does not help

If you have any issue, you move to the customer care, but on Exness, you do no get that opportunity. No one comes to your rescue when you fall in the pit of market fluctuation. Irrespective of the devices or methods you try to contact them, the result is zero and leads to disappointment. 

That’s the biggest letdown, and you find it the most shocking space. How can you address your queries when the help centre is not functional to its capacity. When millions of dollars or Euros are involved, how careless can a broker not provide assistance to its esteemed clients? 

So, creating an account on Exness can be your biggest mistake because any broker that is not interested in helping its customers, what can it do for others, you can imagine. 

If your payment is stuck or the transaction does not happen, you are on your own. The broker does not care. It is the responsibility of the one investing in the market. Such a callous approach is worth reprimanding and self-sabotaging. 

So, a trader won’t miss anything in life if he/she revokes any on Exness from now on. 

FAQ section

The frequently asked question shows the light to any trader when in trouble. But here with Exness, people end up wasting more time while scrolling up and down. The answered and queries offered are literally of no use to any trader. Everything that they have mentioned is known to everyone already. 

So, the broker has not worked on any aspects of the website. It fails to impress everyone and leave them dejected. 

Exness Scam or not? 

It is safe to say that ‘Exness scam’ are correct keywords for the broker having been through so many destructive features. You do not find securities, registration number, and license easily. Why is broker hiding the important information? Instead, it should be open in public so the people can judge it for themselves. 

Brokers’ such behaviour calls for doubts and suspicion. Looking at the past record, you can’t dare to invest with it anymore. 

So, it is fair to say Exness is not something you should invest your money with and entertain yourself in trading. 

Can’t figure out about financial products 

Even after searching the website, you cannot find the products it deals in, so, how can you trust it? When a broker is stagnant for not showing the list of its services and instruments, how can a trader commence trading on it? Is Exness trying to trap people by grabbing their footfalls and putting them to risk? These issues arise, and these are pertinent.

The broker seems fraudulent by resorting to such misfits. 

Account Opening taking time 

Normally, there are only three steps for opening or registering on an account or a broker, but on Exness, it has more than that, which can derail a trader’s management. Also, time management can go kaput. 

In the time of one account, you can easily create three to four accounts. So, the broker’s system takes prolonged moments, which can define meaning while trading in the financial market. So, all in all, Exness fails here as well. 

Withdrawal and deposits 

The deposit and withdrawal functionality is marred with irregularities where people can lose or dupe their funds. Hence, if you are ready to risk your money, then seek the services from Exness. Also, the options are meagre for initiating of withdrawal and depositing. 

Moreover, if you want the money back after depositing, then you may never get it back. So, serious trust issues are hovering. So, how can you think of moving ahead with such a charlatan exercise?


Exness review 2021 clears matter that it is not a good idea to trade with the broker. You might lose your money. It is up to the investors’ or traders’ discretion. However, you have greater options that can help in delighting you with wealth. Brokers like ROinvsting, T1Markets, IGMFX, ETFinance, and Global Trade ATF fall in that group.


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Is Exness regulated?

Exness is monitored by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).