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T1Markets Review: T1Markets is the trading name of general capital brokers with registration number HE345774. The broker is regulated by the Cyprus securities and exchange commission (CySEC) with the license number 333/17. 

Since there is a regulatory constraint, the broker also provides segregated trading accounts. This means that the client funds are stored in different bank accounts, other than the firm’s funds. As a result, the retail clients enjoy 1:30 leverage while the professional clients enjoy leverage to 1:200. 

The clients can choose from three different account types; Gold, Silver and Platinum. Each account is crafted by keeping the level of expertise traders might hold. 

Also, each account comes with different benefits and features like well-oriented research materials that include videos, webinars and VPS services. In addition, trading with the broker is commission-free. 

The broker also provides a free demo trading account. With that, the traders can test their strategies and theories of the market in real-time and bot-money. 

The traders associated with T1Markets can enjoy trading over more than 300 CFD tradable assets. The list of assets includes the likes of forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices and commodities. 

Trading can be conducted online with the help of the very powerful MT4 (MetaTrader4). In addition, the broker also provides a web-based application and a mobile trading application for the same. 

Traders can contact customer service from Monday to Friday, between 7 AM-5 PM GMT. 

T1Markets Review: Pros 


  • The broker provides segregated accounts to its clients. As mentioned above. These are the accounts where the client funds are kept separately. All the other funds are held in different accounts.
  • The financial service provider offers negative balance protection. This means that any client’s loss will not exceed the value of funds they hold in their trading accounts. 
  • T1Markets is completely regulated with one of the most significant and unbiased regulatory authorities.


  • The broker does not provide MT5
  • Does not accept clients from the US, North Korea, apart from some other jurisdictions.

Is T1Markets a scam: Regulations:

The broker provides its licensing over the website home page itself. The broker has declared that T1Markets, which is a trading name for GCB, is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The license number is also provided on the website (333/17).

 Trading with a broker regulated with the CySEC means that the broker has to undergo constant updates and audits from the authority’s end. Thus, there is little or no space left for the brokerage firm to conduct any fraudulent activity. 

CySEC was also the first regulatory authority to authorise binary options. This is one of the critical factors that the EuroZone brokers look forward to its regulation. However, since the process to get that is slow and transparent, scam brokers don’t go that far. 

T1Markets Review: Account types

T1Markets offers three different types of accounts for trading. The account types are differentiated based on the clients who will use them. Veterans should opt for the Platinum Account, and the novices can use the Silver Account. Let us read about each account type in brief.

Silver Account:

The silver account is designed for novice traders. There is no commission on deposits, and the spreads begin from 0.07 pips. The retail clients using this account type can enjoy the leverage up to 1:30, and the professional clients can use 1:200 leverage. 

Gold Account:

On deposit commission grounds, none of the accounts is different. None of the accounts is subject to any commission on deposit. They are a bit low in the gold account regarding spreads, beginning from just 0.05. The leverage is also the same as compared to the platinum and silver accounts.

Platinum Account:

The account is designed for professional clients. The platinum account has the lowest spreads, beginning from just 0.03 pips. The account is not different from the other two on the grounds of leverage, available currency pairs for trading and deposit commissions. 

T1Markets Review: Account opening process:

  • To open a trading account with T1Markets, the traders can visit official website of T1Markets and click on “open Account” with the account type they desire. 
  • After that, the clients are redirected to a page where they have to fill in their credentials like an Email Address, their phone numbers with the correct country code. 
  • When the clients click on the “create Account ” button, they have to fill in some documents like proof of identity, proof of residence, the records for payments and some more papers. The uploading of these documents on the server is a standard process because most of the legitimate brokers, including T1Markets, work with the standard KYC and AML regulations. 
  • After this process is complete, the clients have to answer a questionnaire, complete the documentation and fund their account. After that, they can begin trading.  

T1Markets Review: Trading Platform


Traders day trading in forex look forward to having MT4 as the preferred trading platform. This is because most of the traders doing intraday in forex depend on small but frequent price movements to capture profits. The MT4 platform is induced with more than 30 technical indicators that help the traders to achieve this feat. 

The MT4 platform also flexes SSL technology. This is one of the best security-based techs that the platforms can use to prevent user data from leaking out of the official server. 


The web trader comes with a variety of features: 

  • The traders can use multiple windows for comparing different assets with their respective charts. 
  • The balance levels are shown in real-time. As soon as the balance reaches the margin, there is an indication to the trader. Actions have to be taken so that the funds don’t fall below the margin levels. 
  • WebTrader will update the trader about the trading conditions. Trading conditions are nothing but the presence of a bull/bear market. Since the platform indicates a persistent pattern or a “trading condition”, it gets a little easy for traders to decide their calls.
  • If the trader uses multiple accounts on one platform, the WebTrader can switch over with one tap. 
  • Apart from the customer support that the FSP provides, the platform also provides a built-in support system. 
  • There is also an option to live chat. 

