Microsoft Sega explore cloud gaming partnership

Microsoft Sega explore cloud gaming partnership

On Monday, gaming giant Sega Sammy Holdings stated that it was exploring a strategic worthy alliance with Microsoft in an attempt to develop massive budget titles utilising the Xbox maker’s tech of cloud gaming, driving expectation that the move could indicate a deeper partnership. 

Sega, which is based in Tokyo is exploring manufacturing titles with worldwide reach on the Azure cloud platform that belongs to Microsoft. 

It explained in a stock exchange statement. However, it did not divulge details further. Moreover, it didn’t even tell whether it would include capital investment or exclusivity for the titles.

Interestingly, Sega shares climbed 6 per cent in the early trade on Monday.  

Microsoft’s major cloud gaming is available through the Xbox Game Pass, which is a cross-platform subscription service. It features Sega titles like the Yakuza series. 

The cloud gaming snapped ties to bulky hardware. However, it needs a swift internet connection. But the Microsoft is struggling to battle its rival Sony’s Play Station. The console of the latter is far superior. Hence, even the deep pockets are not helpful.

Sega said that by collaborating with Microsoft to predict such trends as they move further in future. The aim was to optimise the processes of development and continue to offer high-quality experience trousers utilising Azure Cloud technologies.

Interestingly, the bidding for Sonic the Hedgedog by Microsoft has been talk of the town as rumours for decades now. Its publisher Sega, is looking to hatch the world’s third-largest gaming market in Japan, which is also a significant innovator in the industry. 

The two companies have an elongated history of alliance with Monday’s call coming after several strings of acclaimed recent releases from the gaming giant Sega. That includes Total War and Persona series. 

Notably, Sega had abandoned its consoler business after failing drastically. It is a renowned maker of pachinko machines that are used for gambling. Additionally, it has flagged the ambitions. 

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