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MetherWorld 2024: Is it Legit or Scam?

Mether World
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Trading can be tedious! A sea of brokers claiming to be the best brokers out there, making it challenging to distinguish genuine ones from the rest. But that’s far from the truth. Novice traders tend to fall for these claims and get scammed. MetherWorld is a newly emerged broker previously operated under the name Mcoin. But is it a safe option?

How can you know if it’s a scam? Don’t believe everything you see on the broker’s website. We provide a well-researched review of MetherWorld, previously known as Mcoin. Read ahead and find out if you can trust the broker or not.

REGULATORS Not Regulated
MINIMUM DEPOSIT $30 for Bronze plan, $90 for Silver plan, $900 for Gold and Platinum plan for $10,800
TRADING INSTRUMENTS Forex and Cryptocurrency

What is MetherWorld?

Mether World Homepage

Mether World, is an online platform used for forex and cryptocurrency trading. However, the trading on this platform is done through its propriety currency known as Metherworld coin or m coin which is similar to Bitcoin. The Metherworld m coin price changes so keep an eye on the live market feed. MetherWorld is an unregulated and unverified platform in Estonia, founded in 2020.

Be aware of Metherworld’s Ponzi Scheme, a risky pyramid scheme. We have found that MetherWorld claims to offer several educational resources through Mether Academy, making it crucial to approach their offerings with caution.

As per the website, MetherWorld aims to democratise digital education through Web 0.3 educational resources. Web 3.0 is the next-generation decentralised network. Have you heard of Metaverse?

It’s the same as Web 3.0. And it is going to be the future of the digital era, sharing groundbreaking advancements and transformative possibilities.

mcoin swap to musd wallet

What is Mcoin?

Mcoin is the currency used for trading in the MetherWorld platform. If you have a MetherWorld account, you can trade with mcoin as well. You can also swap mcoin with MUSD in your trading wallet within the Mether World platform. For every 27 coins, you can gain $10 in the swap.

What is Mether Academy?

Mether World provides educational resources through its program, Web 3.0 Era, preparing traders for the future in the digital world. Traders can get well-versed in the digital world with these comprehensive courses. Are you looking for educational resources on trading? Check out the Trade245 platform, as it covers many topics.

Mether Academy claims to offer a community of learners for mutual discussions, collaboration, and growth. You can access courses on blockchain, DeFi, cryptocurrency, and others. Now, let’s see what Mether Academy courses cover, previously known as Mcoin.

Mether World Purpose

Educational Courses

Mether Academy provides educational courses to prepare you for the future, enhancing your knowledge and practical skills. It will also cover the latest digital trends to keep you updated.

Continuous Learning

It lets you continue your educational journey, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the future. Since the digital world is ever-changing and evolving, this way, you can keep up with future trends.

Build a Community

Mether Academy allows you to build a community with other learners. You can participate in mutual discussions, learning and growth. A community is like having a trustworthy team to rely upon.

Innovation and Adaptation

Adapting to the latest innovations is the need of the hour. It lets you stay relevant and have a competitive edge. Mether’s comprehensive courses claim to offer the resources that can help you prepare for the future, enabling you to learn and evolve your knowledge.

Package Types Offered by MetherWorld

The MetherWorld website offers four packages- Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The packages cover a wide range of pricing; you can choose as per your preference.

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
The Bronze package starts from $30 The Basic Silver pack starts at $90 The Gold package starts at $900 The professional Platinum package starts from $10,800
Standard Silver account: $270 For the Gold Pearl package, charges are $1800 Master Platinum program starts at $27,000
Platinum Silver account: $450 Premium Gold package starts at $2700 For the Masters Pro package, the charges are $54,000

Pros and Cons of MetherWorld

MetherWorld has perks like educational resources and a reasonable minimum deposit. However, the lack of transparency and regulation makes the perks unreliable. If you are seeking a regulated broker for crypto trading, check out Mitrade.

Pros Cons
It claims to offer educational resources through Mether Academy It is an unregulated and unverified Platform
The minimum deposit for the basic plan starts at $30 It has multiple websites
It is associated with the Ponzi Scheme.

Metherworld Deposit and Withdrawals

Let’s see what deposit and withdrawal mediums does Mether World include for future transactions.


You can deposit your funds using the local ebank transfer. Metherworld also enables easy transactions through the ebank and supports crypto on the broker’s website itself.

As you can see below, the broker platform lets you transfer your earning balance to different users.

metherworld- earning transfer website screenshot


You can withdraw your account balance through the same method for future transactions. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50 with a 5% withdrawal service charge. You can find the details on withdrawals on the page below.

mether world- earnin withdrawal screenshot

MetherWorld Referral:

After registering your account, you will get access to a personal referral link. You can use that link to gain the free referral income up to $0.5. This referral link is an additional perk provided by the broker.

Mether world referral link screenshot

How to Sign Up for MetherWorld?

To sign up for MetherWorld, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Register

Search Metherworld sign up and open the website’s registration link. Once you open the link you will be directed to this page. Once you land on this page, fill in your personal details and click register.

Mether world website registration form

Step 2: Log In

After registering yourself, you have to log into your account. Once you do that, you will directed to your account dashboard.

metherworld website login panel

Step 3: Verify

Metherworld requires you to verify your account through a code provided by the website. Select the ‘Click Here’ button to go to the verification page. As you can see below, you are required to scan the QR code and submit the website’s code to verify your account.

