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TradeEU.com Review 2024

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In the article, we’ll be familiarising traders with one of the efficient CFD trading platforms, TradeEU.com

The platform is popular in the market for its quick market access and the range of services available. CFD traders can make their potential trades online using the platform services. 

Trading experience at TradeEU.com is smooth and easy. It has accounts suitable for all and provides top-tier support. Besides, there are many other offerings improving trades. 

To learn more about the trading platform and its services, let’s dive into the blog details. 

What is TradeEU.com?

TradeEU.com is a CFD trading platform. It is popular for the best trading services that make trading smooth and easy-to-use. Besides, the proper regulation and high security of a client’s fund makes trading experience safe. 

The trading accounts at the platform consider every trader out there. Also, the best trading platforms make it easy to trade online with tools and unique features. 

Here’s a complete TradeEU.com Review to know more about the services and features. 

TradeEU.com Review: Top-Security Features

Security of clients is the top priority of TradeEU. In the values of the trading company it mentions fair play as its core part. The platform aims at succeeding in online trading without any roadblocks. 

They ensure transparency, work as per the regulations and industry standards. It has regulation of Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). In addition, it is SSL secured. 

The transactions and data are highly encrypted for clients’ safety. 

Top Security Features:

  • CySec regulation with licence number 405/21
  • SSL secured
  • Transparency 

Is TradeEU.com Scam?

TradeEU is not a scam but a legitimate trading platform. The platform is regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with licence number 405/21. 

The trading platform is working under the name of Titanedge Securities Ltd. The registration number of the CFD platform is HE411909

Also, the SSL security shows the high standard of security it maintains. The regulation of CySEC authority and encryption of data make it a legitimate trading platform. 

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TradeEU.com Review: Pros and Cons

Below mentioned are the pros and cons of TradeEU that will guide traders what are the best at the platform and some drawbacks they can come across:


  • Regulation of CySEC
  • SSL secured
  • Trading accounts 
  • Minimum spreads from 0.7 pips
  • Various trading accounts 
  • Beginner friendly platform 
  • 250+ CFDs to trade 
  • Demo account option 
  • Advanced trading tools 


  • Less payment methods
  • Not available in some countries yet

TradeEU.com Review: Trading Accounts

TradeEU has designed everything at the platform as per clients need. The trading accounts of the CFD broker are for beginners and pros. No one size fits all and different people have different needs. 

Therefore, here are the four trading accounts users can trade with. However, one of the accounts is a virtual account/demo account to practise trade. The remaining three accounts are: 

  • Silver 
  • Gold 
  • Platinum

Silver Account

Silver account is the basic trading account of TradeEU. The account provides all the trading instruments that traders need to have full control of their trading journey. It is a beginner friendly account with the key features like: 

  • MetaTrader5 trading platform 
  • Expert Advisor supported 
  • Allows hedging 
  • 50% stop-out level 
  • Tight spreads starting from 2.5 pips 
  • No account manager 
  • 24/5 customer service
  • USD, EUR, GB account currency 
  • No trading commission 
  • Mobile app
  • Educational material
  • 50% Web trader 
  • Maximum leverage of 1:30
  • Minimum volume size 0.01
  • 250+CFDs on currency pairs, stocks, indices, metal and commodities 
  • SWAPs 

Gold Account

Gold account is designed for next level traders. It is a perfect option for experienced traders. The features of the account includes: 

  • MetaTrader5 trading platform 
  • Expert advisor supported 
  • Hedging allowed 
  • 50% stop-out 
  • Tight spreads starts at 1.3 pips 
  • Provides account manager 
  • 24/5 customer support 
  • Account currency USD, EUR and GB 
  • No trading commission 
  • Mobile app
  • Educational material 
  • 50% web trader 
  • Maximum leverage up to 1:30
  • Minimum volume size 0.01
  • 250+CFD traded assets 
  • SWAPs

Platinum Account

Platinum account is for the active financial traders. Traders who live and breathe trading can go with the account. A professional account which is superior to the standard accounts. 

