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Solar releases SXP blockchain as it seeks growth


On its platform, the Solar blockchain network has launched the SXP blockchain mainnet. In Q2, a major exchange will list SXP, which will be targeted toward US traders. As a result, SXP will become Solar’s native token.

Users can access projects such as a new open-source Layer-1 blockchain platform, a set of open-source tools that allow the community to function completely decentralized, and a platform for the next generation of blockchain efforts, including support for NFT and metaverse concepts.

The internal audit of this decentralized bridge was successful, and it is currently operational. The swap is currently available to Metamask users and wallet providers.

They can choose a delegate, stake their coins, earn forging incentives, and take advantage of new features coming in Q2.

In the near future, the team will provide support for Trust Wallet clients. SXP staking is unique in that users’ funds are neither frozen nor transferred to delegates. Users retain ownership over their funds and the option to vote and unvote whenever they want.

A user’s vote-weight adjusts automatically when monies are delivered and received, and there is no need to re-vote or un-stake. If a user wants to change their vote, they can simply un-vote their current delegate and cast a new vote transaction.

Solar had already been forging significant strategic alliances before the mainnet launch. Solar has already teamed up with a startup exchange that will compile a list of all SXP initiatives. SXP will be listed on a major exchange in Q2 and will primarily target US traders.
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