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XPro Markets: An Overview

Due to the Forex markets explosive growth, many people are motivated to pursue trading as a secure career. These enthusiastic traders exhibit a consistent dedication to studying, training, and upholding consistency in their job.

New traders usually have difficulty finding a trustworthy broker among the many options available. Unfortunately, some brokers are dishonest and do not prioritise their clients’ interests, resulting in substantial financial losses.

XPro Markets, an authorised trading brokerage situated in South Africa and founded in 2022, is committed to assisting you along the way and takes a client-centric approach to everything they do. I appreciate that the broker attempts to empower clients by supplying the necessary training materials and resources to ensure that you can keep advancing your trading abilities and market knowledge.

It is always encouraging to see a broker who is concerned about their client’s performance and promotes making well-informed trading decisions based on solid market and underlying fundamental understanding.

You will find that XPro Markets offers a wide range of choices when you trade with them to meet the various trading requirements that each customer has. The broker offers several handy financing alternatives, numerous account types, and trading instruments for use across numerous asset classes.

You have access to tailored account managers, market-leading trading platforms, an endless supply of instructional materials, and round-the-clock assistance.

Is XPro Markets Regulated?

If you use an unregulated brokerage firm, you might not have the same level of protection when trading as with a regulated broker. It guarantees that the broker must abide by the guidelines that have been put in place to attempt to protect clients’ interests.

I would always choose a regulated broker because they are required to conduct themselves honestly and openly at all times. When I am attempting to concentrate on my trade, I do not want to be concerned about the security of my money. 

UKUCHUMA FINANCIAL SERVICES (PTY) LTD, a South African investment company authorised and governed by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa, regulates XPro Markets. 

Countries XPro Markets doesn’t serve in

The broker doesn’t provide services in the United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, and some EU member states. The company has the right to reject registration from other regions, such as FATF high-risk jurisdictions or sanctioned nations, at its sole discretion. If your nation of residence is prohibited, you might wish to look at our broker ratings to find an appropriate substitute.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Versatile trading platforms
  • Tight spreads and rapid execution speeds
  • Decent selection of 160+ CFD instruments
  • Flexible account types and funding options
  • Handy trading tools including signals
  • Educational resources for beginners
  • Free demo accounts
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Minimum $250 deposit
  • No MetaTrader 5 platforms
  • Do not support crypto funding
  • Cannot accept clients from some countries

Deposit Methods and Minimum Requirements

You can choose from a variety of appropriate deposit and withdrawal options at XPro Markets. By selecting the deposit option that works best for you, you can swiftly and securely fund your trading account. This covers bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and alternative payment mechanisms (APMs).

The needed minimum deposit is $250/€250. The chosen payment method may affect how long it takes for the cash to clear. It often takes a few business days for bank transfers to clear and appear in the account.

Fund Withdrawal methods

Your withdrawal request will be processed within 8 to 10 business days. Please be aware that it could vary depending on the local bank.

You must first log into your account before proceeding to the withdrawal page’s simple instructions.

For credit card withdrawals, the minimum withdrawal amount is 10 EUR/USD/JPY, while for wire transfers, it is 100 EUR/USD/JPY. You can withdraw any amount using an e-wallet as long as it is sufficient to pay the cost.

Depending on the situation, the Company maintains the right to impose a withdrawal fee. The General Fees document contains all the necessary details.

What can be Traded on XPro Markets?

Over 160 CFDs, including those for trading in forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, shares, and indices, are available from the broker. A financial instrument known as a contract for differences (CFD) is used to pay the variations in settlement prices between open and closing trades. With CFDs, you may essentially trade the direction of assets over extremely brief intervals of time without really owning the underlying asset.

  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Shares
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Metals

Account Types XPro holds

XPro holds various types of accounts suitable for different types of clients according to the suitability of their trading needs. The broker aims to provide unique and advanced trading options that are tailored to enhance your online trading experience. The types of trading accounts are as follows: 

Classic Account

  • Leverage up to 1:400
  • Spreads from 2.5 pips
  • All trading instruments
  • Margin Call 100%
  • Stop Out 20%
  • Minimum lot size 0.01
  • Maximum lot size 50
  • Free Support
  • Free Trading Education
  • Educational Webinars

Silver Account

  • Leverage up to 1:400
  • Spreads from 2.5 pips
  • All trading instruments
  • Margin Call 100%
  • Stop Out 20%
  • Minimum lot size 0.01
  • Maximum lot size 50
  • Free Support
  • Free Trading Education
  • Educational Webinars
  • Trading Signals via SMS

Gold Account

  • Leverage up to 1:400
  • Spreads from 1.8 pips
  • All trading instruments
  • Margin Call 100%
  • Stop Out 20%
  • Minimum lot size 0.01
  • Maximum lot size 50
  • Free Support
  • Free Trading Education
  • Educational Webinars
  • Trading Signals via SMS
  • Full Account Overview Monthly
  • VIP Webinars
  • Dedicated Account Manager

VIP Account

  • Leverage up to 1:400
  • Spreads from 0.9 pips
  • All trading instruments
  • Margin Call 100%
  • Stop Out 20%
  • Minimum lot size 0.01
  • Maximum lot size 50
  • Free Support
  • Free Trading Education
  • Educational Webinars
  • Trading Signals via SMS
  • Full Account Overview Weekly
  • VIP Webinars
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Senior Account Manager

Demo Account

XPro Markets’ demo account is for free and it comes with virtual funds loaded, so the clients can practise their trading strategies risk-free. It’s a great way of familiarising yourself with the broker’s platform. Once you have gained enough confidence, you can switch to the above-mentioned trading accounts and start doing live trading. 

