Top World stock indices 2021: Learn about index trading

stock indices

Indices vet or gauge the overall performance of a group of stocks listed on an exchange. It measures their prices as an aggregate and posts the numbers as the market trends. One can predict the movement by looking at an index. The article would glance upon the Top World stock indices 2021. 

A trading index can expose you to the economy of an entire country. It tells about the strengths and weaknesses of various stocks and their markets. An index trader can know which sector is boosting or going down the harness. In short, an index is a subset of stocks. 

Hence, while you strategise or prepare for purchasing a stock, indices mirror you the market’s reality. For example, the FTSE 250 of the London Stock Exchange would track 250 companies listed on its exchange, and its prices would fluctuate depending on the performance. You can do that by opening a single position. 

Stock indices 2021: Speculation on the prices

With the help of CFDs and spread bets, you can predict or speculate indices’ rates falling or rising and without the hassle of handling the ownership of underlying assets.

Interestingly, one may find indices as the market with large volumes. Hence, the factor makes it highly liquid. Thus, it generates chances for people to invest in it regularly. Also, the trading hours here are quite elaborative, which allows better opportunities to earn wealth. 

The potential chances are the reason why people are switching in large number toward numerous indices market. Brokers like 101investing and Global Trade ATF are apt for practising all tricks of the trade. 

How to calculate stock indices 2021?

On the basis of the market capitalisation of total companies listed in stock indices, the calculation happens. The large-cap companies enjoy a greater weightage here because those companies have an expansive vision and volumes. 

So, when there are any slump and surge in those stocks, the market witnesses variations or fluctuations (up and down). However, lower cap companies do not hinder the growth of the chart in a similar way as the volumes are lower. 

Although, there are a few indices like the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which walks the contrary path and offers weightage to the stocks with higher prices. Hence, the shares that have significant rates dominate the index market. 

That means an alteration in their values can affect a change in an index. Hence, the current price will move downward or upward. 

Stock indices 2021: Factors triggering the market 

  • Addition and subtraction: When a company gets listed or removed from an index, it changes the dynamics of the price, and it can throw the light. 
  • The merger of companies:  When different companies merge into each other, then there is a tectonic shift in the indices market. The prices of share can fall or rise depending on the information in the market. 
  • Composition: Weighted indices witness prices of the company dancing on the tunes of different compositions and positions. It forces changes in indices. 
  • News alerts: Economic or any political news can upstage the indices market in seconds. When there’s a policy announcement or a statement by a world leader, it can send a message among investors or traders. 
  • Rumours: However, people and technology are equipped today, but sometimes some rumours can inflate or deflate indices for a short period. 

Majorly, indices are categorised in three types

  • National Indices
  • Global Indices
  • Regional Indices

Stock indices 2021:Regional stock indices

The regional stock indices measure and track equities of a confined region across the world. It gauges or vets equities from markets like Latin America, Asia, and Europe. They help investors and traders to know detailed information about countries economic health. Also, it highlights the instruments and asset performing superbly and dull. 

Hence, after seeking the information, a market player can decide on investments. If the deal is worth cracking, then they purchase some shares or let them go. They can know about the amount of funds involved and decide to crack better deals. 

Some of the best regional stock market indices

European markets

  • FTSE Euro 100 Index  
  • Euro STOXX 50 Index
  • S&P Europe 350 Index

Asian markets 

  • FTSE ASEAN 40 Index
  • S&P Asia 50 Index
  • Dow Jones Asian Titans 50 Index

Latin American markets 

  • S&P Latin America 40 Index

Global or world stock indices

Global indices market has the ability to track down the best equities and stocks across the globe. They vet mid-cap to large-cap stocks in various indices markets in several countries and track the performance through the market capitalisation.  

Here are some of the renowned global stock market indices

  • S&P Global 100 Index
  • MSCI World Index
  • FTSE All-World Index
  • Dow Jones Global Titans 50
  • S&P Global 1200 Index

National stock indices

These are the stock indices in a country, where people of the nation have the largest contribution or stake, generally. Often, these indices track large-cap stocks of a nation. However, on the contrary, depending on the financial conditions and situations, some nations’ indices may consider small-cap companies in the absence of large-caps. 

Here are top stock markets from various countries


  • S&P/TSX Venture Composite Index
  • S&P/TSX Composite Index
  • S&P/TSX 60 Index


  • FTSE Italia Mid Cap Index
  • FTSE MIB Index


  • NSE of India Index
  • BSE SENSEX Index

United Kingdom

  • FTSE techMark 100 Index
  • FTSE All-Share Index
  • FTSE 100 Index


  • IBrX 100 Index
  • BOVESPA Index
  • ITEL Index

South Korea

  • KOSDAQ Index
  • KOSPI Index


  • CAC Next 20 Index
  • CAC 40 Index
  • France CAC Mid 60 Index

Top stock indices 2021

The world top indices make sure the mood of the world economy. If they are in a happy status, then jobs would flourish, economies would dance, and wealth accumulated. That can work in poverty eradication globally.  

Here are top stock indices 2021 

NASDAQ-100 : Stock indices 2021

The index has 103 equity stocks listed. A hundred non-financial organisations manage them on NASDAQ. It is a manipulated version of CPI (capitalised weighted index). The market capitalisation determines the weight of the index with the application of some limits. 

It includes the US companies which are performing exceedingly well in the market. The non-fictional sectors are healthcare, technologies, retail industry, biotechnology etc. 

