Top 10 Most Successful Forex Traders in South Africa

Top 10 Most Successful Forex Traders in South Africa

Top 10 Most Successful Forex Traders in South Africa: The monetary sector and mainly, forex trading, have emerged remarkably through the past decade. The growing volume of the economic sector and the penetration of online techniques and internet around the world have boosted the demand for forex trading. Today, millions of traders generate profits out of financial trading across the globe. 

Forex trading has many benefits which are responsible for its growing popularity. First, unlike various other segments of the financial sector, investing in the forex market does not require a massive amount of capital. There is moderate to almost no barrier for entry of novice traders because they have the chance to start with the level zero and exponentially grow their revenues. These advantages have been listed by investors across the world who have traded or are trading the forex market. They have achieved the level which many traders considered impossible. A famous trader George Soros started investing past few years, and soon he became the most successful forex trader on the earth. 

Like many other counties, there is absolutely no shortage of successful forex traders in South Africa. This country has made itself as one of the leading counties in the financial sector across the world. Being the wealthiest country in continent Africa has almost everything which successful forex business needs. In this article, we are bringing out the list of top 10 successful forex traders South Africa 2020. 

List of Successful Forex Traders South Africa 2020 

1) Sandile Shezi 

Sandile Shezi stands on top in the list of successful forex traders South Africa. He is the one having the controversial still mention-worthy story of success. He initially started investing in forex trading with the money provided to him for his tuition fee. Sandile was able to harvest massive from this investment, making him the young millionaire of the continent in his early 20s.

2) Jabulani Ngcobo 

Born in the year 1985, Jabulani Ngcobo is one of the wealthiest and most successful forex traders from South Africa. He is a self-made person. The approximately estimated aggregate worth of his business is $2.4 billion. He also wrote a biographical lesson in the field of financial education known as Cash flow Naked. 

One famous line from his sayings is: An entrepreneur knows it very well how to construct an empire of success through the same stone thrown at him. 

3) Louis Tshakoane Junior 

Louis Tshakoane Junior attained the heights of success at the age of 30. He is a famous rich kid, who after starting his business in his early teenage, worked with many high-profile firms such as USB and Lamborghini. It leads to the expansion of his network even more than before. His newly started venture known as “Undercover Millionaires” gives a platform to youth for showcasing their ideas and supports them if they find strong potential. 

4) Shaun Benjamin 

Shaun Benjamin is a 23 years old well-known young forex trader in South Africa. The trader earned his first-ever million Rand at the age of 21 years. Some factors urged him to start trading in the largest volume market, foreign exchange market. Though took this decision half-minded, the investment ended up making huge profits or funds. He left his job after this and opened the Benjamin Forex Academy. 

5) Simz D’ Mandla 

Simz is next in the list of successful forex traders South Africa 2020. He is a famous forex trader born in the region of Tembisa and raised in Midrand Gauteng. When he was between 19 and 20 years, he made his first million. Currently, Simz D’ Mandla is a motivational speaker, wealth coach, strategist, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, forex analyst and active trader as well. 

6) Ref Wayne 

Ref Wayne has been in the forex trading business since the year 2011 and comes under one of the top ten significant crowd pullers in the South African continent. He is never scared of showing off and boosting his Wealth; it is evident from the various luxurious car he owns. Ref Wayne also wrote a book named “The art of trading and Armageddon”. 

7) George Van Der Riet

George Van Der Riet is a South African forex trader. He was born and bought up in Cape Town. Before investing money in the forex market, he worked for many banks and monetary institutions. Riet, along with the Sandile Shezi, laid the foundation of the Global Forex Institute, which focuses at helping the youth of South Africa to grab and develop more trading skills and knowledge about the financial market. 

8) Nelisiwe Masango 

Nelisiwe Masango is one of the very few richest and successful forex traders in South Africa. Masango changed her course in later life from neurosurgeon to entrepreneur in the financial market. She developed a firm bond with the monetary market, which motivated her to study entrepreneurial management instead of the neurosurgeon. However, after completing the course, she started to build a strong foundation through learning the techniques on how to trade in forex. 

9) Paballo Nkwe

Paballo Nkwe is a famous female forex trader in the South African continent. She made the perfect power duo with the famous Danielle Lester. Together they are considered as the market changer for the Forex industries in South Africa. Even though she is in her early 20s, she is the co-founder of the famous iSelect Wealth. 

10) Danielle Lester

Danielle Lester is another female forex trader of South Africa. She is in her 20s, and along with the Paballo Nkwe, she laid the foundation of iSelect Wealth. They both have also started the incubation program for females across South African Universities where they visit and teach them about the concepts of the financial market, forex trading, financial intelligence and various ways to make investments. 

The Bottom Line 

Forex market is a highly emerging market with vast potential. However, when things rise, they also bring some misconception among people. Similarly, many misconceptions have developed over the past few years for forex trading. The common misconceptions are: First, forex trading is similar to gambling in which turnout largely depends on luck and investing in it is equal to losing money. Second, a vast number of fraudulent activities are associated with forex trading. But, these misconceptions are far away from reality. This sector is entirely different from gambling and with strong skills, knowledge and choice of right broker, one can not only protect his money from frauds but can also make a massive profit. 

One of the trustworthy and famous South African broker for forex trading is Oinvest. It is well-regulated brokers, and many successful traders recommend it for safe and advance trading. Visit the official site of Oinvest for more details and opening trading account. 

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