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Our Commitment to You

Forex review trading provides its customers with the highest level of control and transparency over the use of their data. For providing the essential details and services, we need to gather and process specific personal information about your identity and activities. By trusting us with your information, we would like to guarantee you of our commitment to keeping such details private.

We have taken significant steps to guard the security, integrity and confidentiality of the details. We inspire you to scrutinize the following information.

Grounds for the information collection

Processing of some personal details is essential for the execution of our contractual duties towards offering you with our services and the working of our website, to guard our legal interests and for agreement with a regulatory and legal responsibility to which we are subject.

How do we receive data about you?

We receive your details from various sources:
Registration information
While communicating with us
Technical information
Third-party information

What type of data do we collect?

1) Personal Data
Registration information
When using our Service
2) Non-Personal Data
Technical information
Information from third parties