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PrimeXBT Review 2024

Min Deposit
0.01 BTC
Min Spread
Max Leverage
Broker Trust

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Last Updated on: 27th March 2024, 05:43 am


PrimeXBT is among the brands that serve customers of various levels of experience, from beginners to experienced traders. This assessment examines features that make the PrimeXBT website chosen by many, heeding aspects such as a maker, taking commission fees, and the like.

PrimeXBT, an award-winning trading platform, provides numerous trading options, such as crypto coins, forex, and indices. The main intention is to meet the requirements of traders who want high leverage, low fees, and a solid trading environment.

This review discusses PrimeXBT’s overall features, outlines the pros and cons, and encompasses features such as forex trading, leverage options, user experience, the Prime XBT login process, app usability, and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies.

Broker Primexbt
Registered country Seychelles
Founded in 2018
Regulation None
Minimum deposit 0.01 BTC
Maximum leverage 1:1000
Trading platform Primexbt platform, Turbo platform
Trading assets Forex, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrency
Demo Account No
Payment method Cryptocurrency
Customer support 24*7

What is Primexbt?

Trading with PrimeXBT can open up exciting possibilities for those interested in learning more about the financial markets. It is not only a portal to world-boundless ventures and chances for local and foreign traders in the marketplace.

Trading a wide range of assets, from cryptocurrencies to forex, commodities, and stock indices, using a single account, as at PrimeXBT, is possible.

PrimeXBT gives traders the necessary instruments and resources they need to progress.

With just a click, a chance to become an actual trader has been made possible through PrimeXBT!

Pros and Cons:

Here we will look at a few pros and cons of PrimeXBT:

Pros Cons
Extensive Leverage Options Limited Educational Resources
Competitive Fees Restricted in Some Countries
No KYC Requirement No Direct Cryptocurrency Purchases
Diverse Trading Instruments Lack of Traditional Banking Options


PrimeXBT Trading Platform

Through its advanced in-house trading platform, PrimeXBT fills the requirements of both everyday traders and long-term investors with customised features.

The platform enables fast trade through various trending lines, one-click trading, and customisation of the interface’s customisation.

Besides, the visualisation of the Prime XBT login process is simple, enabling traders to reach the dashboard quickly.

Prime XBT App

The Prime XBT app expresses mobile performance and design functionality, creating an all-in-one trading platform on the move.

Traders can download the app for Android and iOS devices and instantly access full trading options, account management, and real-time market information. Among the most praised aspects of the application would have been its intuitive interface and reliability.

Even though MT4 and MT5 are the best-known platforms for forex, the broker still needs to use those platforms and has its platform, which may raise questions about its credibility.

primeXBT App

Trading Assets


Each of the PrimeXBT users gets the chance to join the market of cryptocurrencies, with the most common assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ripple (XRP) being the first to see.

This crypto can be traded against major fiat currencies and other virtual currencies, encouraging traders to take advantage of market price movements in the crypto exchange market.


PrimeXBT offers trading in its Foreign Exchange (Forex) asset class. It includes a grid of currency pairs for trading purposes. This includes majors, like EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY, plus minors and exotics. Since forex trading levers are high, traders can secure a more considerable indentation in yields and maximise their profits if the market moves favourably.


PrimeXBT also provides commodities trading, so candlesticks, bars, and lines can help trade gold, silver and crude oil. These assets include oil and gas products, industrial trends, etc.

They are the tradable commodities provided as CFDs (Contracts for Difference), allowing individuals to practice price movements without necessarily owning the underlying commodities.

Stock Indices

The list of stock indices traders can take advantage of is essential to consider through PrimeXBT and is relevant to the results of the world’s leading stock markets. Indices like S&P 500, NASDAQ, & FTSE 100 are available for trading since they provide opportunities to profit from more significant markets.

Prime XBT Leverage

PrimeXBT’s most advantageous feature is its leverage. The platform provides up to 100:Forex monitoring, another excellent feature for forex pairs, as its monitoring is four times higher than that of the other trading platforms.

This leverage relative to the total available funds acts as a crowbar for the traders, making it possible to increase the levels of profit trading but also multiply risks for the investor. For attractive leverage options, check out Capitalix Broker.

Prime XBT Bonus

PrimeXBT often runs novel campaigns, with bonuses such as introductions and rewards for faithful customers. Such loyalty rewards can differ in form; however, they typically are based on the welcome bonuses included in the deposit or trading fee reductions.

Traders should note that the availability of these promotions may depend on changes in PrimeXBT’s products or platforms.

Deposits and withdrawals

 Deposits on PrimeXBT

Step  1. Log in: Visit the PrimeXBT website.

Step 2. Navigate to the Deposit Section; just after logging in, click on the “Wallet” and “Deposit” option links in the dashboard section.

Step 3. Select from the list of available cryptocurrencies you want to deposit.

Step 4. Generate Deposit Address: Tap the “Deposit” button next to the chosen cryptocurrency.

Step 5. Now, you can send the amount of crypto you wish from your external wallet or exchange box to your PrimeXBT account.

Step 6. Wait for confirmation.

Step 7. Check the deposit status.

Withdrawals on PrimeXBT

Step 1. Enter your login details at the main page. This will enter you into your PrimeXBT account.

Step 2. Click on the “Withdraw” or “Wallet” section, which is located on the dashboard.

Step 3. Include the cryptocurrency to be withdrawn from your PrimeXBT account with your name.

Step 4. Enter withdrawal Details.

Step 5. Confirm Withdrawal.
Step 6. Security Verification

Step 7. Check Withdrawal Status

Prime XBT security

Though PrimeXBT is under no obligation to subject its clients to an elaborate KYC regulation, the company is very aware of security issues. It applies best practices to ensure a high level of security.

The platform advertises cutting-edge security procedures, such as cold storage for digital coins, SSL encryption, and 2FA to secure the user’s account.

Such attention to security directly indicates PrimeXBT’s reliability, that is, its ability to keep traders’ balances safe and private information confidential.

How do you make an account on Prime XBT?

Step 1. Visit the PrimeXBT website.

Step 2. Click on “Register.”

Step 3. Fill out the registration Form

Step 4. Verify Your Email

Step 5. Log In to Your Account

Step 6. Complete Your Profile

Step 7. Deposit Funds

Step 8. Start Trading

 Account Registration in primeXBT

Customer Support

PrimeXBT offers customer support services to aid their clients. There is a 24*7 live chat available for traders and customers.

The customer support system is quite good, as several experienced agents are always active there.

Customer Support of primeXBT


A significant advantage of PrimeXBT over its competitors is its outstanding performance and extensive range of products, allowing traders to choose the right product for their needs. Its lower fees, flexible leverage options, and an array of assets are available to traders, expanding their financial activities.

Though some may feel discouraged due to the upper bounds of the resources and difficult geographical location, the platform still stands out for its user-friendliness, cutting-edge security system, and promo rewards.

It might be interesting for beginners to consider going through a trial with the PrimeXBT first. The well-designed platform, with a significant selection of assets and a transparent system of costs, is a distinctive feature of PrimeXBT compared with the rest of online brokers. Whatever your skill level and trade patterns, PrimeXBT offers a range of features crafted for novice and experienced traders.


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Is Prime XBT legit?

Prime XBT is not licensed and is non-regulated; hence, it may raise a flag of doubt among traders.

What is Prime XBT?

A multi-purpose digital trading platform covering all financial markets globally.

 Is PrimeXBT allowed in the US?

No, PrimeXBT is restricted in a few countries. One of those is the US.