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InvestLite Review 2023: Scam Or Safe?

investlite review
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InvestLite is a UK-based Forex and CFDs trading platform which gained a lot of popularity in such a short time. Awards like Transparent Broker in 2020, Best Crypto Broker Asia in 2020, and Best Online CFD provider Asia in 2020 speak a lot about the broker.

The broker allow its clients to use its advanced and user-friendly platform to trade in. These platforms are avialable for both desktop, web and mobile devices.

Read InvesLite review and find out all the advanced features like CFD trading on 350+assets, tight spread, one-click trade, international markets, 30+ analytical tools, cross trading platform, no commission on deposits.

Moreover, find out whether it is a legit and reputed broker or not. In this review, you’ll find out whether this broker is best for you or not.

Pros and Cons:

There are pros and cons to everything; let’s discuss all the pros and cons of this broker.


  • Trading CFDs on 350+ assets
  •  Extra tight spread 
  • One-click trade
  • 30 analytical tool
  • Cross trading platform
  • No commission on deposits
  • Leverage up to 1:500
  • SAS70 verified centers
  • Wide range of assets to invest in
  • Offers Safe and Protected Trades
  • Advanced Trading platform
  • Hedging
  • Low cost
  • Offers Forex and commodity trading
  • Offers CFD Trading


  • MT5 is not available 

Is InvestLite A Scam?

The allegations regarding scams are false as Bayline Global World Ltd operates this broker, and it is a regulated firm under Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). The broker’s registration number is SC517838, and the license number for InvesLite is 000188/91. 

Being fully registered and operated under an appropriate agency, this Belize-based brokerage firm protects investors’ interests by separating clients’ funds and continuously monitoring the company funds under EU and MiFID regulations.

To encrypt the data flow, the broker uses SAS70 verified centers, and to protect investors’ funds, the brokerage platform uses an SSI level 1 PCI compliance service and firewall. Working under laws, and regulations and using every safety measure makes it a genuine broker. 

Overall, InvestLite is a recommended Forex trading broker.

Types of Trading Account Offered:

For trading on more than 350 assets, Broker offers three primary live trading account: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These accounts help professional and novice traders achieve limitless opportunities for investors. 

A live trading account brightens up the perspective of clients through attractive characteristics and features. Take a look at the client account offered by the broker.

Silver Account:

A beginner would feel satisfied by opening a Silver Account. It is designed to teach novice market players the basics of trading. A Forex account offers attractive trading features including: 

  • Hedging
  • Leverage up to 1:125
  • Islamic account 
  • 10-hour support from 10 am to 8 pm GMT 
  • Fifth decimal 
  • Major currency pairs available for trade
  • The Minimum Deposit is $250

Gold Account:

When a trader achieves some understanding and experience of the financial market, Gold Account is best suited for them. The features are better compared to the silver account. The gold account entails hedging the fund strategy. 

  • Hedging
  • Leverage up to 1:125
  • Dedicated qualified account manager
  • Islamic account 
  • 10-hour support from 10 am to 8 pm GMT 
  • Fifth decimal 
  • Swap discount 25%
  • Major currency pairs available for trade
  • The Minimum Deposit is $250
  • Free VPS and Latest News Alerts

Platinum Account: 

The Platinum account is for an experienced trader or veteran of the market who has experience trading in several markets for many years. The platinum account entails hedging the fund strategy. So, account benefits are even bigger. 

  • Hedging
  • Leverage up to 1:500
  • Dedicated Qualified Account Manager
  • Islamic account 
  • 10-hour support from 10 am to 8 pm GMT 
  • Fifth decimal 
  • Swap discount of 50%
  • The Minimum Deposit is $250
  • Customized investment news
  • Major currency pairs available for trade
  • Free VPS and Latest News Alerts

Demo Account:

One can get a free demo account with InvestLite. The broker just requires your details and the essential information in order to open the demo account.

Through this, you can examine trades’ success rates without the high risk of losing money as you have the virtual money to trade. You can also experience the real trading conditions. 

How to Open AnAccount on InvestLite?

The account opening process on this trading platform is simple and requires a few easy steps that anyone can follow. Let’s look at every step one by one:-

Step1:- Go to the official website ( www.Investlite.com ) and click on the open account button; then, you will be redirected to a page.

