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Koinly reveals LUNA wallet support for its users

Koinly reveals LUNA wallet support for its users

To assist LUNA users, Koinly has announced that they have implemented Terra (LUNA) wallet support. Users will be able to correctly track and record their payments thanks to this LUNA integration. The price of LUNA is presently at $88.4.

Many Koinly users have requested LUNA support, according to Koinly’s head of tax. Users will be able to easily track and record their operations in order to meet their tax responsibilities, thanks to this LUNA connection. The price of LUNA has dropped by 7.57 percent.

If a person’s crypto affairs are straightforward, calculating crypto taxes is usually relatively simple. However, according to Dhanjal, most people have four wallets or blockchains, which might make calculating crypto taxes extremely difficult.

He also stressed the importance of paying not only crypto taxes but any other taxes that a person may be responsible for. The chance of making a mistake is also quite significant. This is why it is advised that individuals utilise a reliable crypto calculator.

Using currency to buy crypto is not a taxable event, according to a crypto tax executive. The same can be stated of NFT purchases.

The latest version of the Cardano app is now accessible in Ledger Live, according to wallet hardware vendor Ledger. The software now supports smart contracts, which is one of the new features.

Users will be able to engage with smart contracts straight from the new Cardano app after the update. However, one of the most basic needs is that the ledger’s firmware is updated first.

A US district court has accused European citizens of violating US sanctions by attending a blockchain and cryptocurrency symposium in North Korea.
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