Oinvest South Africa

Oinvest South Africa

1. Introduction: Oinvest is a leading brokerage firm in South Africa situated at Ncondo place, Ridgeside Umhlanga South Africa....
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A Brief History

1. Introduction: Oinvest is a leading brokerage firm in South Africa situated at Ncondo place, Ridgeside Umhlanga South Africa. It is a well-regulated service operated under the guidelines of FSCA or Financial Sector Conduct Authority and as per the South African Applicable Regulations, and these authorities impose different types of duty on Oinvest. It is the leader in the Fintech revolution, providing the best services to the worldwide traders who are searching for the professional regulated online broker for trading in various markets. Read the complete overview of the Oinvest South Africa broker below…

2) Summary 

  • As a South African brokerage online firm, it provides traders with the chance to trade on more than 350 tools through underlying assets or CFDs in cryptocurrency, indices, shares and commodities. 
  • With Oinvest, investors can easily invest with US dollars or rand. 
  • It offers maximum leverage up to 1:500 with zero commission fee. 
  • Three different trading account available for metal 
  • The average spread for USD/EUR pair is 0.7
  • Minimum deposit $250 

3) History 

Oinvest is an online broker situated in South Africa. It began operations not too long ago in 2018. It is only allowed to work with South African customers and regulated by FSCA. The broker is the main sponsor of the Kaizer Chiefs Football Club. 

4) Oinvest Account types 

Oinvest South Africa offers trading in two different types of account.

Precious metal account

It includes trading in precious metals. The three accounts offered in precious metal are:

  • Silver account
  • Gold account
  • Platinum account 

Demo account 

One can practice trading before actually putting himself into real market trading. 

The spreads on different types of accounts are given below in the table. 

Gold Silver Platinum
EUR/USD 1.3 2.2 0.7
USD/JPY 1.5 2.3 0.8
GBP/USD 2 2.8 1.3
USD/CHF 1.6 2.6 0.9
AUD/USD 1.8 2.8 1.1
USD/CAD 1.9 2.9 1.2
NZD/USD 2.1 3.1 1.4
EUR/GBP 1.6 2.6 0.9
Gold 0.48 0.59 0.37
Dax 1.5 2 1
Crude Oil 0.05 0.07 0.03


5) Trading platforms 

  • Three trading platforms for online trading, web and mobile 
  •  Provides advance trading platforms like Web Trader, MetaTrader 4 and mobile application  


6) Markets and products for trading 

  • Complex financial derivatives trading- Currencies / currency pair

Oinvest provides the best choices from the largest financial market in the world, with more than 50 currency pairs to select from. 

  • Complex financial derivatives trading- Commodities

Oinvest, the leading brokerage firm in the financial market, provides their traders with an easy and straightforward way to get started in commodity trading. Thus, it offers a one-stop online service for trading complex financial derivatives on the globally leading commodities including coffee, gold and oil. 

  • Complex financial derivatives trading- Indices 

Offering access to the best indices from the United States, Asia and Europe, Oinvest provides inventors entry into primary indices.

  • Complex financial derivatives trading- Stocks 

Oinvest makes it easy for inventors to invest in the leading stocks complex financial derivatives. It provides complex financial derivatives on stocks from a range of the best international firms. 

7) Oinvest Account opening 

There are three easy steps for opening an account with Oinvest. These are:

1) Registration with name and phone number

2) Uploading required documents related to income and personal information

3) Start trade by depositing the amount

To start trading with Oinvest, it just requires three steps, hence do not miss this simple trading opportunity. These three simple steps include: 

  • Open Account: Make a free Oinvest trading account 
  • Deposit: Add funds to your trading account 
  • Trade: Start capitalising on commodities, currency pair, stocks and indices 

8) Oinvest Commissions and Fee  

  • Oinvest charges zero commission fee from traders. 
  • The minimum deposit for opening a trade is $250

9) Deposit and Withdrawal 

Deposit Options: Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Neteller and Skrill 

Withdrawal Options: Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Neteller and Skrill 

10) Leverage 

Indices 1:50 1:100 1:125
Stocks / Equities 1:20 1:40 1:50
Commodities 1:50 1:100 1:125
FX 1:200 1:400 1:400
Silver and gold 1:50 1:100 1:125

11) Is Oinvest scam? 