Step 2: Now, you’ll need to fill in personal details and financial details, then click next.

Step 3:- You will be redirected to a page where you have to submit documents and data to get verified. 

Step 4:- Then, make payments according to your account type. There are several options for the payments such as Mastercard, Maestro, VISA, and others. 

Available Trading Platforms?

InvestLite offers three different types of Trading platforms. On the other hand, they are advanced and user-friendly. Let’s look at all trading platforms and their feature:-


Traders can access WebTrader on any web browser. It’s easy to use because you can use it on the move, and it can be used with different devices. There are numerous features of this platform:-

  •  Stop-loss/ take profit function,
  •  Real-time balance level
  •  Trade history
  •  Multilingual support 
  •  Switch accounts with just one click
  •  Live support
  • 30+ technical indicators and 24 graphic objects 
  • Data encryption and digital signature.
  • Four different types of executions: instant execution, market execution, pending stop order, and trailing stop function, 

 MT4 Platform:

MT4 is one the most popular trading platform types of the decade, with a simple interface that makes it easy to understand and use. It is a handy platform to trade Forex. Mentioned below are a few features of MT4:-

  • RSA digital signature and data encryption
  • There are three execution modes( instant execution, order by the request, market execution)
  • 4 pending orders and 2 market orders
  • Alerts and highlights 
  • 30 indicators and 24 graphical objects 

Mobile Application:

 You can trade anywhere, anytime with the mobile app, which makes it flexible for traders to use. It’s more than just that. Here are a few features of the InvestLite app:-

  • Available on both IOS and Android.
  • Charts are customizable
  • Extensive variety of Tradable Assets
  • 60+analytical tools
  • Stop loss and take profit function, 
  • One-tap operation 
  • Real-time balance check
  • Range of Assets Available to trade with
  • 7 different time frames.
  • Regular updates and news.

Major Trading / Market Instruments:

The broker offers several instruments for trading and investing the money; let’s discuss them in detail:-


There are 30+ digital coins on this platform like bitcoin, dogecoin, etc. 

Forex Trading:

Brokers provide different currencies to trade in like GBP, USD, EUR, etc. The daily turnaround of a Forex market is $5.1 trillion.


The platform offers more than 20 stock indices on CFD trading with diverse stocks to trade with. You can choose from various actual stock market indexes. 

Stock Market:

You can trade with stocks like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon shares etc., and Forex stocks to build your portfolio or you can explore the specific stock market.

Commodity Trading:

You can trade in soft & hard commodities and daily use items like rice, sugar, crude oil, etc.


There are 350+ assets in CFD, and Broker provides a massive and extensive variety of assets that can improve your portfolio.


You can deal in metals and other precious metals like gold, silver, copper, etc., which can be beneficial for the long term. 

Fees, Commission & Spreads:

InvestLite charges a commission comparatively lower than other forex brokers with tight spreads. In addition, InvestLite offers variable spreads. Let’s talk about both in the detail:-


Spread is a difference in the price of the financial instrument:-

Assets  Silver Account  Gold Account  Platinum Account
USD/EUR 35 pips 25 pips 20 pips
GBP/USD 35 pips 25 pips 20 pips
JPY /USD 35 pips 25 pips 20 pips
AUD /USD 85 pips 64 pips 47 pips
USD/CHF 41 pips 26 pips 19 pips
USD/CAD 41 pips 26 pips 19 pips
NZD/USD 85 pips 64 pips 47 pips
Gold 300 pips 250 pips 200 pips
Crude Oil 60 pips 50 pips  40 pips
DAX 600 pips 550 pips 500 pips


The fee structure of InvestLite is comparatively lower than other trading platforms because there are no hidden charges. Let’s talk about them:-

Swap discounts are up to 50%; If you are converting base currency, then there are charges, 19 pip spread, and inactivity fees if you are inactive for 60 days. Apart from this, there is a penalty if you withdraw less than the minimum withdrawal amount. 

That’s why trading is much cheaper in InvestLite than in others. The broker doesn’t charge any account inactivity fees. 

