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Rupee closer to replacing dollar as 18 nations agree to trade in INR

Rupee closer to replacing dollar as 18 nations agree to trade in INR (1)

Last Updated on: 12th June 2023, 12:03 pm

In a momentous development, a consortium of 18 nations has recently reached a consensus to conduct trade in the Indian rupee (INR), effectively replacing the US dollar as the primary currency for international trade. This pivotal decision has brought the INR one step closer to establishing itself as the dominant currency for global transactions.

The move is poised to have profound and extensive implications for the global economy and trade. It has the potential to trigger a shift in the balance of power from the United States (US) to India and other emerging economies, thereby transforming the global economic landscape.

The shift to trade in INR is expected to result in greater diversification in the international financial system and reduce the reliance on the US dollar as the primary reserve currency. This could lead to a redistribution of economic influence, with emerging economies like India and their counterparts potentially gaining a more prominent role in global finance and trade.
However, experts caution that the shift away from the US dollar will not happen overnight and will require significant investments in infrastructure and financial systems. They also note that the US dollar will remain the dominant currency in international trade for the foreseeable future.

Overall, the decision of these 18 nations to trade in INR is seen as a significant step towards reducing the dominance of the US dollar in global trade and strengthening the position of emerging economies in the international financial system. It would be intriguing to observe the future evolution of this significant development.

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