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Speed is the essence of any trade, be it cryptocurrencies or the stock market. PrimeFin’s motive is to provide traders with speedy executions of trade so that traders can match up with the fluctuations of the market. The PrimeFin review sheds light on it. 

As a result, they have fast transactions and easy registration, market access, and updates of the market at the same time. Moreover, PrimeFin keeps clients ahead, as they are designed as per traders’ needs and demands. 

In addition, they create professional traders out of the novice. With their educational materials and research, traders can learn and apply several strategies. Thus, developing understanding and knowledge of the traders. 

PrimeFin Review: Pros and Cons


  • Regulated broker 
  • 350+ trading assets 
  • Advance trading platforms 
  • Fast executions 
  • Easy to trade with 
  • High leverage 
  • Data encrypted trading 
  • Cross-platform trading 


  • No MetaTrader5 
  • It takes time to connect with customer support 

Is PrimeFin Scam?: Regulations

PrimeFin is a name working under Caps Solutions Ltd. and is regulated and authorised by the Labuan Financial Services Authority ( LFSA). It has the license of trading by LFSA numbered MB/20/0052. 

Labuan Financial Services Authority is a regulatory body operating within the Labuan International Business and Financial Centre. Set up under the Labuan Financial Services Authority Act 1996, the authority takes care of its working and checks if they follow the Labuan laws and standards. In addition, they develop regulatory policies to control the company’s unauthentic functioning.

PrimeFin offers account segregation, modern technical solutions for problems and money laundering protection against criminal activities. Knowing these things, we can say that PrimeFin is not a scam but a legit broker. 

PrimeFin Review: Trading Account Types

Online traders have their trading style, and to be available for each one’s needs, PrimeFin has different types of trading accounts. Being a CFD broker, PrimeFin has lightning-fast trade and is responsive to the dynamics of the market. PrimeFin offers three types of trading accounts to execute the trade adequately – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The accounts fulfil the requirements of both novice and professionals. Moreover, enhance the trading skills of the clients. Let’s quickly have a look at the types of accounts: 

Silver Account

An advanced account, outlined for the beginners of the trade. It gives momentum to the trade and aids novice traders to execute the trade at a fast speed. Thus, learning and growing at the same time. It offers some analysis techniques that would guide the clients in trading CFDs and invest appropriately. The features of a silver account are: 

  • 350+ assets 
  • Low spreads starting from 0.07 pips 
  • Maximum leverage of 1:100
  • No deposit commission 
  • Customer support from Monday to Sunday 
  • Educational materials
  • No withdrawal commission 
  • Base currencies 
  • Hedging 
  • Dedicated account manager 
  • Customised investment news

Gold Account 

Gold account is designed for traders who have trade experience and want to be master of the forex market. For such traders, PrimeFin has more modern tools and techniques than silver accounts. Traders can enjoy the trade while enhancing their trading capabilities. Let’s have a look at the features of the Gold account: 

  • Hedging 
  • Maximum leverage of 1:100 
  • Dedicated account manager 
  • Free VPS 
  • Fifth decimal 
  • Customised investment news 
  • Swap discount of 25%
  • Base currencies 
  • 350+ assets to capitalise 
  • 20 minimum spreads in points 
  • Zero deposit and withdrawal commission 
  • Marginal call of 100% 
  • Stop-out of 50% for retailers and 15% for professionals 
  • A full scope of analytical tools 
  • 24/5 A-class customer support 

Platinum Account

The platinum account is for the pros of the forex market, who want to have more stable conditions to trade and gain profits. The traders are offered exclusive benefits and advanced technologies to forecast. Traders can fully take advantage of the account with amazing features, including: 

  • No deposit limits 
  • Low spreads starting from 0.03 pips 
  • Maximum leverage of 1:100
  • Zero commission charge 
  • Minimum deposit of $100 
  • Swap discount of 50% 
  • Base currencies 
  • Execution models: MT4NDD, MT4NCC, MT4 Fixed and MT4 Cent
  • Hedging 
  • Dedicated account manager 
  • Free VPS 
  • Fifth decimal 
  • Customised investment news 