Maximum Leverage:

Leverage refers to using borrowed funds to buy assets and then make a profit from them. Let’s discuss the maximum Fx leverage offered by the broker:-

Financial Instrument  Silver Account Gold Account Platinum Account
Maximum Leverage 1:125 1:125 1:500
Indices 1:50 1:50 1:125 
commodities 1:50 1:50 1:125 
Gold and silver(Metal) 1:50 1:50 1:125 
stock/equities 1:10 1:10 1:10
Cryptocurrency  1:2 1:2 1:2

Deposit and Withdrawal Process:

There are simple steps and multiple deposit and withdrawal funds options on the platform. There is no charge for the deposits, but if you withdraw less than the minimum withdrawal amount, then InvestLite charges withdrawal fees.

In addition, there are several options like Vpay, Mastercard, Maestro, and credit card payment which make it easy for traders to deposit and withdraw money. For withdrawal, you can choose the same method.

Educational and Research Support:

The broker offers numerous ways to educate the traders. Let’s discuss every method in the detail:-

  • You can read articles and know about current events, and learn the basics.
  • Trading videos, tutorials, and courses are there in which you learn via video package. 
  • There are ebooks that you can read. For example, the economic calendar tells you about all the events related to the economy and in debt details of economic releases. With the help of an economic calendar, you can look at the past profits plan your next move, and make the trading strategies.
  • The report’s season calendar tells you the current position of the companies, which helps you look at the past profits.

Customer Support:

There are three ways by which you can contact the customer support team; let’s talk about it:-

  • The live chat option supports you through chat on the website.
  • You can call them at +442080972824,+63286263093, and +601548738831.
  • Email address: [email protected].

Dedicated customer support is available from Monday to Friday between 4:00-and 15:00 GMT.

Final Verdict:

In This InvestLite review, here’s what we have found- this UK-based reputed broker is reliable as it is operated by Bayline Global World Ltd and is regulated by Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC).

Through this platform, you can learn about financial markets with the available educational and research tools, Spreads are tighter than other forex brokers, and the maximum leverage is 1:500. 

The broker provides 30 analytical tools and 24 graphic objects. You can open an account in 4 easy steps. Overall it’s a trustworthy broker that can help you to reach the new heights of your investment goal. It is one of the best Forex brokers in the world and you can trade with them. 


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Your financial security is of paramount importance to us, and we fervently endorse the exercise of due diligence and seeking professional guidance when making investment decisions.


What is the Process of Opening an Account?

You can contact the helpdesk via live chat, query form, and email for any information and query related to forex account opening. The customer support agents are highly qualified and can talk in various languages for the client’s convenience.

How to Contact Broker’s Customer Support?

InvestLite’s dedicated customer service is always open 24/5 business days. Traders get in touch with customer support agents via live chat, contact form, and email support.

In addition, this Forex broker provides excellent multilingual live support to its clients for favorable conditions in their trading journey. Customer support is available from Monday to Friday between 4:00-15:00 GMT.

Phone: +442080972824, +97142783447, +63286263093, +601548738831
Email: [email protected]

What is the Procedure to Withdraw Funds from the Trading Account?

The same amount can be withdrawn by the trader what s/he deposited through credit card. No third party can withdraw with InvestLite as financial authorities have strict regulations to ensure that clients’ money must be secure. Read this InvestLite review for more details.

How to Get a Demo Trading Account with InvestLite?

One can get a free demo account with InvestLite. The broker just requires your details and the essential information to open a demo account. InvestLite offers a wide range of financial instruments for clients in free demo account. Read this InvestLite review for more details.

What are the Tradable Assets Offered by the Broker?

With InvestLite, traders can have access to a wide range of trading instruments covering Forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, commodities, indices, and metals. If you are looking to diversify your investment portfolio, InvestLite is best for you.

How to Use Leverage in Funds on InvestLite?

The Forex broker offers leverage up to 1:125 for retail investor accounts in the silver and gold account. As you climb from gold to platinum trading account, you can have access to leverage up to 1:500. Leverage offered by InvestLite can be beneficial for traders according to the trading experience and risk management.

Is InvestLite a Scam or Legit Broker?

Overall it’s a trustworthy broker that can help you to reach the new heights of your investment goal. It is the one of the best Forex brokers in the world and you can trade with them.