Metherworld two step verfication

Step 4: Add Funds

Once you have a verified Mether World account, explore the platform’s features and add funds as per your trading needs. After adding funds, you can start trading with Metherworld, buying the assets available on the platform.

metherworld- add funds screenshot

Does Metherworld have a Trade Wallet?

Yes, Metherworld does have a trading wallet called BEP20 Wallet. Explore Metherworld wallet by searching for it on the official website. You’ll find the Metherworld wallet login page (as seen in the image). Now, enter your registered user ID and connect your account with the wallet.

metherworld- BEP20 wallet screnshot

The website shows another e-wallet available for transactions, as you can see in the image below. You can transfer up to 10 e-bank values through the Mcash wallet. But this shows that the website has segregated information which made us question the broker’s reliability.

Metherworld- Earning transfer to mcash wallet

Customer Support

Metherworld has plenty of websites. But surprisingly, there is no information on customer support on any of the websites. We have found the contact sources from other websites.

Metherworld lets you contact them through the following:

But this information is not on Metherworld’s official website. So, there is no guarantee of its authenticity. The website offers customer support through ticket raising. You can raise a ticket then your concern will be addressed at an assigned time.

Metherworld- Customer Support website page screenshot

Metherworld Mobile App

Metherword offers broker easy and convenient trading through the Metherworld mobile app, previously associated with Mcoin, which is available on both iOS and Android devices. You can download the app on devices that support it and trade with your convenience.


Are Metherworld’s Claims Reliable?

Let’s see if Metherworld is reliable or not. We have researched and found various reasons why Metherworld, previously associated with Mcoin, is potentially a dangerous platform. Here’s why:

Problematic Regulation

Mether World Problematic Regulation

Can you see the yellow triangle in front of Market Cap? It indicates that the broker platform is unregulated and unverified.

But is it a self-reported circulating platform if it is not regulated by a financial authority? No! As you can clearly see in the picture, there are concerns tied to its association with Mcoin.

These issues are the biggest red flags indicating the company’s vagueness. IFX broker has a verified market cap; you must check it out!

Multiple Websites

When you search Metherworld, you will find an official website. However, several other websites of the same name are attached to different broker review websites, previously known as Mcoin.

As you can see, the broker platform has three different user interfaces. Metherworld, previously known as Mcoin, had a Mcoin official website with different information and a user interface.

This shows that the platform constantly changes its website to mislead traders and benefit from their investments. So, do not believe everything on a broker’s website, especially if it’s unregulated, as was the case with Mcoin.

Bad Reviews

Mether World Review on Wiki FX
Source: WikiFX

Customers who have experienced trading with Metherworld have posted their experiences. The reviews give a glimpse of what the broker offers, which in this case is uncertainty and lack of transparency. Given the concerns tied to its association with Mcoin, to end your search for a reliable crypto broker, I would suggest the Lexatrade platform.


It is as clear as day that Metherworld is an unreliable broker. We have found several reasons to support this claim, including its association with Mcoin. It has no regulation or verification. The platform has multiple websites with the same domain name, which can be misleading and cause scams. Moreover, the lack of transparency and bad reviews sums up the conclusion.

So, if you are looking for a good crypto trading broker. I suggest you stay away from Metherworld or Mcoin and opt for a more trustworthy broker like Vault Markets.


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Is Metherworld a Good or Bad Broker?

No, Metherworld is not a good broker. That’s because it is unregulated and has multiple websites to mislead the traders. Moreover, it is connected to the Ponzi scheme, which is a risky pyramid scheme.

What Educational Resources Does Metherworld Provide?

Metherworld, or Mcoin, claims to offer educational resources to provide users with knowledge of the digital space. It offers courses on blockchain, DeFi, cryptocurrency, etc.

What are the Benefits of Mcoin or Metherworld?

Metherworld claims to offer educational resources, but the price range is too high. It has more disadvantages than benefits. Therefore, It’s better not to invest in a broker company that’s not regulated.

What is the Minimum Deposit of Metherworld?

Metherworld’s account packages cover a vast price range from 30 to 54,000 USD. So, to invest in Metherworld, the minimum deposit required is $30.

Is Metherworld Good For Novice Traders?

No, inexperienced traders should avoid using Metherworld due to its lack of reliability and transparency.

What Are The Account Types Offered By Metherworld?

Mether offers categories of account types. You can select bronze, silver, gold or platinum packages based on your requirements. But avoiding using the metherworld as your broker is better.

Does Metherworld Have Customer Support?

Mether Wolrd is highly unreliable, with multiple websites and lacks authenticity. The current official website does not have any information on customer support.

How to Avoid Scams?

The best way to stay away from trading scams is through research and double-checking the regulations. Being informed is the key to your trading success.

What is a Ponzi Scheme?

A Ponzi Scheme is similar to a pyramid scheme where the trader takes multiple investors under their wings. Ultimately, the investors at the bottom of the pyramid gain no interest or profit. It’s a toxic scheme that should be avoided.

What is the metherworld?

Metherworld is an online crypto and forex trading platform offering people the platform to trade using Mcoin. However, the broker is not reliable because it has negative user reviews, no regulation, multiple websites and an association with a Ponzi scheme. 

What is mether academy?

Mether Academy is part of Metherworld offers educational resources to traders and aims to bring awareness to the Web 3.0 Era which focuses on decentralised data. The platform through Mether Academy aims to offer a common space for traders to discuss and interact. 

What is the Metherworld Coin Price Today in India?

The Metherworld price or Mcoin price in India today, which is on 16th December 2023, is mentioned as 179.18 rupees as per the Coin Market Cap data.