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TradedWell Review 2022: Is Scam Or Safe?

tradedwell review
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Founded in 2020 in Cyprus, TradedWell is a trading name of iTrade Global(CY) Ltd, a company authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Apart from this, the broker follows all the local regulations. 

TradedWell has already made headlines despite being a new broker as it provides 170+ CFD, flexible leverage, no hidden fees, and cross online trading platforms. In addition, the broker also offers priority class trading options.

Read more about the broker, its functioning, and its features. Lets’ dive right into itrade global:-

What Is Tradedwell?

TradedWell is an online Forex and CFD trading platform which provide trading on all major instruments such as Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, and Indices.

Established in 2020, the brokerage firm has attracted a huge client base in such a short time.

Pros And Cons:

The broker has several pros for traders opting to trade with it. However, there are some drawbacks too. Here are some:-


  • No hidden fees.
  • Multiple Options.
  • Cross platforms trading services
  • Flexible leverage based on account type and financial instrument.
  • Professional Customer Service.
  • Priority class online trading options.
  • Over 170+ assets available for trade


  • MT5 not available

Is TradedWell Scam? 

No, The Broker is not a scam. TradedWall is a legit brokerage firm that is regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. The firm is owned or run by iTrade Global CY Ltd. The broker offers more than 170 Forex & CFD trading instruments. The company headquarters is located in Isiodou, Andrea Laskaratou & Emanuel Roides Street 10-12, 2nd Floor, Ayia Zoni, 3031 Limassol, Cyprus.

(Risk Warning: CFDs Handel are complex instruments involving high risk. Most investors/traders end up losing money rapidly while online trading CFDs. In addition, most new retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs Handel.)

Trading Account 

TradedWell offers three types of primary accounts to its clients- Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You can also open a demo account for a real trading experience without the risk of losing money. We will dive deep into each account and learn more about them and their features:-

 Silver Account:

  • 1:30 leverage for a retail account 
  • 1:200 for a professional account
  • account manager
  • Hedging
  • Investment news

Gold Account:

  • 1:30 leverage for a retail account 
  • 1:200 for a professional account
  • Account manager
  • Hedging
  • Investment news
  • Free VPS
  • Swap discount of 25%
  • Fifth Decimal

Platinum Account

  • 1:30 leverage for a retail account 
  • 1:200 for a professional account
  • Account manager
  • Hedging
  • Investment news
  • Free VPS
  • Swap discount of 50%
  • Fifth Decimal 
  • Variable Spreads

Professional Trading Account 

  • 1:200 leverage
  • Quick execution and a mind-blowing speed of 100 GBPS bandwidth 
  • Over 500,000 investment size to trade
  • Ten transactions per quarter
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Stop loss and take profit functions
  • Trade size of $10,000 for Equities, $25000 for indices , $50,000 for Forex or currency trading.

Islamic Account

Islamic Account is for the believers of shariah law. Generally, there are numerous charges for Muslim account holders.

Other features include: 

  • No hidden fees
  • No overnight charges and swap charges for holding position
  • No time limit to holding a position
  • Tight spreads
  • No upfront commission

Traders can trade at a low cost, which is flexible for them due to these features.

Demo Account 

A demo account is an account where you can learn and practice trading without the fear of losing real money. Instead, the online broker provides a free demo account and gives you virtual money to practice. 

So you learn trading by practice without losing real money. Demo accounts offer the real trading environment and help you create a strong strategy and build confidence before you enjoy trading in the live account. 

How to Open an Account?

If you want to open an account with this trading broker, then follow these simple steps:-

  • First, go to the website https://www.tradedwell.com, and click on the open account button.
  • A form will open where you have to fill in your details and then click on create an account after accepting terms and conditions.
  • After you click on create an account, you will be redirected to the next form, where you have to fill in information related to the account and click on next.
  • After clicking next, there will be a questionnaire about your trading and stock market knowledge and past trades experience. After answering those questions, click on next.
  • There will be a page where you have to submit documents for verification. Upload a copy of government identity like a passport. Then click next.
  • It will direct you to the payment page where you have to make a payment. You can make payments from MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, EMerchantPay, SafeCharge, and PaySafe.
  • The minimum deposit is $250. There are numerous options, and you can easily make payments, and it’s quick and safe.

After following all the steps, you are good to go. 

Available Trading Platform? 

TradedWell platform offers three trading platforms:- Webtrader, Mobile app, and MT4. Let’s explore every platform and know the benefits are and feature these platforms:-


WebTrader is a platform you can use with your favorite web browser, and this doesn’t need any additional software. This platform is handy as you can easily use it any time and anywhere.

WebTrader offers you fast order execution, so you will not miss any opportunity present in the movement. In addition, you have the same toolkits and instruments as other platforms, and these instruments will help your technical analysis and predict movement while executing a trade. 

MetaTrader4 (MT4):

The popularity of MT4 is at its peak in the industry. You can easily access this platform because it is straightforward and offers an intuitive interface with one-click trade execution.

There are a variety of tools, and they are customizable. It is available for different platforms and languages and offers hedging and backtesting. The process in MT4 is transparent, which makes it convenient to use for both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy users. 

Mobile Application:

The online broker also offers an advanced mobile app available on both Android and IOS. You can trade anywhere and anytime with a TradedWell mobile app like accessing social media. You don’t have to sit at one place to trade, and you can do this while being on the move. 

