US-based gaming giant Gamestop indicates to announce its NFT marketplace soon

US-based gaming giant Gamestop

GameStop (GME), a major gaming retailer, has shown interest in entering the NFT industry with its GameStop NFT marketplace, which would allow customers to explore and purchase gaming NFTs, which would then be exchanged on popular marketplace platforms. 

Furthermore, the rising popularity of non-fungible tokens has prompted several well-known gaming businesses to explore ways to include non-fungible tokens as crucial in-game objects. As a result, the notion of play-to-earn games, a type of gaming that allows players to win and exchange NFTs in-game, has emerged.

Rival characteristics noted on their website include information that GameStop plans to use to set itself apart from other NFT markets.

So, when can customers expect the GameStop NFT marketplace to launch? Unfortunately, GameStop has yet to launch its NFT marketplace formally; nonetheless, the website is up and running and has a wealth of information. In addition, GameStop will begin taking cryptocurrency payments in its US stores.

GameStop will also now accept cryptocurrency payments. Flexa, a cryptocurrency payment processor, revealed the new development on Twitter, adding that it will allow payments in meme currencies like Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

With the value of SHIB and DOGE declining for weeks, this latest news might be the push they need to recover to their prior highs, or at least go close to them.

Both meme currencies have lost a major chunk of their year’s gains in the last 30 days as Bitcoin’s value has fallen.

Athletes and politicians made news earlier this year when they chose to be paid in cryptocurrency. Companies are already beginning to offer crypto wages in order to attract a younger workforce.

Stephen Gerrits, a university student, and Tiyanna Brown, an artist, chose to be paid in bitcoins. Brown sells digital art in return for Ether, while Gerrits works part-time at a software business (ETH). Meanwhile, Brown sells paintings on Rarible, which accepts ETH as payment for digital artwork. Brown believes that this will provide more significant outcomes in the long term.

Many reports have suggested that players are being paid in cryptocurrency as early as 2021. According to HR agency Johnson Associates, Crypto occupations pay 20%–30% more than equivalent non-crypto employment.

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