HFTrading Review 2022: Pros & Cons

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HFTrading Review is a popular broker website that renders online financial services beyond the conventional trading boundaries. It is a brokerage firm for newbies with several pros. It offers various facilities to make a trade fruitful. In addition, the traders have access to unlimited educational material, fast execution of payments, and different account types. The solid foundation for future prospects of investment, HFTrading is excelling with its services day by day. 

The educational stuff of HFTrading guides traders in gaining experience. Thus, the broker offers high-tech trading tools and provides trade flexibility. Moreover, with its individualized facilities, traders can use 300+ CFD assets.

HFTrading Review: Pros and Cons


  • Regulated broker 
  • Flexible spreads 
  • Free VPS 
  • Commission-free trade 
  • Variety of trade instruments 
  • Educational material 
  • Trading platforms 


  • No clients other than Australia & New Zealand
  • Minimum deposit of $250

HFTrading: Regulation and Scams

HFTrading is a Financial Markets Authority (FMA) and Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) regulated broker. In addition, the client’s funds are kept segregated from the company’s funds. 

The broker also has the regulation of section 80 of the Anti Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009. This helps in the verification of traders’ accounts and prevents theft and other criminal activities. 

It is licensed under the trading name of CTRL Investments Ltd. A New Zealand incorporated company and also a registered foreign company in Australia. The CTRL is licensed with the number FSPR No. FSP197465 for FMA and AFSL No. 414198 for ASIC. 

With the above information, we can say that HFTrading is not a scam but a legit financial market broker. 

HFTrading Review: Trading Accounts

HFTrading has all that one needs to have a secure and safe trade online. The accounts are designed for all from novice, veteran, and users with intermediate experience. Traders have the best account options with brokers. It confers three trading accounts, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. 

Silver Account

For novice traders, the Silver Account is an ideal choice. The traders who are stepping into the world of trade can take advantage of the account. The account with trading benefits has CFD assets to trade on the forex pairs, shares, cryptos, indices, and many more. Thus, making the trade amazing for traders. It has the following features to trade: 

  • A minimum deposit of $250 
  • Spreads starting from 1.8 pips
  • Base currencies 
  • Maximum leverage of 1:200 
  • Zero commission 
  • Dedicated support team 
  • 300+ assets 
  • Hedging 
  • Fast execution speed of 2s 
  • Marginal call at 100% 
  • Stop out at 15% 
  • STP execution mode 
  • Standard execution speed of 2000ms

Gold Account

Gold account is the middle option that traders have; a trader who has some experience and is advanced with tools can go for the gold account. Increasing the expertise of forex trade, the account is a step forward from the silver account and elevates the trading performance. It has the following features: 

  • Educational Material 
  • Minimum deposit of $5000 per day 
  • Spreads starting from 1.8 pips 
  • Maximum leverage of 1:200
  • Base Currencies 
  • 300+ assets 
  • No Commission charges 
  • Dedicated support team 
  • Hedging 
  • STP execution model 
  • Average execution speed of 60ms 
  • Marginal call of 100%
  • Stop out 15% 
  • Swap discount 25%

Platinum Account

The broker offers the best trading conditions for the professionals of the forex market. The platinum account is designed to aid such traders with trading opportunities. An account with facilities of silver and gold accounts and much more advanced functions. The account has the following functions and benefits: 

  • Minimum spreads starting from 1.8 pips 
  • Minimum deposit of $10,000 per day 
  • Maximum leverage of 1:200
  • No commission charge
  • Swap discount of 50%
  • Dedicated support 
  • Base currencies 
  • News alerts 
  • Educational materials 
  • Hedging 
  • STP execution 
  • Average execution speed of 50ms 
  • Marginal call of 100% 
  • Stop out of 15% 

HFTrading Review: Account Opening

HFTrading offers a five-step simple procedure for account opening. Traders can easily register and create an individualized account to trade with HFTrading. Below mentioned are the steps: 

