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Axi is a market-maker, which means that it acts as both the buyer and seller in every trade. This gives Axi the ability to offer tight spreads and fast execution times. Axi also offers a wide range of trading tools and instruments, including over 75 currency pairs, metals, indices, and commodities.

Axi is a global online FX and CFD trading company that has been in business since 2007. It is trusted by over 60,000 customers in over 100 countries around the world. Axi has made a name for itself as a top global broker thanks to its innovative, customer-focused approach and advanced AI technology.


Official Website https://www.axi.com/
Headquarters Australia
Found In 2007
Regulating Authority FCA, ASIC, DFSA, FSA
Products Offered Forex, CFD, Crypto
Minimal Deposit $0
Maximum Leverage 1:400
Minimal Position 0.01 Lots
Scalping and Hedging Yes
Platforms Availability MT4
Mobile Compatibility Yes
Assets Offered 140 currency pairs, Indices, Metals, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies
Demo Account Yes
Islamic Account Yes
Customer Service 24*5
Deposit Bank Card Yes
Withdrawal Fee Amount No

What is Axi?

AxiTrader is a Forex and CFD broker based in Australia and founded in 2007. It is a trusted broker with a strong brand association and is ranked among the most trusted Forex brokers in Australia. AxiTrader offers a narrow range of trading instruments compared to other brokers, but its focus on a foreign exchange makes it a good choice for retail investors.

AxiTrader offers tight spreads and fast execution on all accounts. It also provides clients with direct access to various liquidity providers from over 14 of the world’s largest banks. This ensures that clients get the best possible prices on their trades.

We Recommend Axi For?

AxiTrader offers a variety of account types to suit the needs of different traders, from beginners to experienced professionals. The minimum deposit requirement is also relatively low, making it a good option for traders who are just starting out. However, the broker’s product offering is limited, so it may not be the best choice for traders who are looking for a wide range of trading instruments.

One of the things that sets AxiTrader apart from other brokers is that it offers an Islamic account. This type of account is designed for traders who follow Islamic beliefs, and it complies with all Sharia law requirements.

AxiTrader is a good option for traders who are looking for a secure, reliable, and user-friendly platform with competitive fees and spreads. However, we recommend that traders looking for a wider range of trading instruments consider other brokers like Vault Markets.

Axi is Regulated By?

Axi is a regulated broker that is subject to strict regulations and standards designed to protect investors. The AxiTrader group includes multiple regulated companies, including One Financial Markets. It is important to note that Axi is regulated in different markets by different regulators, and each regulator has its own set of rules.

Country of the Regulator Name of the Regulator Regulatory License Number
Australia Australian Securities & Investments Commission AFSL Number 318232
UK Financial Conduct Authority FCA Reference Number 509746
Dubai Dubai Financial Services Authority DFSA Reference Number F003742

What Type of Accounts Does Axi Offer?

Standard Account

The Standard account has higher spreads and does not charge any commission. The spreads in the Standard account are slightly higher than those in the Pro account. The trading conditions in the Pro account are also better than those in the Standard account.

The Standard account spreads start at 0.4 pips for the EUR/USD currency pair and remains commission-free throughout. It also offers leverage up to 500:1.

Pro Account

The Pro account on AxiTrader has raw spreads but charges commissions. This means that traders will get the best possible prices on their trades but also have to pay a small commission for each trade.

The spreads on the Pro account start at 0.0 pips for the EUR/USD currency pair. This is very competitive, and it makes the Pro account a good choice for active forex traders.

The Pro account also offers flexible leverage up to 500:1. This means that traders can multiply their gains by up to 500 times, but it also means that they can lose more money than they invest.

Islamic Account

Axi offers a trading account that complies with Islamic law, which prohibits the receipt or payment of interest. This type of account is designed for traders who follow the Islamic faith, and it is free of swap fees and interest payments.

Demo Account

AxiTrader offers a 30-day demo account, which allows traders to practice trading forex without risking real money.

Features Standard Account Pro Account Islamic Account
Leverage 1:30 1:30 1:30
Minimum Deposit $0 $0 $0
Starting Spreads 1 pips 0 pips 0 pips
Commission Per Trade $0 $7 $0
Decimal Pricing MT4 – Up to 5 decimals MT4 – Up to 5 decimals MT4 – Up to 5 decimals
Swaps/Roll-over Yes Yes Yes
Trading Instruments 80+ FX pairs



80+ FX pairs



80+ FX pairs



Min. Lot Size Per Trade 0.01 0.01 0.01
Max Lot Size Per Trade 100.00 100.00 100.00
Demo Account Yes Yes Yes
Copy Trading Support Yes Yes No
Swap/Roll-over free No No Yes

How To Open An Account On Axi?

STEP 1. Click on “Open Account”, located on the right side of the website.

STEP 2. Start filling out the application form.

