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Investing in the financial markets requires planning and deep market analysis; one can not blindly put their capital at risk. To aid traders who need support and help, there are a number of brokers. However, every broker has its financial terms and features to offer their clients. 

One such broker is Investby using an innovative approach for trading online with brand new financial perspectives and support to every trader. They believe in creating a new financial future that brings a breakthrough in online investments. Through this, traders will be able to access the top-notch trading environment. Thus, taking traders a step ahead in financial perspectives and CFD trading

Moreover, traders can boost their knowledge of trading and polish their skills with Investby’s educational packages and a lot more facilities to strengthen the client’s trade. 

The article discusses in steps facilities and features of Investby for traders guidance so that they can fully utilise the broker’s services. So, let’s quickly drive in to get into details. 

Investby Review: Pros and Cons

Investby shares several advantages for the profit of traders and investors, although it has some drawbacks. Here, we have mentioned the costs and benefits of an Investby broker for reference of traders. 


  • Educational packages 
  • State-of-the-art trading terminals 
  • Intuitive interface 
  • Customisation option
  • Advanced security settings 
  • Trade history
  • Cutting-edge technology 
  • Real time updates 
  • Regulated 
  • Dedicated customer support 
  • Variety of assets to invest 
  • Professional trading tools 


  • Robo advisory services are expensive 

Investby Review: Regulation and Scam

Investby operates under the company TechFX LLC and is regulated by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (NBRB). It is the central bank of Belarus that regulates the functioning of Investby broker. The guidelines of the regulatory body are in accordance with the Edict of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 231. 

They are committed to providing transparent and secure services to their clients. The regulatory body ensures the safety of funds, protection from money laundering and data safety. The broker is licensed by the NBRB with number 40023 and works appropriately to adhere to the terms of the authority. 

Therefore, Investby is a legit broker with full regulations and the safety of the traders. It is not a scam, and traders can invest with the new 2021 broker of the financial market. 

Investby Review: Trading Account Types

For breakthrough trading, Investby offers three types of trading accounts to meet the various requirements of clients. The innovative approach of the account helps traders use low spreads and optimal leverage. Traders can choose the account that fits their needs and enhance their trading skills. So, let’s check out the account types and their features. 

Silver Account

The account is designed for novice traders who have less trading experience. It is the entry point into the financial market where traders can achieve the set goals. It has low spreads, optimised leverage, trading modes, one click trade, tracking mode and what not to support beginners of trade. Silver account has various facilities to simplify the trade and make newbies of the trade comfortable. It has the following features and functions to offer: 

  • Commission free depositing 
  • 350+ assets CFDs 
  • Maximum leverage of 1:100 
  • Quality support and guidance 
  • Average execution speed of 0.08 
  • Spreads from 28 
  • Complete educational hub 
  • Various available currency pairs 
  • Execution model MT4NDD, MT4NCC and MT4 Fixed 
  • Analytical tools 
  • Islamic account 
  • Dedicated support 
  • Fifth decimal 
  • Hedging 
  • No swap discount  

Gold Account

Gold trading is the stepping stone to the new trading era; the account is designed for traders who have some trade experience. Traders with a pronounced trade history can access the account. The account provides innovative trading approaches to the market and can have more trading scope and high volumes of trade. It has low spreads, leverage, trading modes, stop-loss, one click trading and what not to enhance the trade of the experienced traders. 

Here, we have the features and functions of the gold account: 

  • Commission free depositing 
  • 350+ assets CFDs 
  • Maximum leverage of 1:100 
  • Quality support and guidance 
  • Average execution speed of 0.06 
  • Spreads from 20 
  • Education hub 
  • Available base currency pairs 
  • Execution model MT4NDD, MT4NCC, MT4 Fixed and MT4 Cent 
  • Islamic account 
  • Dedicated account manager 
  • Webinars and videos 
  • Dedicated support 
  • Fifth decimal 
  • Hedging 
  • Swap discount of 25% 

Platinum Account

The account is designed for the professionals of the market to give them a new angle perspective. A platinum account provides the most flexible trading conditions to help traders maximise their profits. The account supports clients with their trade history, low spreads, leverage, customisable accounts, stop-loss, take profit and one click trading etc. The account has various features and functions to enhance the trade of professionals in the financial market. 

  • Commission free depositing 
  • 350+ assets CFDs 
  • Maximum leverage upto 1:100
  • Average execution speed of 0.08 
  • Spreads from 0.03 
  • Educational hub 
  • Quality support and guidance 
  • Available currency pairs
  • MT4NDD, MT4NCC, MT4 Fixed and MT4 Cent 
  • News alerts 
  • Dedicated account manager 
  • Webinars and Videos 
  • Islamic account 
  • Dedicated support 
  • Fifth decimal 
  • Hedging 
  • Swap discount of 50% 

Investby Review: Account Opening

Investby broker has an easy and straightforward manner of opening an account with the brokerage company. Traders, by following the process, can get access to the brokerage account. Mentioned below are the step for opening an account: 

  • Traders need to visit the website of Investby to open an account,
  • The next step is to click on the option of opening an account on the website. 
  • After clicking on the option, traders will be taken to another page that would require some details of the trader. 
  • Traders have to fill in first name, last name, e-mail, country code with contact number and set a password for the security of the account. 
  •  Next, traders have to tick mark the declaration that they are above 18 years of age and about the terms and conditions of the broker. 
  • Now, traders can click on open an account for further process. It is a 5 step process in which information on the trader is asked with previous trade experience for better trade suggestions. 
  • Traders can then choose the account type they will be using. 
  • At last, traders have to deposit their initial funds in the account to start the trade.