For landing a place in NASDAQ, the index securities must be listed on the NASDAQ exchange. That’s the criteria required for the inclusion. Interestingly, twenty-seven countries are associated with them. Also, it excludes financial services in composition. 

Companies like Amazon are continuing to increase the weightage of the index, which is keeping NASDAQ healthy. The total dollar of the index volume on 5th January 2021 was USD 205,640,537,246. 

S&P 500 Index

It is a weighted index, also known as Standard & Poor’s 500. The market capitalisation depends on the weight of prices. However, there are several criteria for the inclusion of stocks. 

S&P 500 is among the best gauge for the companies of the United States, precisely large-cap. Notably, the index does not necessarily offer the list of information on its website. The top conglomerates in Standard & Poor’s 500 include financial businesses and technological firms. 

For calculating the market cap of the S&P 500, you have to add up the market capitalisation of every individual company. 

Hence, for knowing the weightage of each company, you’ll have to divide the company’s market cap by the overall market cap. 

Interestingly, the index adjusts the market cap of individual companies to compensate for the inclusion of news shares.  

CAC 40

CAC 40 index is the pride of France, to say the least. It stores the top forty companies of the nation, which are outperforming several others in the competition across the globe. It tracks them on the Euronext Paris market capitalisation. 

All the 40 companies have to go through the screening of liquidity, market capitalisation, size of the balance sheet, and trading activity. 

In 1987, the base value of CAC 40 was 1000, and it continued to do so until 2003. After that, it changed to the market capitalisation of free-floating. 

The CAC 40 index is reviewed by an independent steering committee every quarterly. The peak of the exchange has been 6922.33 points. 

Notably, the CAC 40 also mirrors the direction of Euronext Paris, formerly known as Paris Bourse and the largest stock exchange in whole France. 

It represents the best forty equities of Euronext Paris. Companies like Michelin and Renault are among them. 

Exchange-traded funds on CAC 40

  • EasyETF CAC 40 (E40)
  • DBXT CAC 40 (X40)
  • ComStage ETF CAC 40 (PC40)
  • Lyxor ETF CAC 40 (CAC)
  • Amundi ETF CAC 40 (C40)

Dow Jones Industrial Average 

In general terms, experts address it as DOW30. It represents thirty top companies stocks based out of the United States of America. Besides, it displays the market’s historical performance. Charles Dow was the person behind establishing it. Also, the index is the second oldest in the US. 

The total market capitalisation of Dow Jones was $8.33 trillion in 2019. Traders watch DJIA keenly, that’s why it is among the most trusted and witnessed exchanges globally.

The composition of the index changes in proportion to the market capitalisation. 

Nikkei 225

The index belongs to the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Nihon Keizai Shinbun aka The Nikkei daily. There are 225 blue-chip shares of Japan in it. The index is a price-weighted one. From 1975 to 1985, it was renowned as Nikkei Dow Jones Stock Average. 

So, in those terms, Nikkei is no less than DJIA. However, it got named after the Japan Economic Newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun later on. 

The calculation of the Nikkei 225 happens in every five seconds until the Japan Stock Exchange remains open. 

As per February 2019, the market cap of Nikkei 225 was US$5.67 trillion.  One can use ETFs to invest or purchase units of the index. 


The DAX index represents thirty most liquid stocks in the German market. It is also called the Deutscher Aktien Index. They trade publicly on the Frankfurt Exchange. The index is entirely blue-chip. At the time of establishment, the base price value was 1000. Several experts of Germany consider DAX as the gauge of the German economy. 

The German economic miracle model rests upon these thirty most successful companies. It includes a broad range of industries like Adidas AG, Allianz SE, and others which pans out from apparel manufacturing to the financial sector. 

The market cap of DAX as per September 2020 is €1,017.7 billion. A company has to bypass tough criteria and rules before getting selected for listing in the index. 


It is the supreme or the best stock exchange in Spain. It is also known as Bolsa de Madrid index market. Sociedad de Bolsas, a subsidiary of BME ( Bolsas y Mercados Espanoles) has been managing it since 1992. BME has the authority to control all the stock exchanges or indices of the country. 

What do you know about the IBEX 35 Index? 

It is the national and international benchmark of Spain’s Bolsa de Madrid, which has thirty-five top companies listed from across the globe. Investors receive the facility of investing and trading for 24/7 in the market—high liquidity and stability. It uses the weighing method. 

What are the top companies of IBEX 35?

The top companies include Banco Santander, Inditex, BBVA, Telefónica, Iberdrola, ArcelorMittal, Endesa and many more. Market cap of IBEX 35 was €962.1 billion in December 2015. 

Stock indices 2021: FTSE100

Financial Times Stock Exchange is one of the famous indices that the world has witnessed so far. Making a mark in its tally is a matter of pride for companies. The market capitalisation of FTSE 100 is the largest in the London Stock Exchange. It works as a signal and indicates how well is the United Kingdom’s economy getting. 

Experts or experienced traders and investors address it as Footsie. In many ways, you can equate it with Standard & Poor’s. It is composed of blue-chips. Its calculation happens in real-time and gets updated every second. 

The market cap of FTSE 100 as per May 2020 is £1.814 trillion


If you want to be among the richest person in the world, then indices investment can be the safest route to that destination. You can choose brokers like 101investing, ETFinance, Global Trade ATF and many others. 

Indices like DAX, FTSE100, IBEX35, DJIA, CAC40, NASDAQ and several more exhibit the economic conditions of different countries like USA, UK, Germany, Japan, etc. So, these are the stock indices 2021

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