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Cryptocurrency Trading 2021: Tutorial to Learn the Basics and Advanced Tips

Cryptocurrency trading 2021

Financial markets require remarkable poise, determination, thick skin and ability to grasp knowledge to make a mountain out of a mole. You’ve got to be disciplined while trading in trading bazaars if you wish to be a czar of the field. If you constitute all traders that take place globally, the overall budget and transaction would be more than the economy of the earth combined. Cryptocurrency trading 2021 tutorials talks about a similar phenomenon that teaches the best ways to turn professional with the following ideas and tips:- 

What is Cryptocurrency Trading 2021? 

Cryptocurrency is a medium which exists for amplifying and simplifying exchanges of items and channelise trade which is ahead of time or at least consistent. It is an instrument that developed lately not more than two decades ago. The concept of digital currency stems from technology and concern of fiat currency requiring millions and billions of dollars for printing. 

Moreover, fiat currencies can be copied, leading to the creation of fake money, which is one reason for terrorists spreading their activities relentlessly. It is tough to track money in forms of notes. But digitally, when you are transacting through cryptocurrencies, there are exchanges that can track the transaction activities and have proofs of identification of people performing them.

Hence, anyone indulging in criminal activities can get into the hands of an intelligence agency. 

Storage in ledger 

The data of transactions in cryptocurrency gets stored in the form of ledgers that exist in the form of a database in a computerised system. For securing the transaction records, it uses cryptography technology. It verifies the transfer along with controlling the creation of other coins. 

No Centralised System

Cryptocurrencies are like birds flying in the sky without compulsion or fear of any control. There’s no central authority which manages or governs these digital currencies. There is no existence of paper in their forms, so, it is safe and traceable. 

Each cryptocurrency works through a distributed ledger and does not cow down to any political or non-political pressure. For issuing a cryptocurrency, miners or computer programmers have to show their skills and get better of problems by showing their computation skills. 

Here, blockchain technology is a database which serves as covering the transaction of finances.

History of Cryptocurrencies

David Chaum, in 1983, came up with a similar concept of cryptocurrencies. He was a cryptographer who conceived the idea of digital money called ecash. His vision got culminated in the form of electronic money called Digicash. However, it took almost 12 long years. 

For withdrawing notes from the bank, it required user software. An individual also required to designate an encrypted key before sending funds to another recipient. However, it made it difficult for any government authority, third party or even the bank to trace the money. 

The first-ever legitimate and accepted cryptocurrency got established in 2009, which a pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, a developed created it. SHA-256 was used as for its pow (proof-of-work) scheme. It’s a cryptographic hash function. Then in 2011 April came Namecoin for uncensoring the internet censorship to an extent. It was an attempt through a decentralised DNS. 

Soon after in October 2011, Litecoin came into the establishment of the market. However, scrypt as its hash function this time.  

Cryptocurrency Trading 2021: Types of Cryptocurrencies

So far, there are thousands of currencies circulating across the world. After watching the success, impact and supremacy of cryptocurrencies, several countries have decided to launch their digital money. However, they would be governed, so, people won’t be able to enjoy the same perks of the transaction as they do with decentralised cryptocurrencies. 

There would be no freedom and execution of a set of rules that would make it difficult for people to transact freely. 


It’s penurious to no introduction as everyone knows how popular it is among the masses. Anyone market player who begins the journey of cryptocurrency would purchase a fraction of bitcoins. The internet currency is the pioneer and an alternative to the existing fiat money. After the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are realising how important it is to have an alternate source that does not require any physical presence; hence the virus won’t spread too. 

If you narrow down the discussion, which currency catapulted in 2020, it was unanimously bitcoin irrespective of the global economic slowdown. It crossed the magical mark of $23,874 on December 19, 2020. There was no difference in its health as how industries were doing globally. Investors and traders showered their faith that it helped it break away from what seemed the toughest pathway. 

Bitcoin Extraction

There is a cap on mining of bitcoins. After 21 million coins, there would be none available furthermore. Hence, anyone interested in mining them would require extremely brilliant computing and programming skills besides a super equipped machine that can shoulder the weight of responsibility. Earlier, when not too many people knew or miners knew about it, things were easier for extracting bitcoins. Now, a team of miners come together to resolve intricate mathematical puzzles. 

It requires an expenditure on electricity and time in hand. After decoding the problem, the unit gets distributed among people. Slowly and steadily as the bitcoins are getting mined, its prices are hiking. Also, the level of difficulty is rising too in mining them. 


It is one of the substitutes of bitcoins that came into the market after witnessing bitcoin’s initial success. The year of its establishment was 2011. Market players symbolise it with ‘L’ for trading. Peer to peer technology features it, and you can make payment throughout the world using it without caring about the commission on the payment. 

Litecoin comes with a highly liquified feature similar to bitcoin. So, if you are trading in the digital currency market and feel the itch to sell it for garnering some urgent funds, you would always find buyers willing to accept your offer. 

Even experts believe that irrespective of other financial markets’ result, litecoin would remain stable in its capacity, because of the trust imposed by millions of traders and investors across the globe. 


The cryptocurrency found its way into the mainstream of transaction in 2015. Its popularity and acceptance in the market are no lesser than bitcoin. Also, any cryptocurrency that comes near distantly to BTC is ETH.