The big question which often comes in mind of the trader is Is Oinvest scam. The answer to the question is “No.” It is a well-regulated firm working under guidelines of FSCA or Financial Sector Conduct Authority. It is a valid registration number and certificate serves the purpose. 

12) Is Oinvest safe? 

Oinvest takes care of the security of their customer’s funds very seriously because they believe in creating lasting partnerships with their customers. It is the reason why they make sure that all the safety protocols for the funds are strictly followed so that investors can focus on trading rather than worrying about trade security. 

The funds’ safety protocols include the following points: 

  • Fund Segregation
  • Data Security and Cybersecurity Measures

These include:

  • Ensuring that all communications and transactions data servers are encrypted
  • The use of SSL (stringent Secure Sockets Layer) software well as advanced firewalls for protecting all data being received and sent 
  • Ensures that all transactions are in the range of level 1 PCI compliance services.

13) The Advantages and disadvantages of trading with Oinvest South Africa 


1) Provides trading in indices, currency pairs (FX) and complex financial derivatives on stocks. 

2) Provides user-friendly tools in the Oinvest Learning Centre, which are easy to use and also, easy to understand. 

3) 24/5 customer support service 

6) Advance trading courses available for all levels of traders. 

7) Offers advance trading platform such as Web Trader, MetaTrader 4 and mobile application which is compatible with a mobile phone and personal computer 


1) They do not have MetaTrader 4

2) They provide customer support services on weekdays 

14) Research

The trader will get various advanced tools to carry their research work by monitoring each drop and rise in the market value of the particular asset and instant news on new monetary policy and economic reforms. The three primary instruments serving the purpose are: 

  • Economic calendar
  • Earnings sessions 
  • Trading signals 

15) Customer Service 

Oinvest provides dedicated customer support service for twenty-four hours a day with five days a week. Additionally, a live chat option is also available through which you can ask all your questions. The response to these questions is instant and provided by professional experts. 

16) Educational Courses provided by Oinvest South Africa

Offers educational material for all level of trader which includes EBooks, videos, webinars, tutorials along with the economic calendar, earnings sessions and trading signals 

17) Bottom line 

As seen above in the Oinvest South Africa Review, Oinvest is the leading firm in the field of financial market trading. It provides exciting features and affordable trading fee on trade. So, you can continue with the broker without any security or safety-related hesitation. 



Costs & Fees

  • The average spread for USD/EUR pair is 0.7
  • Minimum deposit $250 

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  1. Jun Leavy

    I invested a total of $75,000.00USD worth of Bitcoin with an online company who does trading and was guaranteed a payout of 25% a week. They ended up shutting down their company website but their website was still running. So I could still see my dashboard at that time and instead of paying weekly they ended up compounding my money. It ended up compounding to $179,000USD so I requested for a withdrawal which was declined before they shutdown their website, I complained to my colleague at work who directed me about this recovery expert, Mr. Jim Kim that helped him, i contacted him immediately, what surprised me most that I recovered my money that same week. You can contact him at [email protected] and he will assist you on the steps to recover your invested funds.
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  2. Kathleen Hernandez

    They are heartless scammers, they ruined my life, by making me develop interest to invest my hard earn money. I deposited 97,000eur in June 2019,which was R1,755,714.29 in Rands, there was an impressive improvement in few days, 2 months later I had a car accident and needed money to pay my insurance access, Suddenly I was been send from Pilar to post, they cut the live chats and got harassed from 1 to the other, until they told me that I will forever be poor its their JOB to help me with withdrawal. I was depressed for months! God so kind as i was researching for how to get my funds back from the scam broker, then I came across a comment on the brokers review website, that talks about a recovery expert, on binary,forex,crypto and bitcoin trade recovery Mr Albert Murray, he was to guide me on the process to get my funds back from the so called broker. Him and his team worked relentlessly to get my refund. Feel free to reach out to him via his email address: albertmurray428 @ gmail .com and he will guide you on how to recover your invested capital including your bonus, I advise everyone out there to be very careful with the company they invest their money with, there have been a lot of unregulated broker stealing people's money.
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