Trading Platforms

MetaTrader 4

You can use the sophisticated MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform through XPro Markets’ trading app, PC, or mobile. Millions of CFD traders use the ever-popular MT4 platform, which offers helpful trading signals, adaptable charts, and in-depth analysis of more than 160 of the most well-liked CFD assets right at your fingertips.

If you wish to conduct fundamental market analysis and trade activities, the MT4 platform should be more than sufficient, in my opinion. With MT4, you may use any of the 30+ built-in technical indicators to study trading instrument charts over several chart timeframes and in great detail. 

Additionally, it has graphic elements for illustrating significant price levels, such as support and resistance. I appreciate that price alerts can be set.

The key features of the MT4 platform include:

  • Multiple chart types
  • Various chart timeframes
  • Flexible order types (instant, pending and limit)
  • Trade directly on charts
  • Alert notifications
  • Technical indicators
  • Trading strategy templates
  • Automated trading with EAs
  • Strategy tester to backtest EAs
  • Custom indicators, scripts and EAs
  • Marketplace with additional trading tools


Modern, sleek, and incredibly user-friendly describe the XPro Market web platform. You don’t need to download, install, or run any additional software for it to run in most of the web browsers. This is fantastic since it allows you to access your account whenever you need to from any device.

XPro Markets’ WebTrader includes the following features: 

  • Instant access to high-liquidity markets
  • Free Trading Analysis tools
  • No download required
  • User-Friendly Web Interface
  • 3 Clicks Transactions
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit Calculators
  • New Limit Order Provided

Trading Tools

Live market summary

The broker’s website has a live market signal that helps in inspiring potential trading ideas. You’ll detect a variety of different tools along with possible price levels based on analysis from a combination of technical indicators. 

Chart analysis

XPro Market’s website has a special chart analysis widget helping traders keep track of rising and falling trends. This particular feature provides a ready-made analysis helping the traders maximise their trading potential. 

Economic Calendar

This economic calendar lets you stay on top of all the economic events happening across the globe. And is often used as the art of fundamental analysis. 

Educational And Research Resources

One must never stop learning and should try finding new ways to upgrade their skills. Keeping this in mind, XPro Markets offers its traders, be they a beginner or experienced, a wide range of educational resources to hone their skills so they can trade efficiently.

Trading e-books

The broker provides a variety of e-books that aims to improve the trading skills and knowledge of the traders. 

Interactive Courses

XPro Markets has tutorials and a practice account for its traders, so they learn to use their theoretical knowledge practically. 

VoDs and Articles

XPro Markets also provides Videos-on-Demand and articles for their clients of any level or inquiry. And these are all free.

Customer Support

XPro Markets tries to quickly resolve the issues of its clients and serves them 24/7. It offers various ways to connect with customer support and their response time is very effective. 

You can connect with them through the following ways:

  • Phone number: +27870948672, +27101573383
  • Live Chat
  • Mail: support@xpromarkets.com


XPro Market is regulated by the FSCA and offers trading options to traders having expertise of different levels and investment sizes.

This broker provides a wide range of trading instruments with low spreads and can be traded using MT4 platforms across multiple devices, including the web.

The clients have options to choose from a variety of flexible trading accounts and convenient payment options.

Apart from all the above-mentioned features, XPro Markets also offers a demo account, a pool of reliable educational resources, trading tools and round-the-clock customer support for the clients.


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Is XPro Markets a regulated broker?

Yes, XPro Markets is regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa.

What countries does XPro Markets not serve?

XPro Markets does not provide services to clients from the United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, and some EU member states. They also reserve the right to reject registration from other regions at their discretion.

What is the minimum deposit required to open an account with XPro Markets?

The minimum deposit requirement is $250/€250.

What deposit and withdrawal methods does XPro Markets offer?

XPro Markets offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal options, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and alternative payment mechanisms (APMs).

How long does it take for a withdrawal to be processed?

Withdrawal requests are usually processed within 8 to 10 business days, but the processing time may vary depending on the local bank.

What can be traded on XPro Markets?

XPro Markets offers over 160 CFDs (Contracts for Difference), including forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, shares, and indices.

What types of trading accounts does XPro Markets offer?

XPro Markets offers several types of trading accounts, including Classic, Silver, Gold, and VIP Accounts, each with different leverage, spreads, and additional features.

Do XPro Markets offer a demo account?

Yes, XPro Markets provides a free demo account for clients to practise their trading strategies risk-free.

What trading platforms does XPro Markets support?

XPro Markets supports the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, which is available on PC, mobile devices, and through their trading app. They also offer a user-friendly web-based platform called WebTrader.

How can I contact XPro Markets’ customer support?

You can contact XPro Markets’ customer support through phone numbers, live chat on their website, or by sending an email to [email protected]. They provide 24/7 customer support.