WebTrader is Known to sync itself with any existing MetaQuotes software present in the system. This simply means that if the clients use any other software from the same parent company, then WebTrader will take all the credentials and use them to cater. The trader is liable to do that manually. 

The platform provides more than 25 technical indicators for traders. These include the MA,s and Fibonacci retracements to begin with. 

WebTrader is pre-installed with different market execution modes. This includes the two markets, two stop orders and a trailing stop function. 

WebTrader is Known to sync itself with any existing MetaQuotes software present in the system. This simply means that if the clients are using any other software from the same parent company, then WebTrader will take all the credentials and use them to cater itself, without the trader being liable to do that manually. 

The platform provides more than 25 technical indicators for traders. These include the MA,s and Fibonacci retracements to begin with. 

WebTrader is pre-installed with different market execution modes. This includes two markets, 2 stop orders and a trailing stop function. 

T1Markets Review: Mobile Application: 

The mobile application puts the MT4 trading platform in the hands of the trader. Simply put, the MetaTrader4 Mobile application provided by T1Markets provides traders with the option to trade while they are on the go or are doing something else. 

The mobile application is better for active traders rather than intraday traders. The latter prefer charts on a broader screen since their job is to scrape every bit of profit. Active traders trade around ten times a month. For that, the mobile app is a better option. Below are a few snapshots of the MT4 mobile application for trading. 

T1Markets Review: Instruments & Markets

T1Markets allows traders to trade more than 300 CFD tradable instruments. These include the likes of forex, the most liquid market, cryptocurrencies that represent volatility and money in the making. The broker also offers the traders to trade over traditional equities and commodities via CFDs. 

Spreads are variable, and the chargeable amount also depends on the type of account the trader is using to make the trades. 

Associated traders can also use instruments like futures and ETFs. The idea is to make traders earn more profits. 

The broker offers CFD trading on more than 40 Forex pairs, 45+ stocks, 20+ commodity assets, and 20+ cryptocurrency assets. 

T1Markets Review: commissions and spreads:

Trading with T1Markets is commission-free. Spreads and swaps are the only billable charges. The firm also offers discounts on overnight swap charges. Going with the legal documentation that the broker provides also charges an inactivity fee if the trader has not traded for more than 61 days. For the inactivity tenure lasting for more than 270 days, the chargeable amount is 500 Euros.

The broker also provides information about the spreads over its website.

T1Markets Review: Leverage:

For retail clients, the broker offers a maximum of 1:200 leverage. While for the professional clients, T1Markets offers 1:500 leverage. The leverage is also subjective in terms of the asset and, as mentioned, the type of account in use. 

T1Markets Review: Deposits and Withdrawals:

T1Markets offers the following methods for depositing and withdrawing the funds. 

  1. Credit Cards.
  2. Debit Cards.
  3. Klarna. 

The requests for withdrawals can be placed from the client portal area directly. Here, the person making the request should be the actual holder of the bank account associated with the trading account registered with the financial service provider. 

T1Markets Review: Education and research material:

The broker provides neatly curated articles that are solely based on trading education. T1Markets also offers trading based insightful videos and webinars that can be attended by traders who need to understand the market better. The webinars are a good idea because Industry experts generally host them. These People have been in the market for a long time and can give insightful information that comes only with experience. 

The research material also includes an economic calendar and a trading blog. 

T1Markets Review: Customer support:

The broker offers 24/5 customer support and can be contacted by live chat, via telephone, and via email. The live chat typically takes 3 minutes to respond. The customer representatives are well informed about the work area and can solve any trade-related query in a decently small amount of time. 

Bottom Line:

The broker T1Markets happens to be wholly regulated and the services offered are exceptional. The account types are neatly oriented. The regulations are at par, and the funds are secure.

The offered platform is the best in what it does and can be accessed over different types of devices. 

Instruments that the broker offers are oriented towards making the customer more susceptible to profits. 

To put it in simple terms, T1Markets is the ideal broker for people who are new to the financial market and those who have spent a decent time there.


T1Markets is a MetaTrader4 CFD based forex broker that has been in the market since july 2020. The broker also provides trading in CFDs, Futures and more. 

Yes, absolutely. The broker is regulated by one of the best regulatory authorities (CySEC). Apart from that, T1Markets has been awarded as the best forex broker on numerous occasions and also, it is the official online trading sponsor of the Argentine football team.

The broker offers 1:200 leverage for the retail clients and 1:500 leverage for the professional clients.

Leverage is the way to operate a larger market with borrowed funds from the broker. However, it has to be kept in mind that leverage will just amplify the results. It doesn’t matter if it’s a loss or a profit, the whole thing will be amplified.

The minimum deposit is $250

The broker offers MT4 Trading Platform

You can open a demo account by signing up through official website of he broker. It offers free demo account.

Yes, Dogecoin is available to trade on T1Markets

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