Stock Trading Guide for Beginners in Australia

Stock Trading Guide for Beginners in Australia

Stock trading is an essential part of channelising any industry in Australia and worldwide. It is the most appropriate way of drawing money from the market by issuing IPOs and getting a company listed in a stock market. Several people are owing to the realisation that is investing in the share market. But it does not happen with a magical wand. Patience, grit, learning and executing that knowledge manifests the harvest of the desired crop.  Any Australian investor who wants to start investing in the ASX market can follow the stock trading guide Australia and points for investment. 

Begin by researching

Mostly, the most significant error investors commit is not slipping into any research and kick start trading in any random market, picking up a stock with less or no credibility. That reasons to loss-making and people feel detached after a few trades. It is an improper beginning and end. 

But if a person is serious about making a statement in stock trading, then he/she should devote maximum time in studying about the top companies listed in a stock market. 

Know about their annual budgets, expenditures, profit booking, net income, expansion plans, investment scheme, new projects and dividend disbursement clear the air of the potential any conglomerate or a company with a listed stock can possess. Based on all the research, and testifying facts from experts and analysts and historical performances of a share, beginners can take a plunge in the stock market. 

Take stock of funds

It is advisable to a beginner to spend every penny by putting in a lot of thought. The market is quite volatile, and perseverance and patience are necessary tools that would help in keeping the situation under check while trading in the share market. 

Successful day traders do not go beyond putting in more than one to two per cent of their money in the account for buying stocks per trade. It serves the purpose of evading the risk of losing an immense amount. 

Suppose you have $50000 in your account, spending one per cent would be equivalent to $500, and even if any loss incurs, a trader would still have a lot of learning. Besides, a long term investment is advised when the stock market shows red signs. 

Do not trade penny stocks

A beginner would always be drawn toward penny stocks like a bumblebee to fire. But all there lies is destruction and demolition of hopes. These stocks are illiquid, and they do not qualify for what they call as huge profits in quick time. Instead, they can nullify the entire investment quickly. 

Many stock exchanges globally even de-list shares which continuously trade at a lower threshold and are vulnerable to credibility issues. Over the counter is the only place they get traded.

Fix your timings

If a beginner stock trader wants to get in the stock market through intra-day trading, then they would need to keep an eye on the stock every moment, leaving aside other important activities. But that’s not the possibility unless they are engrossed in it fulltime. Hence, divide your time. They can do it for part-time, until finding the right mechanism or arriving at the decision of continuation and discontinuation. 

The procedures need monitoring and observing the market keenly and closely for entering and exiting through profit booking. For initiating those steps, a broker service would help. Many reviews can help like Hftrading review to acknowledge the potential of the market through a brokerage firm that can alert a trader when the price of the share hits the peak.

Choose a better broker

All in all, choosing a proper broker is the most difficult of all tasks. Some people have got cheated and siphoned off with their hard-earned money on the pretext of high return and low investment. So, to verify them, one has to gauge the metre of authenticity through regulatory bodies. For example, to find out whether Hftrading scam or not, one can see the regulatory body, if it’s there, then the worry would evaporate. 

See the types of stocks it trades, amount of commission, method and ways to deposit and withdraw funds, kinds of platforms and account it posses, how’s the issue redressal support system and other aspects before elements to pick a broker. If the factors comply by your belief, then don’t hesitate to greenlight the brokerage firm. 

Also, before getting into the real market, trade in a demo account through virtual money to accustom with what different situation may cause. It can help in getting prepared. 

Create strategies

Mindless trading would reap only impaired, or erroneous results and profit drawn through them would be a fluke that won’t last long. Hence, every step should be planned, keeping in the stock you wish to trade. Some A-lister stocks in Australia include Afterpay, Appen, Xero, A2Milk, Nanosonics, Pro Medicus, Wistetech, PointBet and Nearmap. 

Take a look at the patterns of the trajectory of shares, their frequency of rising and falling, investments in other projects, debts, turnover, net income and most importantly, feedback from the existing shareholders. It will help in seeing through what deems fit for the time being. Also, whether holding a share would be beneficial or let go of it would fetch better money. Application of horses for courses spectacle is helpful while drawing a strategy while buying or selling a share. 

Sell and purchase of stocks

It’s a crucial juncture where most people fail to decide which position to hold and when to go out. Remember, greed will always summon struggles and losses. Even if you make a few bucks as profit, then it is better to come out, especially intra-day traders. It would avert perilous situations that may occur due to lack of knowledge for Australian traders who are in the infantry stage. 

Put a stop-loss

Stop-loss is a tool which takes care of the funds of a trader even when he/she are not looking at it. One can put up a limit after which the bid exits automatically after hitting the threshold. 

Wisdom words:

Australia is a growing economy, that has several young people looking to enter the financial market by trading in stocks. But in lack of proper guidance, they get misled and end up closing their trading accounts. However, if they seek help from professionals of the field, stick to their plans, take a dip in blue-chip shares, and fundamentally robust stocks, their belief in the market will only get stronger by the day. The stock trading guide will help you find the right path.

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