German automobile manufacturers betting on hydrogen cars

German automobile manufacturers betting on hydrogen cars

The hydrogen fuel is slowly catching up with the battery-powered cars in the race. Some of the biggest automobile giants are putting their weight behind german automobile manufacturing, creating hydrogen fuel-cell passenger car prototypes for the future. It is one of the processes to end the dependence on fossil fuels at the earliest. 

Car manufacturers like Audi and BMW are among the frontrunners developing the technology for buyers. Moreover, as a part of their preparations, they are making advanced fleets of battery cars.  

The vehicle makers consider several factors, including the shift in political winds that can favour hydrogen cars. Thus, car manufacturers are taking a balanced approach towards sustainable change and launch. Interestingly, Tesla pioneered the bet to clean cars through battery-powered vehicles. 

The world auto hub Germany has become a focal point for car buyers for their innovative technology like never before. Moreover, to meet the climate change targets, the nation is already fueling billions of dollars in different industrial verticals, including chemicals and steel. 

Additionally, Greens are likely to enter the closely-fought elections in the country and form a coalition government. That may push the technology quotient further. 

Among other German carmakers, BMW is emerging as the most prominent proponent. It is looking to arrest the mass-market model around 2030. Notably, the company is eyeing the shifting policies on hydrogen in China and Europe to capture a significant market share. 

Interestingly, with the help of the German government’s partly funding, the Munich based company has developed a car prototype based on X5 SUV. 

The premium car player is looking forward to building a test fleet for around a hundred cars by 2022. The BWM vice president, Jürgen Guldner, who is leading the programme of hydrogen fuel cars, believes that irrespective of the demand or politics, the company would be ready with its product. According to him, the luxury auto car maker is confident to make a breakthrough in the decade. 

Meanwhile, Volkswagen’s Audi brand’s congregated a team of more than a hundred engineers, and mechanics developed a few prototype cars based on hydrogen fuel cells on behalf of the VW Group. 

On the contrary, manufacturing may benefit from quick refuelling rather than battering; erecting an infrastructure seems equally tricky for manufacturers. Also, for the mass markets, consumers may find it quite expensive to purchase. Thus, the question of the affordability of hydrogen cars hovers questions. 

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