Ethereum community members seem bullish on Bitgert!

Ethereum community members seem bullish on Bitgert!

Bitgert is all set to launch one of the fastest and cheapest blockchains, and the future price outlook is looking bullish. Many investors, including the Ethereum community members, are buying $BRISE due to the tremendous amount of developments in the Bitgert ecosystem.

The Bitgert team is working day and night to deliver the most disruptive cryptocurrency projects in the market. Moreover, the blockchain has already released disruptive products, which is the major rationale behind why Ethereum community members are buying $BRISE.


When compared to ERC 20 on the Ethereum blockchain, BRC 20 blockchain is disruptive and very competitive. Moreover, the Bitgert blockchain will still be very competitive in comparison with Ethereum 2.0. One of the main reasons is the lowest gas fees of $0.00000001 and the fastest speed of 100 TPS.

Furthermore, Bitgert roadmap V1 got delivered in less than six months which attracted a lot of Ethereum holders. As of now, Bitgert is working on V2, and the pace at which it is delivering the projects is super impressive to the Ethereum holders. Moreover, the platform markets itself as a zero gas fee, Defi, NFT, and Web3 technologies ecosystem.

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