PrimeFin Review: Account Opening

The account opening process with PrimeFin is straightforward and does not require much of the client’s time. Below are the steps to create a trading account: 

  1. Traders have to first register with PrimeFin to get access to the live trading account. 
  2. For registration, traders have to fill in a form asking for details like first and last name, contact number, email address and set a password for security reasons. 
  3. After completing the registration, traders can continue filling in their valid identity details and information the broker requires. 
  4. Traders have to answer a questionnaire to help PrimeFin in suggesting trade options. 
  5. Clients have to upload documents and deposit funds for starting the trade. 
  6. With all these processes, traders can create a live account and start trading online. In addition, they can go for a demo account if they want to practice online trade. 

PrimeFin Review: Trading Platforms

PrimeFin has globally known and most used trading platforms. The three trading platforms are – MetaTrader4, Webtrader and Mobile application. These are cross trading platforms that work together to make the best of the trading experience. Clients can use the three simultaneously and predict the market fluctuations. 


A well-known trading platform, MetaTrader4, is a customisable trading software that is used globally. Due to its flexibility and user-friendly interface, traders prefer MT4. It aids in forecasting and analysis of the market. Furthermore, it guides traders in every aspect of the market. Thus, making the trade more efficient and attractive for traders. Here are the features of MetaTrader4: 

  • High execution speed 
  • Trade execution modes 
  • Analytical tools 
  • History of orders 
  • Multiple chart windows 
  • The real-time balance level 
  • Stop-loss/ take profit orders 
  • Price alerts 
  • Indicators 
  • Timeframes 
  • Account switching 
  • Live chat and dedicated support system 
  • Educational hub 
  • Customisable 
  • Expert advisors 
  • Inherent platform support 
  • News and updates 


WebTrader is used through browsers of the clients. Traders can directly use the webtrader to get market trade information—an easy and quick way to check market updates and make decisions. Just a stable internet connection is needed to access the WebTrader. It could be used on any device without any installation or downloads.

Features of WebTrader include: 

  • One-click trade 
  • Different trade execution modes 
  • History of orders 
  • Technical and fundamental analysis 
  • MT4 trading option 
  • Free education material 
  • Accessibility 
  • Internet connection 

Mobile Trading Application

The PrimeFin application is available for download on the Google play store and Apple store. Both Android and Apple users can access the application and trade anytime. Traders can use it on any device and be in touch with the market updates. It also provides software used through mobiles. Here we have discussed the features and functions of mobile applications: 

  • 24/7 access 
  • One tap trade 
  • Nine different timeframes 
  • 60+ analytical tools 
  • Instant market notifications 
  • High-frequency trading 
  • MT4 access 
  • Live chat and multilingual support 
  • Free educational hub 
  • One-click account switching 
  • Real-time balance levels 
  • Price and news alerts 
  • Convenient sweep and trade user experience 

PrimeFin Review: Trading Instruments

PrimeFin offers traders the opportunity to trade in CFDs of all the forex trading instruments: 

  • Forex 
  • Cryptocurrencies 
  • Commodities 
  • Indices 
  • Stocks 
  • Precious Metals 

PrimeFin Review: Commission and Spreads

PrimeFin does not charge any kind of commission or fees on deposit and withdrawal of funds. No transaction costs or profits of the trader are deducted. 

Spreads are the difference between the bid and ask price and are kept low for a better trade experience for the clients. The broker has distinct spreads as per the account held by the client. 

Silver account – Minimum spreads start from 0.07 pips 

Gold account – 20 minimum spreads in points 

Platinum account – Minimum spreads start from 0.03 pips.

PrimeFin Review: Leverage

Leverage is the ratio provided by the broker for a high trading position in the market with a low initial deposit. PrimeFin offers its clients a high leverage ratio of 1:100 for all the trading accounts. 