Investby Review: Trading Platform

The three most popular and significant trading platforms are provided by Investby broker. MetaTrader4, Webtrader and Mobile applications are the main trading platforms that are used globally. MetaTrader4 is a user-friendly platform that supports trade with its unique features. Webtrader is the browser that keeps traders and investors connected with the financial market. The mobile application makes the trade handy and accessible anywhere and any time. 

The paragraph discusses the three trading platforms with their features for better use and understanding by the investors and traders. 


A comfortable trading platform that helps traders explore the market with the best trading tools. Easy to use trading platform with several functions and features to make the trade convenient. Here are the features of MT4: 

  • Help create strategies 
  • 60+ analytical tools 
  • Easily downloadable 
  • Available for Android, Windows and iOS devices 
  • Accessibility 
  • Modern perspectives with fast access 
  • Security 
  • Advanced technology 
  • Technical analysis 
  • Fundamental analysis 
  • 30 plus indicators 
  • Expert advisors 
  • Charts and patterns 


A trading browser that makes the trade more convenient and accessible. It is a trading terminal that opens new CFD trading perspectives for the traders of Investby. The trading platform does not require any download and could be used directly. Thus, making the trade speedy and handy with access to international markets. The features of Webtrader are listed below: 

  • Browser based trading engine 
  • Instant trading 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Connectivity 
  • Compatibility with other digital devices 
  • Multiple trading activities 
  • Efficiency 
  • Flexibility
  • Reliable 
  • High functionality

Mobile Application 

The mobile trading application of Investby is the gateway to the accessibility of the financial market and trade at any time. Traders can trade in CFDs anytime and anywhere with the use of Mobile apps. It makes the trade more flexible and ready to use, thus, engaging traders in the market. It has the following features: 

  • Flexible trading 
  • Execution of orders 
  • Monitoring market anytime and anywhere 
  • Mobility 
  • Efficiency 
  • Flexible trading 
  • Reliable trading tool 
  • Encrypted transactions 
  • SAS70 server 
  • 24/7 access to the market 
  • Executing the orders from mobile and other devices 
  • Works simultaneously 

Investby Review: Trading Instruments 

Investby broker has the following trading instruments to serve its clients: 

  • Cryptocurrency market 
  • Forex trading 
  • Indices trading
  • Stock market 
  • Commodity trading

Investby Review: Commission and Spreads

The services of Investby broker are commission free with no extra charges on deposit of funds and withdrawal of the funds. Traders can easily execute their trade without any worry of paying broker commissions and charges. The trade is commission free. 

Spreads are the variance between the bid and the ask price of the traded instrument. Investby broker has a tight spread facility for the traders and investors. With the various accounts, traders can have various spreads:

Silver account: 28 

Gold account: 20

Platinum account: 0.3

Investby Review: Leverage

Leverage is the ratio that Investby broker offers to aid the traders. With the use of leverage, traders can have a high market opening position with low initial deposits. Thus, traders have a high chance of earning double profits with double risk. Therefore, traders should use the leverage ratio properly with complete market analysis. 

The maximum leverage provided by Investby is 1:100 for all the trading accounts. 

Investby Review: Deposit and Withdrawal

For the deposit of funds, Investby provides traders with a declaration to sign. The declaration contains the name of the trader with ten points relating to the trade. Traders can go through the points to better understand the process of deposit. 

Investby has no commission on deposit with no fixed deposit amount. Therefore, traders can deposit as per their requirements. 

Similarly, the withdrawal process is also simple; traders have to submit their request with the broker before withdrawing the funds. It is a process that verifies the trader and executes the withdrawal in two to three business days. The legal document sector of Investby has all the documents that list the requirements and policies of deposit and withdrawal. Thus, making it easy for traders to deposit and withdraw funds with legal process. 

Traders can use the following facilities to deposit and withdraw the funds: 

  • Bank wire transfers 
  • Credit/ Debit cards 
  • VISA 
  • Verified by VISA 
  • Mastercard 
  • VPAY
  • SSL
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard Secure Code.
  • Skrill

Investby Review: Education and Research 

The education packages of Investby are useful for traders and investors to increase their knowledge about trade and polish their trading skills. It offers top class education to trade efficiently. The educational hub of Investby has the following options: 

  • Trading articles 
  • Trading courses 
  • Webinars 
  • Videos 

Research is quite significant for trading in an uncertain market. A trader with research and analysis will be more successful in their trade journey. Investby has the following option for research: 

  • Economic calendar 
  • Trade ideas 
  • Assets hub 
  • Earnings reports season 

Investby Review: Customer Support

Investors and traders of Investby can easily contact the dedicated professional team through the contact option of the website. Traders can contact the team or the management for their queries. The team backup their clients via: 

  • E-mail address: [email protected] 
  • Contact number: +447723525627 and +27418801700
  • Live chat option 
  • Availability: Monday to Friday 
  • Timings: 04:00 till 17:00 GMT 
  • Contact forum 

Investby Review: Final Verdict

Investby is the latest 2021 broker with an analyzed market perspective to offer its clients with new technology and trade practices. The broker works on enhancing the trade opportunities of the traders of the market. With its functions and services, traders can maximise their profits. Trading platforms, types of accounts, leverage, commission free trading, and deposit and withdrawal are easy.

A trader will enjoy the benefits of the broker and be successful with the educational services of Investby. However, a trader should be careful with the trade as the market is highly volatile. 


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