  1. The first step of account opening is getting registered with the HFTrading broker. 
  2. On the official website of HFTrading, https://www.hftrading.com/, traders can find the option of opening an account on the top right-hand side. 
  3. By clicking on that, a new page opens on the screen carrying a form for registration. 
  4. The form includes, given name, family name, contact number, email address, and password creation to protect the account. 
  5. Once these details are filled in, the client must tick the two statements with the declaration of age and product updates and click the continue button. 
  6. The second step is the information section, which asks for the client’s details, ID proofs and other data the broker requires. 
  7. The third step is a questionnaire, where the client has to answer the questions regarding prior trading experience if they have any. This would help the broker in guiding the client for further trade with HFTrading. 
  8. The client has to provide details of the documents asked by the broker in the fourth step. 
  9. The fifth step of the process is to deposit funds in the account to start trading. 

HFTrading Review: Trading Platforms

HFTrading has the most popular and globally used trading platforms. The MetaTrader4, Webtrader, and Mobile application simplifies the trading process. Traders can easily access them and have trading tools to trade. Let’s drive into the details of the three trading platforms: 


With MetaTrader at use, a desktop terminal for world trading, traders can easily have the forex market updates sitting at home. MT4 is the most popular and user-friendly interface that provides flexible trading. It is the aid for the financial market on laptops and computer devices. The high functionality of the trading platform makes it reliable and a choice of millions. MT4 offers features that are straightforward in the process and make the trade accessible. Below is the list of its benefits: 

  • Nine standard time frames 
  • Charts and patterns 
  • Optimizes and diversifies the trade 
  • Easy accessibility 
  • Ample market range 
  • Analytical tools 
  • Trade automation 
  • Data security and Transparency 
  • Several indicators 
  • Expert advisors 
  • Technical and fundamental analysis 
  • Placing of stop-loss orders etc. 
  • Customization 
  • Award-winning platform


The browser a client uses can provide access to the world market with HFTrading. With just a click, traders can check the market updates using web trader. No installations and downloads make the trading platform the easiest and time-saving platform. Making every second count of the traders, WebTrader has the listed features: 

  • MT4 access 
  • Easy trading endeavors 
  • Provides account histories 
  • Rapid execution 
  • Handy Charts and analytics 
  • Transparent and secure trading
  • Direct use 

HFTrading Review: Mobile Trading Application

Mobile trading is a trouble-free trading platform that could be used anytime and anywhere. Mobile phone users can easily download the application from their Android play store or Apple store and trade online. The application has all the features and can access the market in seconds. Thus, making it handy and super quick a trade. 

  • Ease the MT4 platform use 
  • Full access to the platforms through a mobile app
  • Better efficiency 
  • Professional analysis tools 
  • Free download and quick installation 
  • Customizable 
  • Market updates 
  • News alerts 

HFTrading Review: Trading Instruments

HFTrading offers all the forex instruments for its clients: 

  1. Cryptocurrencies 
  2. Commodities 
  3. Forex 
  5. Indices 
  6. Metals 

HFTrading Review: Commission and Spreads

It has zero commission charges. All clients’ profits belong to them; consequently, a trader can trust HFTrading with the trade. 

HFTrading offers tight spreads to its clients, with the minimum spreads starting from 1.8 pips. Spreads are the difference between the bid and ask price for any trading instrument. Moreover, it helps traders in deciding the cost of opening and closing positions. 

HFTrading Review: Leverage

HFTrading provides traders with a leverage ratio to enhance their market position with less investment. For the various accounts that HFTrading offers, the maximum leverage is 1:200 (professional account). As a result, traders can enjoy a high position with the initial investment; however, leverage increases trade risk in the forex market. 

HFTrading Review: Deposit and Withdrawal

The convenience of trade with no hidden costs and extra charges is what a trader needs. HFTrading has all the facilities to make the process hurdle-free and enjoy the trade. The deposit of funds by traders in the account at HFTrading has no charge. Traders can, with no extra payment, deposit funds and trade freely. To deposit money, traders can use e-wallets, bank wire transfers, and credit and debit cards. 