PrimeFin Review: Deposit and Withdrawal 

The deposit and withdrawal method of PrimeFin is simple with no commission charge. Traders can easily deposit and withdraw the funds with the broker. The Platinum Account requires an initial deposit of $100, and other accounts also need to be funded with the minimum deposit to start trade at PrimeFin. 

For deposits and withdrawals, traders can use the following ways like bank transfers and credit and debit cards. 

Withdrawals of funds are as simple as a deposit, just that it requires prior intimation to the broker. The broker then verifies the trader and allows the withdrawal within two to three business days. 

Methods for deposit and withdrawal of funds available with PrimeFin are: 

  1. VISA 
  2. VPAY 
  3. Verified by VISA 
  4. Mastercard

PrimeFin Review: Educational and Research Support

The education centre of PrimeFin furnishes traders with lots of data and information regarding the trade. PrimeFin thinks of its clients and how they can enhance the trading skills of the clients for quick decisions and stable trade. 

Education and research is the key to the success of traders. That’s why PrimeFin has put an extra effort to guide and provide e-books, articles, tutorials, videos, assets hubs, trade ideas and trading courses. 

For research purposes, it has an earnings reports season and an economic calendar. 

With the help of these traders can enhance their knowledge and make better trades. 

PrimeFin Review: Customer Support

The customer support team of PrimeFin always aids clients. They extend their guidance and support whenever a client faces issues. There is a form available for the message to the team and to describe the issue. The details of contact are mentioned below: 

  • Monday to Friday 
  • Timings : 07:00 – 17:00 GMT 
  • Live chat support 
  • Email address: [email protected] 
  • Contact number: +44 1215120156, +27 418800785, +66 25060038
  • Form option 

Final Verdict

PrimeFin is the most advanced and technology-equipped broker. They have the best and latest features to enhance the trade experience of their clients, with several tools at just a click. Traders can easily access the official website of PrimeFin and create an account to make most of the trade. The broker has trading accounts, Silver, Gold and Platinum to individualise the trade and has trading platforms for advanced trading. The trading platforms, namely MetaTrader4, WebTrader and Mobile application, help traders predict market fluctuations and design their strategies. 

Other than this, the broker has fast execution, no commission, easy deposit and withdrawal, 24/5 customer support, 350+ CFD trading assets and is LFSA regulated. All in one package for safe and secure trading.


The account opening requires some steps to be followed: 

  • The first step is to register with the broker that is PrimeFin.
  • Next client should fill in the details like first name and last name, contact number and email address. 
  • Password is set to secure the account. 
  • The account is created, and after that, the trader should fill in all the details and upload documents asked by PrimeFin. 
  • With the deposit of funds, traders can execute their first trade.

The withdrawal of funds is easy with PrimeFin, traders have to place a request with the broker, and then the broker verifies the trader. Once the process is complete, the funds are transferred into the trader’s account. It may take two to three business days.

To get in touch with the team of PrimeFin, traders have various options: 

  • Monday to Friday 
  • Timings : 07:00 – 17:00 GMT 
  • Live chat support 
  • Email address: [email protected] 
  • Contact number: +44 1215120156, +27 418800785, +66 25060038
  • Form option

The demo account option is available with PrimeFin; traders can practice and make strategies before going live. For getting a demo account, the process is similar to getting a live trading account. First, traders have to register and fill in details for account creation. After this, they have to choose a demo account instead of a live trading account. They can then practice trade using the demo account.

Tradable assets offered by PrimeFin are: 

  • Forex 
  • Cryptocurrencies 
  • Commodities 
  • Indices 
  • Stocks 
  • Precious Metals

PrimeFin allows its clients to access trading account from several devices. Thus, traders can log in to the account simultaneously.

Traders can use several devices with PrimeFin using Android, Windows, MacOS etc: 

  • Mobiles 
  • Laptops 
  • Computer systems 
  • Tablets

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