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When it comes to reputation, the House of Borse does not count in the list. It has elements that represent doubts in the minds of investors. Neither you see any variety of features in the brokerage firm nor any assistance to clients. So, it leads to dejection for an average trader, especially the novice. Read House of Borse review 2021 for further details. 

Having seen the behavior and various other prospects of the broker, it is safe to say people are not landing on the right page by choosing it. 

The following reasons can open your eyes to why using House of Borse is not good for your bank balance:- 

The landing page looks doubtful 

When you visit the website, you see an anonymous design like visiting a club site, themed with glitz. That takes the sheen away of serious trading, and all you know is nothing palpable will ever happen on such platforms. The name itself gives an idea of some casinos instead of some distinguished. So, you are right if you feel suspected about House of Borse. 

So, logging on it poses risks for a trader. It is an unidentified space that no one can imagine. And if you’re a safe investor, then staying away from such situations will guarantee the safety of your funds. So, don’t think twice and keep a distance from the broker. You can pick up from the likes of ETFinance, Brokereo, and T1Markets. Some of these have sponsorship from top sporting clubs of the world. 

However, we don’t see any brand or advertising agency backing the brokerage company, which goes to say that there are grave trust issues with House of Borse. 

Any brand would associate with those companies or brokers who have some potential and authenticity. But the House of Borse does not exhibit any of those qualities. Hence, it is one more reason for investors and traders to not trade with it. 

Non-cooperative trading accounts 

The job of a trading account is to set up the market for a trader. But here, you do not find any such service. Once you commit the mistake of getting on the platform, things will not be any good for you. 

There are three types of accounts, and all of them spell troubles instead of helping a broker. You do not feel comfortable or at ease, while trading because the features it offers are not conducive to your will. The charges are high, and yet you do not meet the desired fate for the bidding. 

There are complaints that while trading the bidding, investors got stuck in a loop. Also, they found the money getting deducted and not returning. So, these issues create perplexities and cause tensions in minds. In such circumstances, you cannot work or prosper. Your whole time would be spent in understanding how to get beyond such troubles. 

You can find Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts primarily, which do not help you in trading. Notably, the minimum commission that you find on all accounts is 3 per cent. And you’ll be shocked to know that it gets charged on the platinum account. 

That means a person that has the ability to pay more would pay less. Whereas, for the silver account, you have to shell out 4 per cent of commission. What kind of precedence is being set here? On gold account, the commission charges are 3.5 per cent. So, an investor does not get respite from anywhere. 

The broker wants to mind more and more money quickly, irrespective of whether you make gains or losses. 

Besides, there are technicalities which you do not understand on the website. It does not make an effort to provide any clarity on that either. Like on gold account it mentions that a trader can spend or transact around 1 yard. People would seldom know its meaning, but the broker is doing something suspicious behind the disguise. 

Do not know about features

Even while wandering around on the website, you cannot see the features for all trading accounts. Instead, you feel the same elements are applied for all account types, and that confuses the trader. How do you think it is helping an investor? House of Borse review 2021 exposes it. 

Contact us not helpful

During a problem, you approach the customer care team. But here, you can’t do that either, because the phone does not answer, and the chat is not replying a trader. Where do you go now? You think of deboarding it and quit House of Borse. 

The email facility is disgusting, and so is the messaging service. You do not receive any answer from both of them. A trader is made to feel like a third-class citizen on it. Such behaviour cannot be expected and taken on the chin by anyone. So, if the broker continues to do that with an investor, it is better to search for a broke liker PrimeFin or Global Trade ATF. 

How can you justify such demeanour by a service provider? Isn’t what the brokerage company is resorting to qualifies for breach of trust? 

Is House of Borse Scam or safe? 

It is not safe for you to trade on the broker because it does not care about the client’s requirement. Instead, it looks to fool you around with high charges and nil features. Plus, it does not mention about the license number on the page. Even after searching a lot, we could not find that. So, a broker sans that is too risky to trade with. 

Henceforth, we can easily conclude that House of Borse scam is a true finding. You can push yourself into a crater after creating an account on it. 


House of Borse review 2021 tells you the tale of mistrust and cheating by the broker. It is keeping you away from transparency and not allowing you to trade with benefits. Instead, it is charging unnecessary money, which would discourage you from taking on the market. You can create an account on TradedWell, Oinvest, 101investing, and InvestLite for better performance and output


Yes, the broker is absolutely legit, providing regulatory certifications from regulatory authority FCA. It is keeping you away from transparency and not allowing you to trade with benefits. Instead, it is charging unnecessary money, which would discourage you from taking on the market.

It is not easy to open an Account with House of Borse. When you visit the website, you see an anonymous design like visiting a club site, themed with glitz. Not so east to create an account. The process is time taking and verification takes time.

It is easy to do that. When the traders want to make a trade, they just have to request the broker to exercise their choice of leverage-based transactions. It has to be kept in mind that the trades based on leverage can also go wrong. Trade wisely.

House of Borse provides CFD trading on forex, metals, indices, stocks and a lot more. Each of these asset classes has many assets that can be traded with the broker.

$5000 is the minimum deposit.

House of Borse falls under the FCA as a regulatory body and allows retail traders maximum leverage of 1:30 and professional traders a maximum of 1:00

Yes, it offers MT4

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