STEP 3. Confirm your ID

STEP 4. Deposit your funds to start trading.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Axi


  • Free deposits are accepted in various currencies, including AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, NZD, SGD, and USD.
  • Bank wire deposits have no minimum requirement, while e-wallet deposits may require a minimum of 10 USD or EUR, depending on your location.
  • E-wallet deposits are processed instantly.
  • Withdrawals typically take 1-3 days to complete. International withdrawals may take slightly longer, ranging from 2 to 5 days.
  • Credit/Debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and JCB are accepted and usually result in instant deposits.
  • Other methods include WeChat, FasaPay, Bpay, POLi, Sofort, GiroPay, iDeal, and various local Asian Internet banking deposit methods. The speed of processing for these methods can also be instant, depending on the specific method chosen.


  • AxiTrader provides a range of withdrawal methods for its users.
  • Standard debit cards can be connected to your AxiTrader account to facilitate fund transfers.
  • AxiTrader does not charge any fees for withdrawing funds from your account.
  • Secure third-party processing is employed for all withdrawal transactions.


  • For Australian clients using AxiTrader accounts regulated by ASIC, the maximum leverage available is 1:30.
  • Traders under the European FCA regulation are subject to limited leverage, capped at 1:30 for Forex instruments.

For greater leverage and more profits, you can go for IFX Broker.

Pros and Cons of Axi

Wide Choice of Base Currency Only CFD and Forex Trading
Low Spreads Response time is way too much
Zero Charges on Deposits and Withdrawals Customer Support is 5 days a week
Easy and Secure Account Opening
Multiple Account Types

Axi Market Instruments


Axi provides its customers with the opportunity to trade more than 70 forex pairs and offers highly competitive spreads alongside rapid execution times. This ensures that whether you are initiating or closing a forex position, it will be executed with maximum speed. Axi’s forex offerings encompass the standard major, minor, and exotic pairs.


Axi presents a selection of 50 shares for your consideration, featuring prominent companies from the U.S., U.K., and European markets. It’s important to highlight that Axi does not charge any commissions when you decide to initiate a position on these share assets.


Customers have the option to engage in Index Cash CFD trading, with choices such as AUS200, EU50, GER40, and US500, among others. In total, more than 30 indices are available for trading, including Index Future CFDs such as DAX40.fs, FT100.fs, and more.

These offerings feature highly competitive spreads, commencing at a low of 0.2 pips.


While Axi’s selection of commodity assets may be limited to standard options like oil, precious metals, coffee, natural gas, and soybeans, there are still advantages to consider. Notably, the margin required for opening a position is as low as 1%, and there are no commission fees involved.


Axi provides clients with the option to enter the cryptocurrency market and assume CFD positions in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. Most commonly, these trades are paired with the USD, although there are a few exceptions where you can trade cryptocurrencies against the Japanese Yen.

Promotions and Bonuses

Although Axi does not provide deposit bonuses, the company currently runs two affiliate promotions. Both promotions are thoughtfully designed, emphasizing the expansion of a trader base with a focus on establishing long-term client relationships, which we consider a shrewd business strategy. For better bonuses, you can look for brokers like Trade245.

We believe that Axi’s trading conditions surpass the benefits of a deposit bonus, making its absence inconsequential.

Trading Platforms


MetaTrader 4, often referred to as MT4, is a widely recognised digital trading platform designed to facilitate online retail forex trading. Originally developed by MetaQuotes Software in 2005, the MT4 platform is licensed by the forex broker AxiTrader.

MT4 offers users access to both the software’s server component and client features. The client software provides real-time streaming prices for forex currency pairs and presents trend charts, offering insights for order placement and investment management for its users.

You can download it on your PC, MacBook, Android or IOS.

MetaTrader4 WebTrader

The MT4 WebTrader is a web-based application that replicates the full functionality of the MT4 platform. This web-based version eliminates the need to install the desktop application, allowing users to access the same software directly through their web browsers.

The MT4 WebTrader is particularly useful for obtaining a rapid visual assessment of the markets, analysing charts, and keeping tabs on existing trades. It includes a complete module with numerous indicators that function as drawing tools to facilitate order management tasks.


Autochartist operates as a real-time market scanning tool, continuously monitoring price movements, identifying trade setups automatically, and providing unbiased market analysis and trading opportunities. It’s worth noting that Autochartist is a complimentary service available to all Axis clients.

Why use AutoChartist?

  • Ongoing intraday market surveillance
  • Automatic technical analysis
  • Comprehensive performance metrics
  • Examination of market volatility
  • Complimentary market reports

AxiTrading Platform

A mobile trading experience that allows clients to trade anytime, anywhere. You can download it on both Android and IOS.