Withdrawal is also as simple as depositing money; traders have to pay no charge to the broker for withdrawal. However, the banks from which a transaction is done may have certain charges, so traders must consult and take complete information about the transaction process. 

The methods that could be used for deposit and withdrawal are : 

  1. MasterCard
  2. Maestro 
  3. MasterCard.
  4. Skrill 
  6. VISA 
  7. VPAY 

HFTrading Review: Educational and Research Support

HFTrading has the best educational support for the clients. The trading articles, e-books, tutorials, videos and much more help the traders understand and know the forex trade in depth. Moreover, every single term is explained. Thus, leaving no room for confusion. If there are some problems, traders can consult the customer support team. Hence, making HFTrading an excellent educational hub and support system for clients online. 

Research could be done with tools like the economic calendar, earning seasons calendar and trading signals. Clients can use these for getting an idea of the market, making predictions and trading smoothly. All the features make the trading experience easy and aid in the process of profit earning. 

HFTrading Review: Customer Support

HFTrading brokers are available 24/7 for supporting their clients. A client can quickly get in touch with the team. The official website of HFTrading has an option of contact and complaint about hearing the problems of traders. 

For complaints, traders can communicate with the team through: 

  • Availability: Monday to Friday 09:00 – 00:00 NZST 
  • Contact No.: +64 48895407
  • Live chat support 
  • Email address: [email protected] 
  • Form option to message the team 

For contacting the team for any suggestion or help, traders can get in touch through: 

  • Available from 09:00 – 00:00 NZST 
  • Contact no.: +64 48895407
  • Live chat support 
  • Email address: [email protected] 
  • Form option for message

HFTrading Review: Final Verdict

HFTrading is the best option available to the traders of the financial market. Traders can enjoy the profits with its facilities and serve the clients at zero commission and payments. The trading platforms of HFTrading are as well accessible and up to date with the latest technology. MT4, Webtrader and Mobile trading applications are all simple and easy to use. As a result, clients will not face any difficulty while trading. 

Except these traders also have individual trading accounts as per their needs, leverage ratios, educational support, and a customer support team for the aid of clients 24/7. 

The problem with HFTrading is its service and deposits. The service is only limited to Australia and New Zealand, and the deposits are too high. But comparing the facilities that it serves, a trader would enjoy the easy accessibility and trade with HFTrading.


HFTrading is available 24/7 for clients. Traders can contact the support team with the following aids: 

  • Available from 09:00 – 00:00 NZST 
  • Contact no.: +64 48895407
  • Live chat support 
  • Email address: [email protected] 
  • Form option for message

Transferring funds is easy with HFTrading; traders with e-wallet, bank wire transfers and credit and debit cards can easily transfer funds and trade online using the brokerage account

Opening an account with HFTrading is simple. Traders have to first register and fill in the asked information to create an account. The broker asks for the name, contact number, email address and password to protect the account. Traders also have to provide identity proofs, documents and fill a questionnaire for past trading experiences. After completing all the details, traders can deposit funds and start trading on the HFTrading platform.

The procedure of fund withdrawal is simple; traders can easily withdraw the funds with just a request to the broker. Moreover, there are no extra charges that a client must pay for withdrawal other than the bank charges.

Tradable assets available with HFTrading are: 

  • Cryptocurrencies 
  • Commodities 
  • Forex 
  • Shares 
  • Indices 
  • Metals

The trader is not required to do much for the use of the trading platforms. HFTrading offers MT4 for trading. They are required to install the software on the device through the website of the HFTrading and can get access to the trading platform. There they can build strategies and analyse the market.

A demo account is available easily with the account opening. Once the account is created, the traders can choose from the demo account and the live account. A demo account will help traders make strategies and adequately analyse the market with virtual money.

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