Opera launches Beta of its Web 3.0 centered crypto browser


Opera, a well-known web browser company, based in Norway, has released a beta version of their new Crypto Browser Project. The browser’s beta version includes a built-in non-custodial wallet, which is now available for Windows, Mac, and Android users.

By giving direct access to Web3 services, this crypto browser aims to make browsing decentralized applications (DApps), games, and metaverse platforms easier for desktop users.

The current version of the Opera browser features a no-login VPN, as well as an ad and tracker blocker built-in, all of which add to its security. 

These security measures will be retained in the new crypto browser, which will also provide direct access to decentralized exchanges (NFT) and gaming DApps, along with Telegram and Twitter integration.

Due to recent cooperation, a built-in non-custodial wallet will support Ethereum in Beta and will soon be expanded to Polygon, Ethereum, and other services. In addition, polygon integration with Opera is expected to start in the first quarter of 2022.

According to the company, Opera plans to solicit feedback from the crypto community throughout its testing period in order to work on any improvements.

The market was blown away by the massive community support for NFT, metaverse, and DeFi. Unique Active Wallets (UAW) tied to Dapps, NFTs, and games will have attracted over 2.5 million daily users by the end of 2021.

China has already surpassed the U.S. as the leading contributor to the development of the NFT ecosystem.

On the Index, Bitcoin was trading at $41,681.9, down 1.04 percent on the day. On the Index, Ethereum was trading at $3,103.15, down 2.29 percent.

Cardano was trading at $1.4023 at 05:48 GMT for Wednesday, down 10.10 percent on the day. It was the most significant percentage drop in a single day since October.

Bitcoin’s market capitalization was almost $790.60 billion, or 40.04 percent of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization, while Ethereum’s market capitalization was $370.66 billion.

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