J&J offered better immunity to people: Study

J&J offered better immunity to people Study

In interesting news, people who got jabbed by the J&J (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine for the first time for the prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic had better immunity and response to the second dose from vaccines like Moderna, Pfizer, and others said a study carried out by the National Institutes of Health. 

However, the study is preliminary and has not been reviewed yet. That is posing the biggest threat to the efforts made by J&J to ensure people get the best immunity booster dose in the USA. 

The research included above 450 adults who got their first dose from Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Pfizer. The study showed it was safe to mix the boost dose of distinct types in adults. Notably, viral vector technology is used in J&J while messenger RNA in Pfizer and Moderna. 

It has arrived as an advisor that the US Food and Drug Administration will meet at the end of this week to discuss the benefits of booster doses for J&J and Moderna vaccines. 

Meanwhile, FDA officials disagreed with J&J’s regulatory submission. They said it raised red flags with data not validated, and sample sizes were insufficient to conclude. 

Also, US health officials are facing the heat to offer their advice over booster doses of Moderna and J&J Coronavirus vaccines after the announcement by the White House in August to roll out maximum booster doses for most adults starting last month. 

On the other hand, NIH does not believe in claims regarding immunity and safety of people who were jabbed with the same type of vaccine they had taken previously with those who got a distinct type of dose later on. 

As per a different study, matching and mixing doses may produce various side effects of a similar nature that were witnessed during the primary inoculations. Thus, there were no other safety concerns additionally. 

As per the authorised study in the US, three COVID-19 vaccines exhibited better results used as a booster when they differed from the first jab. The results were better. It resulted in high antibody response. 

A total of nine combinations were used as boosters and initial shots to ascertain the effectiveness in ten cities of the US. 

The research study mentioned that intermixing booster doses might render benefits to optimise longevity and breadth of protection.

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