There are options like:- 

  • Real-time balance check
  • Stop loss and take profit functions.
  • A multilingual support option 
  • A large number of analytical tools like Japanese candlestick, bars, a broken line like Fibonacci retracement, charts, and more to track the best trading opportunities
  • One-click execution
  • Seven different timeframes
  • Real-time balance check
  • Various financial instruments for trading with over 170 assets to trade in CFD.
  • Quick notification and news 
  • Available for download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Major Trading Instruments to Trade-In:

There are several CFDs trading instruments available on the platform. Take a look at some of the major ones. 

  • Commodities: Commodities in which you can trade in raw and daily use items like sugar, rice, wheat, etc 
  • Indexes: Indices in which you trade in various stocks in an index.
  • Precious Metals: Metals in which you can trade metals and precious metals. 
  • Crypto trading: Cryptocurrency in which you can trade with digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. 
  • Stocks: Shares in which you buy a share of companies like vanguard, Franklin, Ishares, and others.
  • Futures: Futures in which you deal in future prices of stocks through contracts.
  • Equity: Dealing with equity, bonds, and mutual funds for long-term investment and profit. 
  • Forex trading: All major, minor and exotic currency pairs are available.

Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments involving high risk. Most investors/traders end up losing money rapidly while trading CFDs. In addition, most new retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.

Fees, Commission & Spreads:

The platform offers spreads and fees based on which account type a trader selects. Let’s review all the charges and spread:-


TradedWell provides 28 PIPs for the silver account, 20 PIPs for the gold account, and 18 PIPs for the platinum account while trading in currencies.

But for EUR/GBP, it is 80 for the silver account, 70 for the gold account, and 60 for the platinum account. For gold, it is 80 for the silver account, 70 for the gold account, and 60 for the platinum account.

For crude oil, it is 250 for the silver account, 200 for the gold account, and 200 for the platinum account.

Maximum Leverage:

Leverage should be used wisely based on the market volatility and risk tolerance profile involving high risk. There are different leverages ratios available for various trading instruments. Let’s discuss:-

  • For Forex; 1:200 in Silver, Gold, and Platinum Accounts. 
  • For Gold and Silver: 1:125 in Silver, Gold, and Platinum Accounts. 
  • For Indices: 1:125 in Silver, Gold, and Platinum Accounts. 
  • For commodities: 1:125 in Silver, Gold, and Platinum Accounts. 
  • For Stock: is 1:50 in Silver, Gold, and Platinum Accounts. 

Deposit and Withdrawals 

The deposit process on the platform is easy, and it is backed by SSL technology which means it is safe. When you deposit money, there is no charge, but the minimum initial deposit is $250. 

There are several options to deposit and withdraw money, and it takes 3-5 working days to do so. Different payment systems for depositing and withdrawing funds include:- 

  • Neteller, bank wire transfer, Skrill, credit and debit cards, etc. 
  • You can pay in USD, EUR, or GBP as well.

Educational and Research Support:

Educational Support:

TradedWell offers chapters, articles, editorials, Forex courses, tutorials, and columns for helping traders understand the basics of financial trading. In addition, the material provides in-depth information and knowledge to traders through articles, videos, and e-books, which enhances their trading standards.

Moreover, there are trading courses and assets hubs that help excel at the trader’s level. Finally, there are several articles related to the financial market that can help you in learning. These can help you in building good trading strategies.

Research Support:

The online brokers offer a range of advanced trading tools like social media platforms. There is an economic calendar from which you can know about all the events related to financial markets and all about the economic data releases.

Earnings report season and trade ideas help in analyzing the market deeply. In addition, these can help you in building good trading strategies.

Customer Support:

The broker provides customer support in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and more. You can contact the support team through various channels, including email, call and chat from Monday to Friday – from 7:00-18:00 GMT. The technical support works efficiently and answers users’ questions quickly.

  • Email Address:  [email protected] or
  • Call on +448000318499, and
  • There is live chat support on the website. 


Overall, the TradedWell platform is a good and reliable broker, offering top trading services. The experience of trading on a broker’s platform is extremely pleasant, and it is right to say that online brokers are the best trading service provider on the internet today. 


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How to open an account with TradedWell?

Opening an account is simple. Visit the website (https://www.tradedwell.com), click on open account, fill in personal and account-related details, answer a few questions, submit documents and verify and last deposit money. You can also open a demo account for real trading experience without the risk of losing money. 

How to Tradedwell contact customer support?

You can contact customer support through email([email protected]), call(+448000318499) and live chat. The support is available from Monday to Friday between 7:00-18:00 GMT.

Which devices are compatible with a Tradedwell platform. Can we log in to a broker simultaneously?

It is compatible with mobile phones (iOS and Android), tablets and desktops. 

How to push funds in the Tradedwell account?

There are options like skrill, VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and others for deposit. One-click deposit.

What is the amount of leverage offered by TradedWell?

The trading platform offers up to 1:30 leverage for retail trader and 1:200 for professional traders.

What is the minimum deposit of TradedWell?

Before beginning, you’ll have to add a minimum deposit of $250.

Is TradedWell legit?

Yes, it is legit as it is regulated and licensed under Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CYSEC) with a license number 298/16.