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MoonPay raises over $85M from Hollywood stars


MoonPay recently raised $555 million in Series A funding, with Gal Gadot, Gwyneth Paltrow, and others participating. MoonPay’s current market capitalization is $3.4 billion.

MoonPay, the world’s top crypto payments infrastructure provider, has announced its newest Hollywood members, who join over 60 other celebrities who have already invested in an $87 million fund.

The service presently has a total of 10 million subscribers from 160 countries.

The best aspect of MoonPay is that it integrates with other cryptocurrency services, allowing users to buy cryptocurrency with a credit or debit card. Transactions on Bitcoin.com and other platforms are now possible. MoonPay’s versatility and user-friendly approach have attracted a large number of users and investors.

For OpenSea, the service also manages NFT transactions. It’s well recognized for making celebrity Bored Ape purchases possible.

While many of the world’s tech titans have made the metaverse their new macro-goal, online education is also progressing in the virtual world.

As part of its next stage of development, BitDegree, a blockchain-enabled online education network with a million students all over the world, has announced the introduction of the Learnoverse, the first-ever crypto learning metaverse. The Learnoverse will be a crypto-native metaverse with NFT-based assets and a Learn&Earn token economy.

BitDegree includes crypto tools like currency and dApp trackers, as well as instructor-submitted courses. Following the adoption of the Learnoverse, the platform will offer blockchain certificates and scholarships, all of which will receive a considerable improvement.

Partnerships with other crypto-centric organizations, with whom BitDegree will strive to recruit new end-users and workers through education, will be a major catalyst for the platform’s adoption.

According to the creative team, the Learnoverse will be a game-like online reality focused on CryptoDegree City. The districts and buildings will represent and offer a variety of crypto-related topics and courses.

Learners will be able to explore the city in quest of interesting topics. Learners will also be assigned NFT avatars that represent their areas of expertise.

Users can advance in rank while earning tokens by learning and eventually acquiring crypto-degrees, which will provide them with employment prospects.
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