Investors are drawn to crypto industry over Russia-Ukraine tension escalation

Investors are drawn to crypto industry over Russia-Ukraine tension escalation

Global investors are buying cryptocurrency funds and firms in order to gain exposure to a sector that many feels can weather the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

In the previous three weeks of February, venture capital (VC) purchasers invested about $4 billion in the crypto industry. Last week, venture capitalists invested another $400 million into the sector’s start-ups.

Investors in the United States withdrew a total of $7.8 billion from bond funds. There were $707 million in net outflows from real estate funds.

The VC investment follows a pattern of large weekly inflows. Weekly investments in the business have ranged from $800 million to over $2 billion since the beginning of the year.

Over the previous two weeks, new crypto funds have raised roughly $3 billion.

Carnaval becomes the first NFT marketplace that is well crafted to tap into this level of security, delivering a first-ever for minting exclusive artworks on Bitcoin.

Carnaval is one of the catalysts of the ongoing paradigm change brought about by non-fungible tokens.

The Kiln is now providing ETH developers and stakers with a PoW testing environment. Kiln has been used to test the merge by ETH engineers and node operators.

Carnaval will be an invitation-only event. However, for the first week of its launch, anyone will be able to use it in order to build a large community of supporters.

With the introduction of the final public testnet, Kiln, the much-anticipated Ethereum Merge, signaling the complete move from PoW to PoS, is getting closer to becoming a reality.

In terms of the US Dollar, Ethereum is stabilizing below $2,600. The price has dropped below $2,600.

FTX and Everstake, two cryptocurrency exchanges, have teamed up with Ukrainian government officials to develop a contribution platform for anyone who wants to aid the country and its people.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine announced the creation of Aid for Ukraine, a site that accepts cryptocurrency donations.

In Asia on Tuesday morning, the dollar, along with the Japanese yen and the Australian dollar, were all lower.

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