The many offerings and features of the account are: 

  • MetaTarder5 trading platform 
  • Expert advisor support 
  • Allows hedging 
  • 50% stop-out level 
  • Tight spreads start from 0.7 pips 
  • Account manager services
  • 24/5 Customer service 
  • USD, ERU and GB account currency
  • No commission 
  • Mobile app
  • Educational material 
  • 50% Web trader 
  • Maximum leverage up to 1:30
  • Traded assets 250+ CFDs
  • Minimum volume size 0.01
  • SWAPs

TradeEU.com Review: How to open an account?

With the TradeEU.com Review traders can easily know how they can open their trading account. We know by now that it is not a scam and has high regulation with top security. 

So, one can think of opening their account. But how? Here we have the answer: 

The steps to open a trading account at TradeEU are: 

  • The first step is to visit the trading platform, www.tradeeu.com and then click on open an account tab. 
  • The tab opens a new window that requires traders to fill in the basic information. 
  • Traders register using their email address and a password. With that they have to enter their name and contract number. 
  • After registration traders have to move to the next step of providing further personal information like income source, tax payment details and documents for verification,etc. 
  • In the third step, the platform verifies the trader. It checks the documents and details and then provides access to the trading account. 
  • Once verified users can select the account type or either go for a demo account. 
  • The final step is to deposit funds and begin trading using the trading services and features. 

Trading Instruments at TradeEU.com

TradeEU offers its users a range of trading instruments. Clients can trade in them to have good market exposure. The platform has more than 250 CFDs on the various financial markets:

TradeEU.com Review: Fees and Charges

TradeEU has a complete document for the clients to analyse the trading fees and charges. In the legal document section they can find the costs and charges PDF with complete details. 

Mentioned below are the fees and charges that traders may have to pay: 


The company charges spreads for CFDs on Commodities, forex, indices and metals. However, the charge depends on the trading account selected by the client. The spread charge for CFDs on stock, cryptos, and ETFs are fixed. 

The spread for various account are: 

  • Silver account spread begins with 2.5 pips 
  • Gold account spread starts from 1.3 pips 
  • Platinum account spreads are from 0.7 pips 


TradeEU does not charge its clients any kind of trading commission. They can easily trade online at the platform. However, CFD traders of stock and ETF only have to pay commission. 

The commission of the two depends on account type and the notional value of trade. The total commission is charged on opening of the transaction and closing. 

Inactivity Fee

The inactivity fee at the platform are given below: 

Inactivity Days  Fees (EUR)
1-60 Free
61-90 100
91-120 50


121-150 100
151-180 100
181-210 100
211-240 250
241-270 250
271-300 250


More than 301  500 per month

Currency Conversion Fee

The conversion fee applies when the deposit of funds in a trading account is of other currency than the base currencies (USD, EUR and GB). Company converts the deposit into currency at a standard rate. 

Besides, it does not have any additional fees. 

Deposit and Withdrawal Fee

The deposit and withdrawal fee at the platform is based on the payment or banking method. The company does not charge any kind of deposit or withdrawal fees. 

TradeEU.com Review: Leverage

Leverage is the loan kind facility provided at the platform. The maximum leverage available for clients at TradeEU is 1:30. Traders can use it as per their trading benefit. 

TradeEU.com Review: Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposit and withdrawal at TradeEu is simple. Traders can easily connect their payment method available at the platform and then deposit or withdraw their funds. 

The funding option of the platform are: 

  • Credit card using Visa, Mastercard and Maestro with currency USD and EUR. It has instant processing with zero fees. 
  • Wire transfer has a payment method of SEPA with EUR currency and takes three business days with no charges. 
  • Withdrawal at the platform takes 3 business days using a credit card or wire transfer system. All the withdrawals are handled within 24 hours of time.

