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EOS Topples 10%, Makes It The Largest One-Day Loss

EOS Topples 10%, Makes It The Largest One-Day Loss

On Monday, EOS was trading at $2.323, down 10.06 percent on the day. It was the most significant percentage drop in a single day.

EOS’ market cap fell to $2.2970 billion, or 0.13 percent of the overall cryptocurrency market cap, as a result of the drop. EOS had a market cap of $17.53 billion at its peak.

Last day, EOS traded in a range of $2.308 to $2.439. EOS has remained unchanged in value during the last seven days, moving about 0.46 percent.

Bitcoin fell 3.6%, while Ethereum suffered a loss of 4%. 

Coinbase (COIN), a cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States, sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency industry when it announced a list of 50 crypto assets. They were being considered for a listing in the second quarter as part of an effort to improve the transparency of the company’s listing process.

On Friday, Opera (OPRA) announced a beta version of its Web3 browser for iOS devices that has a built-in crypto wallet.

The Crypto Browser Project, a Web3-focused endeavor for simplifying browsing between decentralized applications (DApps), games, and metaverse platforms, has just released a mobile version.

The Opera Wallet, which supports Ethereum, Polygon, and other tokens, is one of the primary features, according to the business. It allows users can purchase, sell, and transfer tokens. Users can also use the native Opera Wallet to recover any Ethereum Virtual Machine compliant Wallet and combine their current assets and balances.

Despite the rapid expansion of competitors like USD Coin, Tether’s chief technical officer, and Bitfinex’s chief technology officer is sure that Tether will maintain its reputation as the most widely used stablecoin. 

The Russian Ministry of Finance has completed a draught bill titled “On Digital Currency,” which it has given to the Russian government for approval before becoming legislation. The proposed federal bill outlines restrictions governing cryptocurrency trade and mining.

Russia’s finance ministry announced the revision and finalization of an upcoming crypto bill, which clarifies legal requirements for cryptocurrency circulation, mining, trading, and other operations.

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