There is a trust of strong, loyal fanbase or you can call traders, which never let it down. Experts believe that it is one digital currency that has more acceptability than bitcoin at some places. 

Also, it acts as the best product for all dApp ecosystem. So, several companies, industries and developers support the cryptocurrency for its unique feature, which others lack. Hence, it has a level up compared to others. 

It has a partnership with Microsoft in one of the projects called ConsenSys. Ethereum stands at the second position in terms of the market capitalisation. 


Compared with bitcoin and ethereum, ripple is no less than a veteran in the field of cryptocurrencies with its birth in the year 2012. It got stable after a while. However, in 2017 it saw a momentum in the trading and went on to witness highs. It shared some low as well after that, but investors and market players kept their faith in it. Today, it stands at the third spot in the market capitalisation among all existing cryptocurrencies.

If you look at the concept of ripple, it holds distinction from other cryptocurrencies. It got released as a startup. 

Ripple offers financial settlement services to various banks across the world. They can make direct transactions across borders without worrying about any hassle. 

The digital currency has acquaintances with many financial institutions, and it is not reserved in the hands of some individuals alone. It has partnered with renowned financial institutions and banks which are readily accepting protocols of ripple. 

Going by the support system and its fundamentals, for cryptocurrency trading 2021, it is among the top digital assets. 

Basic Attention Token- BAT

The cryptocurrency has its charm ever since it got the flight in 2017. It is among those internet currencies which are fairing well in the market and winning the attention and hearts of traders. People use BAT for tipping content creators, and it happens due to its acceptability in the market. 

Browser industries are looking for potential into it—co-creator of BAT are JavaScript, Brendan Eich and Mozilla Firefox. Considering these renowned names coming together, the brand is bigger than anyone can anticipate. Plus, the backing of extraordinary companies and names in the technical fields. 

Hence, in the cryptocurrency trading 2021, BAT is going to increase its base, and the valuation may touch heights. 

NEM- New Economic Movement 

The cryptocurrency found its foundation in 2015, which is written in the programming language Java, C and C++. XEM is the symbol of NEM in the world of the trading market. It is packing some different features, which is alluring youngsters. So, it is important for users to pay heed to the market theatrics. 

Dash Coin 

In the year 2014, dash coin witnessed the light of the day. Evan Duffield is the founder of the digital currency who derived it from litecoin. 

It was called dark coin in the beginning; however, it got rebranded as dash coin in 2015, ever since no power could deter its growth. There are master codes that come with the cryptocurrency which expedites the speed of its transaction.  

The current market cap of the cryptocurrency is $1.047B. 

Is Investment in Cryptocurrency beneficial? 

The year 2018 was a subdued time for investing in cryptocurrency, but the loyal investors manage to hold their grounds even when bitcoin price slipped down and languished around $3500 in 2019 from a record $17,000 upswing in December 2017. 

Many people say that cryptocurrencies are nothing but a bubble of a rumour that might burst any day, but they forget that several digital currencies belong to renowned companies that have a physical presence in the market. There are aware that valuation of their internet currencies is directly related to their reputation. Hence, they are making sure that nothing goes wrong with their respective coins. 

So, the fear of what would happen if the wave of plunges sweeps their investment off must be rested by market players. Like every financial market, there would be some mandatory corrections, but the bearish phase won’t stay longer. We’ve seen that in the case of cryptocurrencies in 2020. Every business and industry got stuck in an elevator of the COVID-19 pandemic apart from the digital currency. 

However, it does not mean you do stay out of observing the market tendency. It is essential to weigh upon the investment that includes your ability to take risks. Furthermore, it is true that predicting the market of cryptocurrency, which has dependency wholly on how the market is accepting it. 

The cryptocurrency market can make you wealthy, but you can’t exercise the profits in one day. It takes funds, sincerity, patience and tips. If you are ready with these tools, then investments in cryptocurrencies is a fruitful idea. 

Cryptocurrency Trading 2021: Tips for Investing responsibly

Get a rough estimate of how much can you afford to invest. Calculate it, create a proper chart and see where do you stand and what is the feasibility? If that part gets sorted, then investment in any financial market would become comfortable, let alone cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency but never forget to diversify your investments and try our other assets. A financial advisor is the best person to guide you through the tide and offer some wisdom for investing in some growing internet currencies. 

Cryptocurrency Trading 2021: Get a broker 

Exchanges have some limitations; you cannot receive advice from them, nor do you have the options of crucial tools, charts and speaking with the customer care. 

In that case, brokers like ROinvesting, HFTrading, 101investing  can help you. 


Cryptocurrency trading 2021 seems similar to forex trading because both have a utility of offering ease in trade. However, the former is not a regulated entity, entirely decentralised which casts a shadow of doubt in many minds and rightly so. On the other hand, the forex market is the biggest bazaar in terms of average daily trading crossing $6.6 trillion transactions. But there is a fine distinction between the two. 

One accords the fiat currency, which is a centuries-old tradition, not the other cryptocurrencies came into existence not more than two decades ago. However, you can see it as emerging as the strongest possibility and alternative to old currencies.

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