Payment Methods Available

  • Bank transfer 
  • Swift 
  • E-wallet
  • Debit/credit card 
  • Electronic money transfer method

How to deposit funds?

Traders can easily deposit their funds in account by following the given steps: 

  • Log in account 
  • Select deposit 
  • Moves to secure page 
  • Enter the details with funding methods selected 
  • The amount reflects in the account 

How to withdraw funds?

The withdrawal process goes like: 

  • Log in to account 
  • Select withdrawal 
  • Add amount 
  • Click confirm 
  • The amount reflects in the account within 72 hours. Also, email confirmation is sent. 

TradeEU.com Review: Trading Platforms

TradeEU provides traders with two significant trading platforms. Below we have discussed them for more insight on them: 

MetaTrader5 (MT5)

MetaTrader5 is the product of MetaQuote, launched in 2010. It is a user friendly and highly used trading platform globally.The advanced features of the platform make it easy for traders to access tools and services. 

The platform offers: 

  • Advanced tools 
  • Economic calendar
  • Expert advisor 
  • Automatic trading 
  • Algorithmic trading 
  • Advanced charts
  • Time frames 
  • Indicators 

Mobile Application

Users at TradeEU can have its mobile app to access the platform anywhere to trade. It makes trading more efficient and easy for the investors. They can download the app from their mobiles. 

Android users have a play store while iOS users can download from App store. After downloading they can install it on their mobiles. Then, traders can login their account using the credentials provided. 

After login they can have all the features in mobile. They can manage trades, have tools and other trading features. 

TradeEU.com Review: Educational and Research Support

The trading platform offers its clients with top-notch educational and research support. They can use the following for research support: 

  • Economic calendar 
  • Trading conditions
  • Trading hours and holidays 

For educational support traders can access the following: 

  • Glossary 
  • FAQ’s 

Traders use them to improve their knowledge. The knowledge centre has answers to all the questions of the clients and how they can use the platform. 

TradeEU.com Review: Customer Support

Users can connect with the professional team of the platform to get answers to their queries. It has the following option to connect: 

Other than this, there are Cyprus and Portugal email addresses and contact numbers available for traders. 



Final Verdict

TradeEU.com is an emerging potential trading platform. The regulation, high security and SSL encryption make it a protected platform. The CFD and forex broker has a range of financial instruments with various tools to support. 

In addition, the MetaTrader5 and mobile app make trading more smooth. The platform has the best features and top-notch customer support to make a good trading experience.

The platform is for every beginner and pro to have efficient trades. Also, it has low trading fees and easy deposit and withdrawal. Overall, as per the TradeEU.com Review it is a top financial platform available online.


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How to open an account with TradeEU?

In order to open an account with TradeEU traders can follow the steps: 

  • Click on open an account 
  • Register by entering the details 
  • Traders can also choose virtual accounts for practising trade. 
  • If not then directly fund your account 
  • Begin trading 

What documents are required at TradeEU?

The documents required to trade at TradeEU are: 

  • Know your customer (KYC)
  • Identity proof 
  • Residence proof 
  • Utility bill 

Is it safe to add funds with TradeEU?

Yes, it is safe to add funds with TradeEU. The platform is regulated by CySEC and has high security features. The transactions are safe as it follows the security protocols. 

Which currencies can I fund my account?

Traders can deposit their funds with local currency or any other. Then at the platform it can be converted into base currency. There is a conversion charge which traders have to pay. 

Which body regulates TradeEU?

TradeEU is regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with licence number 405/21. 

What are the benefits of trading with a regulated platform?

Benefits of trading a regulated platform are:

  • Governed by MiFID
  • CySEC regulation and proper registration 
  • Segregation of Client funds
  • Anti-money laundering act
  • Protection of funds

How does the Virtual account work?

Virtual account or demo account is the same. It is a practising account to get familiar with the financial market. When a trader opens a virtual account at TradeEU they get 100.000 EUR/USD to practise. 

Then they can switch to a real trading account.