  • No commission charges.
  • Access to prominent US, UK, and European markets.
  • Competitive pricing for Share CFDs.
  • The ability to profit regardless of whether stocks are rising or falling.
  • Leverage of up to 20:1


Copy trading operates independently of a managed fund, offering increased flexibility in how you manage risk. After filtering and selecting top traders based on your preferred criteria, you have the freedom to customise your personal risk settings to align with your individual preferences and account goals.

Axi Copy Trading is made possible through a partnership with London & Eastern LLP. This application provides an uncomplicated method for identifying and automatically replicating the trades of skilled traders.

Customer Support

AxiTrader offers customer support services that are available 24 hours a day, five days a week. While the primary communication channel with traders is through email, there is also a toll-free phone number for inquiry registration.

However, it’s worth noting that response times for emails and phone calls can sometimes be lengthy. Requesting a call-back may present challenges in reaching off-shore customer support teams. On the other hand, the live chat feature provides a convenient and rapid means of connecting with AxiTrader representatives who are readily available to assist traders with their pressing concerns.



Email: [email protected]


Australia                  1300 888 936

Germany                 0800 7244085

Hong Kong             800 903 578

Indonesia               0018030164060

Malaysia                 1800 81 6529

New Zealand         0800 480 404

Singapore              800 120 6765

Thailand                001800120664622

United Kingdom  0800 018 3306

China                      4000888651


Based on the review, AxiTrader stands out as a dependable platform for trading currency pairs and CFDs, making it a suitable choice for traders interested in cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and various other assets.

With its introductory cross-asset diversification, novice traders can easily acclimate to the platform’s asset selection process and trading conditions. The Pro Account garners attention for its competitive commissions, offering raw spreads at a mere $7 per round-trip lot. Conversely, the commission-free Standard account is not as strongly recommended for traders.

However, AxiTrader balances this by providing a maximum leverage of 1:500, which complements the Pro account’s trading conditions. Notably, there are no minimum deposit requirements or withdrawal fees imposed on either of these user accounts.


Hello from FxReviewTrading! We aim to equip you with an array of objective appraisals, insightful commentary, and meticulous analysis. We uphold our commitment to precision through rigorous data validation and consultations with industry experts. It’s essential to recognize that, albeit rarely, minor fluctuations may arise. Please be assured that our dedication to delivering unbiased assessments, exhaustive scrutiny, and well-informed perspectives remains resolute.

We find it imperative to offer some advice on the matter of investing in financial instruments, commodities, and various assets, which inherently involve a significant level of risk. There is the potential for a complete loss of your invested funds. We strongly recommend engaging in such endeavors only if you possess a comprehensive understanding of the associated risks. It’s worth noting that FxReviewTrading refrains from providing investment advice or any form of financial guidance.

Your financial security is of paramount importance to us, and we fervently endorse the exercise of due diligence and seeking professional guidance when making investment decisions.


Is Axi a trustworthy broker?

Axi is overseen by regulatory bodies such as ASIC, FCA, DFSA (Dubai), FSCL (New Zealand), and FSP518226, ensuring a secure and accountable trading environment.

Is Axi’s copy trading a secure option?

Similar to all trading methods, copy trading involves risks that must be carefully tailored to your unique circumstances, objectives, and strategies. As each trader has a distinct risk profile, the onus lies on individuals to effectively manage their risk.

What constitutes the minimum margin for forex?

Forex markets offer a maximum leverage of 1:30 for retail traders, translating to a 3.33% margin requirement. Professional traders, however, can access leverage of up to 1:500, with a margin requirement of 0.2%.

Which base currencies are available for Axi trading accounts?

Axi provides trading accounts denominated in a variety of base currencies, including AUD, CAD, GBP, HKD, CHF, EUR, JPY, NZD, SGD, and USD.

Is it possible to conduct broker-to-broker transfers?

AxiTrader does not facilitate broker-to-broker transfers. Instead, they enable clients to deposit and withdraw funds directly from their personal bank accounts.

Is it possible to engage in share trading through Axi?

Axi does not offer CFD shares for trading on its platform. Therefore, individuals interested in trading equities should explore alternative choices like Mitrade.

What are the contact options for reaching out to Axi with inquiries or concerns?

You can contact Axi by dialling the phone line that corresponds to your local area and language, or you can connect with a representative via live chat, available 24/5.

Can I access Axi’s services in the Philippines?

Certainly, Axi extends its support to traders in various countries, including the Philippines, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. If you have any customer service inquiries, you can reach out to their virtual Singapore office.

What is the typical duration for an Axi withdrawal?

Axi typically processes withdrawal requests within 1 to 2 business days. However, it’s important to note that additional time may be required due to bank processing times and the processing times of other payment methods.

Is it possible to utilize MetaTrader with Axi?

Certainly, if you wish to use MetaTrader 4 (MT4), it’s available. However, if you were considering the use of the newer version, MetaTrader 5 (MT5), unfortunately, it is not supported